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Our Missions Have Been Fulfilled By Ramona Lappin

Our Missions Have Been Fulfilled
By Ramona Lappin

I wanted to express my deepest Gratitude again to those that took part in the ‘Giza Stargate & Cosmic Heart’ Activation, that was part of my last video update, which is still very much available and continues to help powerfully raise the Planetary Frequency’s and supports the New Diamond Grid Activations! The Collective field is being blasted and cleared with Diamond White and Emerald Light, and ALL remaining illusions, reversals and interference patterns are being fully neutralised, removed and dissolved at super extra fast quantum God Source speed!

A MASSIVE QUANTUM COLLAPSE OF ALL the ARTIFICIAL MATRIX Realities/ TIMELINES has unfolded over these past few days!

The field is super light and Crystalline and we are being flooded by Pure Source Light which is quickly dissolving and overwriting any remaining distortions and the AI net, materials, structures and realities. The Forerunners are finding themselves deeply rooted in The Zero Point Field, which is allowing this quantum collapse of ALL remaining artificial Matrix Realities/ Timelines, along with all its inverted thought forms and beliefs/ programming. It’s as if nothing is happening, but it could not be further from the real Truth of all happening all at once. Many can sense the new peace that is available in the field. All these immense shifts and changes happening, but not visible yet, but soon will be, as our memories, gift, abilities and powers are rapidly returning, activating and growing...+

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