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High Vibrational Diet… – Bridget Nielsen.

High Vibrational Diet… – Bridget Nielsen.

Manuel Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 21 hours ago
The *Perfect* High Vibrational Diet
High Vibrational Diet…Bridget Nielsen.

[image: bridget in hawaii leading a sacred site tour]
The growing question for many people in this time of awakening is, “what is
a high vibrational diet?” I have been asking myself since I was a little
girl. I was the child who asked for bitter tea, a sprout avocado pita and
strawberries for dessert. WHY? One good reason is because my dad put it on
my plate, but there was more to it than that! From a very early age, I knew
that there was a direct connection between my state and what I ate. In this
blog I am...

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