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To get the public to see their “multilateral/multipolar” NWO as the solution to all that ails us, the globalists have created fear by publicizing an “evil, Western” NWO that is out to get us…
…while simultaneously creating hope by publicizing a “benevolent, Eastern” alternative NWO that is out to save us…

Since both the Western nations and the BRICS belong to the G20, which is the chrysalis of the multilateral/multipolar NWO, the seeming conflict between the two sides is being staged for public relations purposes. In actuality, both “sides” are fully on board with the globalist agenda.

So if we look to the culmination of the Syria war crisis and the UN reform that will follow it, we see the transition point when the scary decoy NWO is defeated and the attractive real NWO rises.

To better understand how the globalists are playing these “competing” NWOs against each other, read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

How will the counter-coup unfold?

I answered this question in my previous entry, so I’ll repost the relevant excerpt here for your convenience…


You may have noticed that Trump has appointed three former generals to high positions in his administration…
…From a Google News search for trump generals

And just yesterday, he attended the annual Army-Navy football game…
…From the Military Times

He is doing this to be publicly seen courting the military, thus creating backstory for why the military “counter-coup” will put him in office after the Democrats carry out their “soft coup” in the Electoral College. Among the federal institutions, the military has the best public image, so the globalists have tasked the Pentagon with the lead role in “stopping the Democrat coup” and unseating Paul Ryan (or Hillary Clinton). This is all part of the globalist coup/counter-coup operation I talked about in Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election

The sole purpose behind a Paul Ryan caretaker presidency (or a Hillary Clinton momentary presidency) is to take us to the brink, or slightly past the brink, of war with Russia (since Obama seems unwilling to let it happen on his watch). And this war would be stopped by a US military coup at one of two points…

  • the moment Ryan gives the order for the war-starting provocation, thus stopping the war before it begins, or
  • the moment the war leads to a high threat of a nuclear exchange, thus stopping the war before nukes are employed by either side.


And with that, I’ll call this entry complete.

With love…

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