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13 Holy Nights By Sonja Myriel ... And ... Your Elixir of Truth By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Morph into Your Highest Expression By Amara Tia Ann

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All Of You Throughout the New Year, Steven Hutchinson

13 Holy Nights, December 24 - Jan 5, Culminating in the Violet Light Cauldron Blessings

Dearly beloved soul family, Violet and Rainbow Light Tribe,


As we are integrating the highest radiation of Divine Light that has been allowed to bathe all Life on Earth for a very, very long time, our consciousness is being empowered. Indeed, it is clear now: We learn to remember throughout our waking, walking everyday lives that WE ARE BEINGS of LIGHT – with a body to be able to experience the Earth’s 3rd dimensional environment.

Once awoken to this truth, our endeavor these days is focused on reminding our vessel as often as possible of the tremendous source of POWER and HEALTH available to it through this awareness and connection to the realms of CHI and our bodily meridian system. Let this new understanding of LIFE on EARTH being eternally sustained by the nourishing substance of LIGHT become part of our everyday EXPERIENCE again!

All we need to do is OPEN UP our HEART to the REALITY of the THREEFOLD FLAME, it’s POWER, LOVE and MAGNITUDE! Resulting from the unison of the Pink Ray of Love and the Blue Ray of Divine Will and Power, the elixir of the Violet Transmuting Ray is born.

Focus on BALANCE of the Flame of LOVE and the Flame of Divine Will and Power. The BALANCE not only brings forth the Violet Flame of Liberation, it ignites the flow of HEALING GOLDEN GREEN LIGHT from the HEART of Mother Mary and AA Raphael, and the BLUE CLOAK of PROTECTION around your shoulders, and let the PINK FLAME of LOVE grow until it matches the Blue Flame Power …

When Pink and Blue unite, the Flame of WISDOM lights up in the centre and through it come all the Colours and FREQUeNCIES needed for our very personal HEALING and TRANSFORMATIONAL PROCESS to take place!

This is our task, a new beginning, our conscious focus for 2019, the year of the CIRCLE FINISHED, number 12, the crystalline structure! To call on our LIGHT ESSENCE, call in the 3-fold FLAME POWER, consciously AWARE of this LIGHT information’s essential role in keeping our body healthy and safe, and connecting us to our Divine Mission and Plan, so we start living from our POWER instead of from the fear to survive !

It’s time to say good-bye to the many control mechanisms whose purpose is to keep us small and our heart flames controllable. It’s time to do what we really ENJOY! In this way we feel FULFILLED – and our POWER grows!

Let’s do this in 2019 – and let’s do it TOGETHER!


So BE it – and so it IS!


Guided and protected by the LIGHT that WE ARE, we re-MEMBER the PAST beyond the 3rd dimension – NOW!

Guided and protected by the LIGHT that WE ARE, we recognize our surrounding’s momentary signature.

Guided and protected by the LIGHT that WE ARE, we SHINE it out into the world and our future more and more every day, week and month!


2019, we are READY! We have received the TRAINING necessary! 2019, ready for the BEST to COME!


Sonja Myriel RAouin


Dear ALL,

2018 was a year full of insight, self-realization and awakening to my inner TRUTH. I have chosen my path and I am applying knew insights every day which ignites a lot of change and opens up new opportunities to grow.

In 2019 we will see more of these opportunities, as our seeds have blossomed and become ripe and their fruit and corn is now beginning to RETURN to us, floating in as Presents from the Universe, Gifts from the Grandmothers, the Divine Mother, the HEART of ALL CREATION.

As we start into a new year, RE-MEMBER the 13 Holy Nights which start out tomorrow night, 24th -25th  December and last until 5th /6th January. Smudging is as much part of each night’s ritual as going inside, entering the Sacred Space Within, with the intention to find insight and GUIDANCE concerning past present and future, which all merge in the eternal MOMENT of NOW. Each night stands for one month to come.

Tune in to your unique gifts which you receive from  the Universal Mother and become the CREATOR of your LIFE by consciously choosing to CO-CREATE in tune with the Universal Web of LOVE, the NET of LIGHT, LIGHTGRID, Mother Earth and the Sun Heart of the Universe!


Make the best out of the many opportunities which will arise now before you as karmic gifts which come to you in return and answer to your own deeds of unselfish SERVICE, when you simply did what you could in order to comfort and support someone else in need of exactly what YOU had to offer. The karmic doors are opening their gates. May we all be BLESSED by the returning TIDE!


Sonja Myriel RAouine,


At NEW YEAR’s EVE: Receive the VIOLET LIGHT BAPTISM, bathing in the Violet Light Cauldron in the Presence of Beloved Quan Yin, Boddhisatva of Compassion, Karmic Board Member!


"Cosmic Law has provided a means of relief for each person's karma, accumulated during the last twelve months of the year, provided such karma was not a result of willful intent. This action is performed in order to allow mankind to be freed from a portion of the errors and mistakes made in the past year, not so much through willful disobedience to the Law, as through lack of discernment, discretion and discrimination. In other words, the mitigation of misqualified energy relates only to those whose causes are motivated with no evil intent. Here, the Violet Fire is allowed to dissolve and transmute the accumulation of discord that has been created during the course of that year (DISCORD WITHOUT VICIOUS INTENT, WITHOUT MALICE) AND THROUGH IGNORANCE.

This is a very important dispensation, that all students are very highly encouraged to take advantage of.


Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron Spin The Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment" -


A word to all WOMEN and MEN:


As a woman I feel the tidings of the Moon, the Galaxy, the Cosmic Egg.

As a man you feel the cycles of the Sun, the Sun behind Suns, the Universal Intelligence.

TOGETHER we have everything we need in order to break FREE!

The man in me strengthens the woman I AM.

The woman in you empowers the man YOU ARE.

We are no longer YOU and ME.

We belong together.


UNITED within!


Inspiration along with Universal Intelligence birth new ideas at the speed of lightening, the REVOLUTION has begun! Join in, men and women of this planet, en-JOY in JOY the GIFT of LIFE, the GIFT of LOVE, the GIFT of COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING and become AWARE of what these qualities DO to you, what they mean for you personally, in how far they affect your well-being … COMPASSION and UNDERSTANDING.

May our intention this year BE on creating a PROTECTED FIELD of  LOVE, COMPASSION, HEALING and POWER! May each of us remember (how) to connect to SOURCE again, directly! May we find BALANCE between work and family … and as the three-fold FLAME is balancing out its powerful 3 Flames, the steady Pink Flame of Love and the equally powerful Blue Flame of Divine Will and Power begin to emit the Violet Flame HEALING ELIXIR of LIFE!

Now extend the 3-fold Flame and the Violet Ray Aura of your Heart’s innermost seed atom throughout your Whole Being until you can fully stand in it …. Let it cover your entire body … and all of your emotional, mental, etheric, & spiritual bodies … connected through YOUR HEART to the HEART of Mother Earth, and extending throughout Mother Earth to every human being... and the HEART of the Universe and all Beings throughout the universe: The 3-fold Flame EMBODIED in YOU...connecting you to All !

And as a response, watch your Antakarana DEVELOP itself, … all colours, all 144 Rays are PRESENT to WITNESS the birth of your RECONNECTION to SOURCE! Watch your Silver Cord GROW until it becomes a SHAFT, a SHAFT of LIGHT, a LIGHT SHAFT which nourishes your entire BEING!

Re-MEMBER! Your HOME is the entire PLANET – and ALL LIFE thereon, within and around it IS CO-CREATING with YOU ! … Re-MEMBER … clearly state what you WANT in your life and bless the lives of others by asking the angels to watch over him / her. In this way you strengthen the POWER of your LOVING HEART – and our Silver Cord broadens and gives us access to the light-codes we need for our Process of Transformation on Earth.  

It’s TIME to open up this SILVER CORD more and more each day, step by step, through the POWER OF OUR LOVING HEART NOW, so the Divine MOTHER can sustain us more fully again, as has always been her wish and her loving longing: to NOURISH us in the plentitude of our LOVING HEART’S FORGIVENESS!

Every day, FEEL your HEART! Let it feel YOU and let yourself be FELT … you are guided towards the door of ABUNDANCE on all levels imaginable! Your HEART is the entrance, your HEART is the PORT, your HEART is the HAVEN, your ticket to FREEDOM and to wonderland, where coincidence is no more! Your life then has meaning, makes sense and it all naturally FLOWS. You en-JOY the little reminders, learn from mistakes and see them as fields of opportunity to dive into compassion some more!


2019 is a year of 12, Cycles opening, cycles closing. On 12:12, December the 12th, the Divine Mother planted her LOVE and RESPECT for ALL of CREATION into the HEARTS of HUMANITY once more.

In 2019 let us NOURISH the POWER of COMPASSION whenever we can, whenever we remember, whenever we get the chance for it! Let us OPEN OUR HEARTS to the wide field of FEELINGS again, in the KNOWING that WE WANT PEACE NOW! We are ready to FORGIVE, to SET FREE and BE, in turn, SET FREE again, too!

The Violet Fire burns the brightest when The Pink and the Blue Flame are EQUAL in POWER.

Let us BIRTH DIVINE WISDOM onto EARTH again through BALANCING OUT YIN and YANG on the Planet!


BALANCE OUT our feminine and masculine characteristics.


BALANCE OUT the In- and Out-breath of the CREATOR I AM PRESENCE, NOW!


So BE it – and so it IS!

Yours always,

Sonja Myriel RAouine

Video - "The Goddess Isis Transmission" By Steve Nobel -

Your Elixir of Truth by Archangel Gabriel Via Natalie Glasson

I, Archangel Gabriel, am known for my devotion to the creativity of the Creator as well as supporting children upon the Earth. It is my purpose to bring the creative force of the Creator into manifestation through all beings to manifest the expression of the Creator.

The creative force can be expressed in so many diverse ways which allow souls to connect with the Elixir of Truth within them. Children are naturally creative and are in connection with the Elixir of Truth within their beings. They harmonise the creative energy and truth vibrations of the Creator demonstrating their natural truth and a very pure way of existing.

Such a way of being, touches others and fulfills their own needs, creating experiences of deep connection and union. Each soul’s natural existence is to experience and be union, oneness and connection. The creative force of the Creator merged with the Elixir of Truth brings forth the presence of your truth.

The Elixir of Truth

It is the radiating presence of truth within you that I, Archangel Gabriel, name your Elixir of Truth. An energy of truth so deep and at the core of your being, it is often concealed and goes unrecognised by many, as there is a need for alignment with and acceptance of self in order to activate this most sacred aspect of yourself.

When you allow yourself to enter onto the journey of mastering your being, especially your mind, you clear away distractions and begin to recognise the subtle and sacred energies of who you are and your relationship with the Creator. This supports you in melting deeper into your essence and recognising aspects of your self which are your power, strengthen and sacred abilities.

Merging and melting beyond these recognitions and acceptance of your essence allows you to enter into a deeply sacred space. This sacred space is often referred to as an unspoilt or untainted continuous state of peace. Many describe it as entering into an ocean of peace which awakens all your senses as you become dowsed in the healing presence of peace.

While peace is your experience you are actually being guided by peace into your Elixir of Truth, a space where your deepest and most intimate connection with the Creator is revealed to you. Your purest expression of the Creator and abilities of expressing the Creator are also revealed to you.

Your Elixir of Truth is a synthesis of your ability to receive and express the Creator at the purest form beyond separation, illusion, ego, limitations and fear. Therefore, it is breathtakingly beautiful to recognise, embody and experience as well as deeply fulfilling, awakening and healing.

To rediscover your relationship with the Creator at the deepest level possible creates shifts within your being which are major, transformational and deeply enlightening. There may be many things in your spiritual and physical reality you feel you need and desire, but when you connect with your Elixir of Truth, your understanding of yourself, the Creator and your reality shift - causing you to recognise that everything you are is everything that is the Creator.

Your experience of being fulfilled multiplies and your needs and desires alter. This is why I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to make you aware of your Elixir of Truth, when you allow yourself to truly connect, this experience can be life changing.

I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to share with you that you can seek connection with your Elixir of Truth and this will strengthen your connection with yourself and the Creator, as well as enhance your experience of peace and creativity.

However, your Elixir of Truth will only be truly revealed to you with divine timing, when you are truly ready to recognise the truth and reality of the Creator that can be experienced through focusing into your being. The more you master your beingand allow yourself to be a sacred expression of the Creator and follow the pathway of peace into your being, the easier you will find it to access and discover your Elixir of Truth.

When you connect with your Elixir of Truth, you will discover it as a continuously unfolding and blossoming journey of intimate connection and bonding with the Creator. A force that will seem so familiar to you and yet so expansive, unknown and generous.

Video - "Channeled Messages - Your Elixir of Truth By AA Gabriel" via Natalie Glasson -

Accessing Your Elixir of Truth

I, Archangel Gabriel, call upon you to invite me to work with you energetically and during meditation to reveal to you your creative force born through you from the Creator. In doing so, I will support you in connecting with your creative force, understand how to activate it and use the energy in your daily reality, as well as connecting with how the creative force wishes to be put into motion in your reality.

I wish to aid you in becoming a master of expressing your creative force in ways that serve and support your spiritual and physical existence upon the Earth. A simple request to me during quiet time or during meditation will allow you to open to my support and guidance. Your request can be put to me daily in order to fully explore with me this aspect of your being.

Another step which allows you to continue your journey of seeking an experience with your Elixir of Truth is to focus upon the natural presence of peace within your being. The more you connect with your inner peace, the more you will feel the presence of peace drawing you deeper into your being.

You may wish to repeat in quiet time or meditation to yourself, ‘I now follow the pathway of peace into the core of my being.’

Repeating this silently followed by a period of simply focusing on your breathing will allow you to feel yourself following a pathway of peace into your being to access your truth.

The third step I, Archangel Gabriel, wish to share with you is a process of preparing your entire being for accessing your Elixir of Truth. Simply state each day,

‘I invite my soul, guides and Archangel Gabriel to prepare my entire being to support me in accessing and connecting with my Elixir of Truth.

Please achieve the necessary healing, awakening and transformation to support my recognition and experience of my Elixir of Truth.

I am ready to rediscover my intimate bond, relationship and connection with the Creator as well as my purest expression of the Creator.

Please prepare my entire being to support my full experience of my sacred union with the Creator.

I am open and receptive to your guidance and inspiration, supporting my deeper connecting and experience of my Elixir of Truth. Thank you.’

With preparation, you will be able to meditate asking to be taken to your Elixir of Truth within you for your full experience of your Elixir of Truth. Thus, your unfolding journey with the Creator will be empowered and magnified with clarity, understanding and awareness dawning.  

Elixir of Truth and Clarity

Your intention to access your Elixir of Truth within you will create an opening and begin a process of awakening and enhancing your relationship with the Creator and recognising your pure expression of the Creator upon the Earth. This will also offer to you clarity.

While you may not immediately experience your intimate relationship with the Creator or understand how to express the Creator purely and creatively through your being, you will begin to access a deeper sense of clarity which will guide and support you tremendously through this period of ascension.

Clarity is the main energy anchoring and being awoken from within your being as you enter into the cycle of 2019, therefore connecting with your Elixir of Truth will only enhance your experience of feeling balanced, connected, unified and clear as you begin a new journey in 2019. 

I, Archangel Gabriel, am present to support and assist you in any way that is beneficial for your spiritual growth.

In angelic eternal love,

Archangel Gabriel

Read more of Natalie channeling of AA Gabriel -

Free audio download of Natalie's message -

Video - "Vlog 94 - A Powerful CLeansing Gift To Prepare For The New Year" By Patricia Cota-Robles -

Morph into Your Highest Expression Under The Wings Of The Angels By Amara Tia Ann 


The cosmos is constantly and permanently evolving. So are we as individual sparks of light temporarily descended from the cosmic sky.  The transformation occurring in our cellular body and soul memory may not be apparent to us all the time but like a pupa breaking out of its cocoon, our grander expression will emerge with divine time and order. In particular, the year 2019 has the potentiality of enabling a higher expression of our divinity as the elements constituting our human body (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) are spiritualized to a greater degree through the awakening of the divine child in us.”     

One way to vibrationally heighten our elements is by activating or spinning the sacred geometry Metatron’s Cube embedded in our higher dimensional body, and that was exactly what Archangel Metatron offered to the group as one of the Solstice gifts, along with other energy transmissions:

  • Re-balance the chakra body (for health and better integration with higher frequencies)
  • Purify the emotional body
  • Align chakra body to energy grids of Earth – Crystalline, Christ Consciousness and Buddhic Consciousness grids (gifted by the Ascended Masters)
  • Solstice blessings from other angelic guides 

Image result for 5 pointed star elements

Listen to the above energy transmissions (16 min):

(The audio is the heart of this post and is well worth listening to, and if you like it, Amara has let you download it for free by right clicking on the audio player), Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Archangel Haniel Transmission: Invoking New Frequencies of Peace, Harmony, Joy and Love" -

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