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Join Us in sending Love to 'The Cove' In Japan ~ this Jan 8th/9th!


"The Holiest of All Spots On Earth are Where an Ancient hatred has become a present Love" ACIM

‘THE COVE’ Healing Ceremony: Jan 8th, to - Sun, Jan. 9, 12 noon Japan

...The Cove in Taiji has become a focal point for people around the world. The fishermen, the village and the Japanese people have been condemned for the hunting of dolphins and whales. There has been much anger, hatred and separation between people, organizations and cultures. This separation is a reflection of the imbalance within us all.

The first part of the ceremony is taking personal responsibility for the polarization and to bring healing through the power of Ho’oponopono.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you" - Ho'oponopono Prayer (for more info, see


We then focus our attention on the Cove, envisioning it as a place of unity and healing for all. Holy water from sacred springs around the world and blessed by thousands of people will be poured into the Cove. We invite you to energetically join us and add your love with ours. (see the ceremony here:


Joe Noonan leads water ceremonies around the world.


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Comment by Lydia on January 13, 2011 at 10:08am

UP~Date from this Event for Everyone Who Joined In :)))

Wahoo! The energy in the Cove is shifting!

In an attempt to end the dolphin hunt, there has been much anger and hatred directed to the people involved with The Cove.

What we resist, persists, and I went there to show the Japanese people that there are many people (us!) who hold a vision of the hunt ending through a loving and compassio...nate process of respect.

I went to help connect the grid of compassion in this most holy and contrast-filled place.

Several hundred people from around the world energetically joined us as we held ceremony and brought our love to The Cove on January 9th.

We did Ho'oponopono and a Sacred Water Ceremony to heal the separation and judgments of the past; anchoring in more love and light.

There were a number of Japanese officials there, and one of the translators said that they were 'very impressed' by the ceremony.

I'm making a brief video of the event. I have omitted including photos of the Japanese people out of respect to their privacy.

One of the most powerful moments for me was when one of the political figures held the bottle of holy water, went down to one knee to add his love and blessings to the water, and remarked "You are asking me to do what is in the Imagine song".

all the people,
living life in peace...

Joe Noonan

 quick note - the ceremony was small and awesome... I felt very blessed to have the honor of asking forgiveness, doing ho'oponopono and blessing the waters of the Cove... in the words of one Japanese translater, the officials there were quite impressed.on Sunday

Comment by Lydia on January 8, 2011 at 1:45pm

Thank You Dear paTricia ~ Thank YOU !!! xox

In Are Awake~ning to One ~ ness We shall Heal self and Each Other and Become Truly as ONE ! :o)

Comment by Lydia on January 8, 2011 at 1:42pm

Thank You and Bless You Dear Friend Trudy ~ I Love You for BEing IN the Zone of
The Universal ~  LOVE ~ As ONE ! xox :)


Comment by Trudy on January 8, 2011 at 1:41pm

Thank You I will ... I AM for I am a  part of the whole... in gratitude for asking :)))

Love Light Laughter dear Lydia for WE ARE ALL ONE XXX

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