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Mystery 'Person' from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph

I experimented with every adjustment and filter available in PhotoShop to see what would happen. I got the best results when I ran the cropped portion of the frame through the "Auto Level" adjustment. The contrast really jumped out and now I could see the Mystery man in greater detail and I could also get a better idea of what the second "head" might be. It looks some sort of creature that seems to be facing the camera and has white looking eyes and mouth, with narrow, hollow cheeks.Alien? Demonic? I have no idea, but it does look like something out of the Star Wars Bar scene. There might even be a third entity seen in Photo #3 that's located closer to the camera, and in front of the second "head", but your guess is as good as mine. These photos are fascinating to study, but the story gets even more interesting when you see the original photo that I extracted these cropped images from (continue below)..

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