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Lion’s Gate Live Transmission By the Elohim Through Asil Toksal

Lion’s Gate Live Transmission
By the Elohim
Through Asil Toksal

We are Elohim. In your existence in the human form, humanity has understood that this existence requires the circumstances of its environment to be in perfect balance. The balance itself is created through the rich environment of this Earth itself, and this rich environment of the Earth is in perfect balance to the environment of its solar system, and the solar system itself is in perfect balance with the galaxy that it exists in, and the galaxy itself, in perfect balance to the many other galaxies.

The current constellation of your existence provides for life, provides the opportunity to experience the human form. And particularly in this moment in time, the constellation of specific stars provide a greater energetic potential on this plane. Several energy streams that move through the stars of this existence coincide and align to provide a great frequency, a great energy to be fueled in your consciousness, in your heart, and in your physical being. Even those that are unaware and unattuned to these frequencies present on this plane of existence will receive the benefits of this fuel. All living beings are impacted by this constellation, and the many constellations that occur across the lifetime of any species. In a moment of silence, in a moment of deep contemplation, deep surrender, you allow this fuel that moves through this plane to move through you without obstructions...+

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