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Dear Twinkly Friends

To all those abroad, 99.9% of the UK are snowed in today and basically ground to a halt on a work level. To my snowed in friends this is a wonderful day to make a positive change for yourself and humanity. On a numerology level this is actually a very significant day as it is a 2.2. 2009 is 2+0+0+9 =11. 2.2.11. Double master numbers, so what you think and do is really amplified today.

Smile, laugh, have fun.

As the UK is in the midst of a recession (which if understood on a spiritual level is actually the pathway to ascension) is like rebuilding the country on more firm ethical foundations based on love and integrity. It is always a bit shaky when we find out that things cannot continue and need remodelling.

This is a time for humanity to come together, quantam physics proves that we need 11% of the worlds population to join together in collective consciousness to make a difference, to facilitate a shift in consciousness. Those of you who have read or watched the book/dvd “The Secret” will be aware of this. We create what we think about. FEAR- creates “lack” that leads to violence, hatred, bitterness, frustration and anger, an emotion that we really have no use for; if we think about it. FAITH - creates trust, hope, confidence and joy.

We manifest that which we think, so we must wish to co create more Love, Hope and Faith.

Today in the UK the universe has delivered us a fabulous window of opportunity to spend time with those we love, building snowmen, me time, catch up on a myriad of things we have been meaning to do at home, popping out locally to meet friends. It's an opportunity to be reflective. Going inward is the catalyst for a wonderful future if we take the risk.
As Ghandi said” Be the Change You Wish To See In The World”

So write down your dreams and wishes. Today more than anyday we can create them on such a powerful level by using this number day. If they come from a place of love and peace the universe will transpire to assist you.

Please at 2pm or when you have time today please join in a 10 minute UK guided Meditation. I have 2 for FREE on my website just sign up or resign up for my newsletter, pass this on to your friends too.

I personally was supposed to be moving into my new flat in London today. However it must be more important not too, so have fun and enjoy!!

If you got this far first 5 to email back have a free space at my talk on Saturday.
It pays to read everything!!

Talk – Abundant Living – Drama Free Saturday 7th February 2009
YMCA – Cheltenham 6pm-7.30pm - £6.50
Workshop – Living in Soul Wealth & Abundance. -Sunday 8th February - 10.30am – 5pm £75.
Details are on the Website and paypal.

Love, Light and Twinkles

Andrea Foulkes xxx

Intuitive Visionary, Past Life Regression Expert. Email: Tel: 07855 488 604.

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Comment by Bishop on February 2, 2009 at 6:33pm
i love the snow :) its been great

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