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A Chapter from Book Three -
The Angelic Lake
By Channie Centara

For every drop that touched them, the light within their auras became more and more intense; it was like a layer of shimmering Joy of Light around each one of the Archangels within the Lake. It was true joy for the eyes to see and for the Soul to deeply feel and connect with this, their experience. It was like the viewer of this wanted to be there themself and deep within the shimmer, together with the ones who had the experiences in the Lake.

In this way the young Earth girl, Channie, had seen and experienced the Lake herself. And afterwards, she tried to describe it to her teacher, Tissi Mo. Her first time by the Lake, was so many many years ago. But now the roles were changed. It wasn't she herself, who was breathless in astonishment and totally spellbound by The Lake's "water." It wasn't her inner mind that tried to find words without succeeding. The little girl from Earth who now was sitting by the shoreline, was, for Chaniel, an unknown little figure. But her teacher was someone they knew very well. Both famous and acknowledged as being so kind, gentle and beautiful to her small students that she almost protected them with a wing of pure trust

The little one watched the Archangels in the Angelic Lake with big round eyes and an open mouth, totally enthralled by what her eyes were seeing. She was sitting there like in a trance and her eyes were almost locked by the Lake and the big Angels within it. Nothing could make her look the other way. She tried to take in the whole Lake, within her view and also within her heart. Desperately, she tried to find or even form words with her lips, but only the heart could talk to her this day. Only her heart could find the few words that could describe this Divine experience.

Deeply studied as she was, along with the other Archangels, something had awakened within the Archangel Chaniel. Because this day the Channie part of the Angel Chaniel remembered her time by the Lake. Therefore, she tried to, at this moment, find words to describe how it felt to stand there herself out in the Lake. It was almost like she tried to do that to make the circle complete. From being herself, the young viewer until now, standing there, like a fully feathered and highly conscious Archangel. An Archangel she was, in her full potential and Force. At least she was almost full within her Force, because it was this that the Lake was for. To reach completion and awareness, so Divine. A Force within Light. To touch what already was Divinely touched. To touch a part of the untouchable of Light. To, with Divine feathers and an aura of purest Gold, still try to reach completion, to be shimmering with an even more striking frequency. To light up that which God already had lit up, with Light so purely Divine.

The Archangel Chaniel felt the warm energy around her. The "water" was embracing her closer now. It sort of almost found its way in between the feathers and even deeper than that. This was happening when she slowly glided into the water with her almost naked body. She let the body slide in, deeper and deeper, and by then the words and emotions swept over her. Enchanting words of beauty. Her Soul awakened her Spirit. Her Divine Sparkle from God. The Sparkle, the Flame of Fire within her, became almost open itself, inside of her. It sort of had a new meaning and the glow was all inside of her. A deeper, more overwhelming emotion was there now, as the Flame grew bigger.

The Clear Flame of Light reflected itself on the Lake's water. It went straight out from her own body onto the water. She was Light within Light itself. And within that Light was her true connection with God and with Beyond. The feeling of this felt like awakening a Soul to life for the first time. This feeling went through her, like words that still were too difficult to form for describing these seconds and minutes of awakening. It felt like the first second, the first time when the Spirit's Flame trembled and flickered to try to come alive. Like before the Sparkle even had a place, or meaning, in the All. Long before the individual or personality of existance, existed. This feeling was even before the experience of being alive or being something existed. It was like the short moment when you only are, without knowing what or when or how. When you are a part of God and together with God, as One, and God has the focus point for Everything. And only this, his new Sparkle, that he just created was there at that moment. And you were that Sparkle. A moment of Holy Seconds or maybe even a minute, that lives there for the rest of your existence, forever, forever… To be touched, but not yet awakened, not really yet. Because you will become something later on, but not now in this moment of Truth.

In that moment, you only are vibrating. It is like a pulsating breath, within the Sparkle in his hands. A shiver in the Flame within the Big Nothingness, without body and thought. Without the consciousness or understanding that something can exist outside of the hand of God. And you think that you will be there forever in that hand, and you don't want anything else. But then you start to understand. But still, at that moment, you only want God's protection and care and you can only really understand God's presence in everything and being touched by that is the whole experience. That's the only meaning you ever wanted to have, from the very beginning. You haven't even learned how to wish or dream, because who needs that, when everything is heavenly and perfect? You are only laying there, like a grain of sand, or a little seed, in God's hand. And what you will grow up to become is unclear and far off in the horizon, unknown. You only lay there in such a delightful way, glowing in the hand of God.

Chaniel said, "He's my Life. He's my Life Sparkle."

It was just a part of something she wanted to say at this moment within the Lake. She slowly raised up from the water and then softly glided into it again. And every feather of her wings sparkled with new Light and new Love. The wings carried Life itself and every fiber of her reacted, on every drop of the Lake. She could feel it. It was her connection from the very beginning, her knowledge and bond with God, that was creating this water and making it shimmer.

She said, "Created by God and resting in his Delightfulness."

Her words were blended with the other Archangels', because many said the same words, as they had before, over and over again, in this Lake. Every time they came here, almost the same emotions and feelings sprang from their mouths. Almost the same words they tried to express every time. They felt that they were, all of them, just existing. They were not one and one, or a group of Archangels; they were God themselves, in a liquid form. And right now they were all standing in the middle of God's Essence. He embraced them willingly and in such a light and delightful way. He awakened them, even though they all already were awakened. He purifed them even though they all were already purified. He let them drink of Him. And right now Chaniel lifted a handful of His water to her lips.

"I drink of you, O Father."

She wasn't thirsty and the words were just an expression, said before, by so many Archangels, just like her.

"Let my thirst go away with your Essence."

In those last words were a deep feeling of Truth. She was thirsty for the feeling of receiving, within her, the Divine God Essence. Every drop was her and the water spread inside of her. In an Angel's flesh and blood. He streamed through her and made her heart beat harder. For every moment, every Holy Moment, her heartbeat was beating with his heart. They met and he floated within her like a river, and then through her skin and out. He came back to the Lake within drops that fell from her skin. This created like a flow a circulation, a motion within the Holy Divine Places and Halls of Existence. A motion also within God. Enough for him to create with. To change things with. And open up new possibilities.

She knew in this moment of her taking a Holy Bath, that there were many things that were born at that moment of Time. Many things were created, through these wonders of what the Archangels did here this day. Many new Souls stood up in the Universe from this. By this process, a motion in Divinity helped to awaken new Souls to life. This happened very far away, and only where the Creation and God let it be so.

God created his Archangels as instruments for his Force to flow together with. Now he played on these instruments and let them build something with him. He needed their help and they willingly gave it to him.

So what was it that made this Lake so special in the first place? Well, here fell the First Drop from The Sea of Creation. It fell through here, when the Creation was empty. When not even a thought was existing, it still touched this place. It fell through here and continued when everything didn't exist. And not even Nothingness was understood or seen. Nothingness accepted the Drop where it fell and opened itself for It and Its way of falling. The First Drop fell with a wish inside of it and a longing inside of it. A need and a desire to return to where it came and sprung from. Its beginning in pure Light.

Wherever the Drop fell, it left deep marks and footprints in the Nothingness. Prints that later became very special and very Holy Places, within a Creation that was called the Blue. The First Drop fell into Nothingness, from The Beyond. It fell in where God's Divine Home would stand. That Home stands in the Created Original Force Core, in the middle of what we call The Divine Central Sun.

When The First Drop fell, it slightly touched the planet Gordiva and then the third place that it touched, was the Lake. This was where The Drop's Force touched Nothingness before it became Something. Of course, the Lake wasn't there then, but it would become, in the future. And then a very special place. The First Drop fell through Nothingness and touched many, many other places. It fell in a special motion, almost searching within Nothingness to find where it could create Something out of Nothing. It became like a motion, a motion of Energy and Force, before Forces even existed in this that we call The Blue Creation.

It fell for such a long time, that we cannot understand it. And then it rested a little. It stopped for a moment. It stopped at what we later would call The Blue Creation's Aragone. Because it rested there, its presence is there stronger and the possibility of feeling The First Drop there is also stronger. So this became the Home for the Golden Knights that also stood up by the touch of The First Drop in The Beyond.

When it finally fell through Nothingness, on the other side, and reached its Home, that place where it fell out from Nothingness became the True Original Force Core. The First Drop then merged with The Light Beyond All Light.

A journey of a Drop, then reached its end. But Chaniel's thoughts continued beyond even that, to things that the other Archangels couldn't hear or understand. Not even the God Essence by her feet truly understood. Not even the Twelve Golden Knights of Aragone could understand of what she knew. There were things Beyond that only she knew… or…..She remained quiet, but the water that the Drop once had touched in Nothingness knew things together with her. It was like this water and herself shared a secret together. A secret from Beyond and Before All. Therefore she always searched for places like this. Places that were touched by The First Drop in Nothingness, before the Creation and before Everything came into existence.

Love and Light to you all.

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