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See Humanity does not have to "grow up" Humanity just needs to "Wake

Urgent Message “We are Divine Creators” Please Remember from Kiesha Crowther "Little Grandmother"

You know the more serious you are, the denser you become. The More you are in Joy and Laughter, The Lighter You Become. Enjoy the
Joy and Lighten Up.

~What is 5D Reality? What does it feel like? If You Are In Joy Every Moment You Are in 5D Reality.Remember what it was like to be a
child? When You Were In Joy, Thats when you were connected into 5D. Reality
Check for Humanity in

Feel Your Heart, where the child lives.Every moment you are in joy you are connected to 5D. The moment of Now you are in, can you feel, what now feels like? Open your Heart and KNOW that LOVE is here.
Feel That. Love US

To step into 5D Reality, you simply release your attachment to duality, and your Life Force Energy is Magnified, as you focus Your Energy on Love and Only Love, Love Returns to You With

See the illuminati wanted to take your childhood from you, told you, you could not be a child, cause you had to "grow up". Why did you ever have to grow up? Love did not ask you to grow up, Love
just asks you to be. See in the illusion of growing up you forgot your joy,
your childlikeness and as a grown up you became very childish. Missing the joy,
to try to be in sorrow, how is that working? We could explain why the annaki
wanted to have slaves to serve them and their kind, you cannot make a GOD a
slave. Because the child of God is still REAL, within the Heart and now is to
Awaken. Every being on this planet is granted the Love of Creation thats their
inheritance. Their God Given Right, as Citizens of

Love is the gift, that we all give each other and in that way there is Love Overflowing Everywhere.

End Transmission


A Message from St. Germain To Us "The Freedom Fighters"

Greetings my Beloved Freedom Fighters! I greet you with magnificent news. The shift of the ages is marching forward and you are at the front lines, my dear leaders of
Light! Our news is that we are on schedule and that all is well.

I wish you to remain steadfast. Onward and upward! There is no looking back.
What lies ahead is the most brilliant of Light, the most brilliant of changes
accomplished. And the most brilliant of reward; the reward of knowing what you
have accomplished.

All that you have strived for is coming to pass. Those who would have you
dragged down are no longer dragging anyone down. Change implemented years ago
has come to pass and it is time for you to see more glorious change!

Imagine your wildest imaginings. Do what you have to do, but most of all, dream
your dream! And carry your swords high. We salute you from our side and we wish
that you salute us back; in freedom, in brotherhood and in the knowledge that
it is done! We march ever onwards and we urge you to do the same. Hold your
heads high, for you have done all that you came to do. We suggest that you
dream your dreams in living, magnificent and vivid technicolor; manifest away,
with delight and in joy!

You have magnificently led the way for others; and those ones are following in
your footsteps. There are many, many branches and groups that will follow.
These multitudes will be holding their swords high as well. There will be
multitudes of new ones who come forth with new ideas. When this occurs, it will
be with ease, for these ones have been led by the best of the best. You have
not only cleared the way for them but you have done it in such a way that they
already carry within themselves what you have learned and earned energetically.
They will not have to endure what you have, for what you know lies within them.
They will be able to forage anew without slogging through the trenches as you

For this we thank you. They will acknowledge and thank you also when the time
is appropriate.

There will be young and old alike leading with new ideas. They will be lined
up, wishing to do their part and they will do it with great delight and with
the deepest of inspiration and motivation. This is part of what you have
created for the others who will follow in your footsteps. You are as the
professors of the highest teachings. And they are as the students who will step
forth into their talents and skills with the greatest of ease; and with
humility and gratitude for you who have cleared the path of freedom for them.
You have given them the freedom to be! We salute you. And we commend you with
the highest and greatest of gratitude.

There is now a huge change in energy. This new energy has cleared and replaced
the energy of old; the energy of lack, of confusion, of the imprisoned human on
bended knee. There is no reason for anyone to be on their knees at this time.
It is time to stand tall and to know within that you have achieved. Settle back
and enjoy what is to come. Maintain your energy of achievement. For a time yet
it will appear that all is the same, but there will come an event that will
change everything. You will see that this will be the crowning manifestation of
the new ways.

You can rest assured that this is to come. You can rest assured that peace and
serenity will soon become the norm. Stress no more. And relax, let your worries
fall away, be worry free, for there is great freedom in this.

When you dip your toe in the new warm energy of peace and abundance, it will
feel like home. You can wade freely all the way in now, without worry of strong
currents washing you away. For this is your time.

And it is our time. It is time for brethren of other realms to come and be with
you; time for beings from other places, far off places to shake your hands, to
embrace in oneness; you who have cleared the way for them.

Peace is coming. For all. Freedom in all aspects of earthly life is coming. It
is done; it is manifest. Relax, sit back and enjoy. Enjoy your many blessings.
Enjoy knowing what you have accomplished. And celebrate the greatness that you
have brought. All that you have endured and sacrificed; all suffering, all
heavy loads are slipping into the past.

It has passed and it is time for the realization of what has happened; time to
understand that you have done it, my beloved ones of Light. Together, we have
turned the tide. Together we have accomplished the turning of a planet in
distress, in agony of utter disillusionment of the most horrible kind into a
planet that is ready to stand in the beauty and glory of Love and of Truth that
is her birthright.

Your birthright into the Mastery that you are and that you have worked so hard
for is at hand. Dream your brightest new dreams.

I Am your brother, I Am the Son of Freedom, St Germain. And I salute each and
every one of my beloved, steadfast warriors of untold and unwavering strength,
integrity and Love. Into the dream of freedom we walk together.

Original site:

Indigo Vidar Life and Experience Gregorian Video (English Text)

Vidar Tancred Sveen Paulsrud Namaste my new friend ))
Thank you for your interest in our work for future children. )) Now I
finally been made properly introduction video.
Now I leave the ball to you in order to generate debate around this video and
our work as we now begin to make something about the critical situation we are
above these days. It is going to be much worse if we do not wake up to take
shovel into our own hands!
Please share this video and comment at YouTube comment so that we get a debate
for those who are not on Facebook. They be more interested if they see comments
and the same with me plans several videos for you here home forward if you
react. Do appropriate your lovely evening and enjoy the video. ♥ Love Light
& Peace ♥ Namaste Vidar ♥

Original site:

Just Released Trailer for the “Secrets of the Maya Chakra Temples”

Michael Boone and Young Lok “At The Covert” Saying Yes to The Flow, and Yes To Love.

Marianne Williamson

Don't be afraid to surrender to the void. The void isn't empty; it's filled with the divine.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only Light can do that. Hate cannot drive ...out hate; only Love can do that."

Stardust Penny


PART ONE: The only battle there is ~ is that for your consciousness because your consciousness is the living-light of awareness. You are of God so you give life to what you are willing to witness. Each 'level
of consciousness reality' wants to continue and if you fall into a storyline,
you are giving life to it. Put your spiritual eyes on God and bring that fully
into your experience. Give only true life to you.

PART TWO: Because you are the living-light awareness of God, that if you
believe in something, your consciousness has just made an engraven image. That
reality now has life and has also limited your vibrational patterning, locking
you into the experiencing. Our consciousness creates the imagery we see. Walk
without attachments to the world. Experience God's love in all things but do
not believe you are those things. This way you are free to leave the world when
you are ready to travel the Universe. Once you become detached from all things
you then can experience the awareness of everything... you are not limited by

Rysa~Perisanna Arcturian III Video Message

For a

A Letter from Predrag to The Arcturians

iBeloved Arcturians,

I am so grateful to read your loving and supporting words of wisdom. These
words carry much more that we can see on our screens.
Without Your LOVE and energies this process toward Ascension would be quite a
different path.

When I realized during my last couple of years, that we are not alone in this,
but we are so loved and supported from billions of Light beings all around
Cosmos, and as time was passing I start realizing that we are not so different
then you.
Contrary, we are YOU.
We are part of your knowledge, your love and your courage.
We simply needed to discover this LOVE within.
We are part of something so grandiose that it cannot fit in this 3D planet of
ours. But it can fit in ONE's HEART.

I LOVE you for being beings that you ARE, for being BEINGS that showing US who
WE are, for being ONE of US, for Loving BEINGS Like US. For LOVING US.

With Love, AnaShyNa

Now from Love Reporters Rysa and Perisanna

i~ Path of Wayshowers ~

~ * ~ The download of this information is for you to learn the awakening to enlightenment. Wayshowers are feeling energy surges that tell them to be centered and hold to the Central Strand as closely as
possible. The closer in alignment with the center the more joy and bliss is
experienced. Be in alignment now as the intensity of the stream grows more and
more powerful.

~ Experience a lift-off of your body as the Root Chakra gains more power from the Heart and Earth and its connection to the Sun and the Galactic center. Listen as the Teachers of Light speak from the
collective soul of your being. It has always been time for awakening to Oneness
and in Oneness you feel the river of bliss, joy and the life of heaven. The
stream flows unhindered through your being. This is the time, now, and now it
is here for you to awaken and feel the stream flow and ride the wave of Light
into multi-Dimensional consciousness.

~ Feel in this moment called Now and know that the awakening occurs in this moment. The energy within your frontal cortex has increased as the Third Eye is opening with electricity and cosmic magnetic
energy. The breath work of Pranayama is important to hold your center. Balance
and breathe with the pulsations of the galaxy as it streams a stronger
vibration into your Heart center.

~ You are one of the Wayshowers and know that the feelings that are coming through your body are aligned with higher purpose and in service of the greater whole. You are one of the Wayshowers and know that
you are to give out as much energy as you receive and you may be increased and
achieve the higher step in the Ascension.

~ In this Ascension you leave the various sensations that attract and separate realities to become neutral and alive in blissful joy of enlightenment. At the Solar conjunction of Regulus a new seed
is being planted within humanity. This is the seed of the new humanity in the
Galactic cycle bringing ethical and tribal unity. The energy that comes forth
through the highest point of Leo attunes the Emerald Heart of the Lion and the
golden purity of honor. Leo holds and commands the emerald magenta tonal
frequency of pure electromagnetic balance and harmony of the Fourth Ray through
the harmonic entrainment with the Second Ray influence of the Sun and

~ It is the Fourth Ray of harmony through conflict that is finding balance as the energies of purification come to energize the Leonian point of the fixed cross. In the summer Antares and the Scorpion guide
humanity through the mysteries to the Galactic Center. Awakening within the
sub-conscious or the southern hemisphere is the reversal of polarity and the
increase of the power of will, wisdom and intelligent activity rises in the
Third World. Strength and fortitude in the lion’s breath roars from his mouth
to make the eagle shake and fly in the knowledge - the king is

~ The Eagle’s wing is weakened and the Eagle is molting which leaves his body vulnerable to attack. The Lion protects the white eagle from the serpent and the primates who are poised to kill in cold blood
and revenge. The noble lion leads the pride in the power and honor of the
Emerald Heart of Regulus. This is why through the recognition of unconditional
love and celestial wisdom the Emerald heart of Regulus comes to be heard above
the little wills of men who seek their egos bidding. From the point in time
upon the shining forth of the Emerald Light that comes with the conjunction of
the star of Regulus there is the Heart opening and the Wayshowers are called
into action.

~ You have walked on this path and have not questioned the journey. There have been times when it was filled in stress, confusion and questions as your mind fought to stay in recognition of the path
and sought to look ahead and see where it leads. The Gold Ring leads around in
a circle of awakening where there is within it the Oneness of enlightenment.
The mind wants to hold the reigns and direct the path and this cannot be for
the mind uses the past to direct the future and does not allow the silence of
the heart to guide the spirit to the soul.

_ ^ _ Rysa Perisanna other places, far off places to shake your hands, to

Now from Love Reporter Marc Chauvette

Our Personal and Collective Dream”

[with Editors Comments following]

we are aware that everyone around us has

emotional wounds a emotional poison that is create from from negativity , it
can be easily understand that humanity as create dream of hell. From

the perspective that everything ...we believe about our...selves, and

everything we know about our world, is just a dream. religious

description o hell, it is the same as human society today , the way

Hell is a place of suffering, a place of fear, a place of war and

violence, a place of judgment and no justice, a place of punishment that

never ends. There are humans versus humans in a jungle of predators;

humans full of judgment, full of blame, full of guilt, full of emotional

poison~envy, anger, hate, sadness, suffering. We create all these

little demons in our mind because we have learned to dream hell in our

own life.

Each of us creates a personal dream for our own self, but humans

before us created a big outside dream, the dream of human society. The
of the Planet, is a collective dream The big Dream includes all the
rules of society , its laws, its religions,

its different cultures, and ways to be. All of this information stored

inside the collective mind is like a thousand voices talking at us at us at

The real self is pure love; we are Life. our true essence has nothing to

with the Dream, but the illusion keeps us from seeing what we really are.

When we see the Dream from this perspective, and if the

awareness of what we are, we can understand the so call nonsense that we
perceive humans behavior and

it becomes amusing.When everyone else live in a big drama, for us

becomes a comedy. we can see our suffering over something that is

not important, that was not even real. But we have no choice. We are

born in this society, we grow up in this society, and we learn to be

like everyone, else playing nonsense all the time, competing with mere


I believe we are ONE. And the reason of Oneness in my beliefs is because

within my universal mind or imagination ,Everything and Everyone comes

into existence. My Universe made up of my many thoughts and Mirrors. To

learn more of itself. Everything is ME, because I create my reality.
to see your self in everyone and everything that surrendered you is called
realization be in thatoneness you can experience the live of the whole
without moving

Life is to be lived, not controlled, and humanity is won by continuing
play in face of certain defeat.”

'We need not war'

need not war, to show us how freedom is made
What we need is love to
show us how freedom is played.
For freedom is not - but to “do as we
But rather to “please others” - because of what we achieve

serve requires love, only with love to we attain freedom”

no need for thought control and dogma

Luck, Coincidence, and Faith

Homo Luminus - The indigo generation

No more distractions...

just some thought on what god conscious energy waves of light with infinite
intelligence that operate in a very mysterious
way in which is the same as your divine essence that we all are

that create all that... is is which all that exist is made of forever
expanding conscious universe that is influence by our belief thought and
emotion if you can feel it imagine it and feel good about what you wish
to experience with little trust and faith anything can become reality you
are universe and you are creating your self every moment this reality
can be change in a instant the moment we shift our perception see the
dream accomplish and hold the vision the more people hold the same vision
the self start emanating energy and start to bring about the change
you desire and you don't really have to talk the heart reawakening the
and the earth is restored naturally to Her natural state of beauty. God
the manager of the bank of love and who is the guardian of this piece of
theater. You
are the producer and the actor and he never opposes the creative vision
ideas which bring fantasy into is theater and joy to the creation. He
sends creative energy to the players. You are in this creation which
you to create even more wonder in your life in which can
only happen if we let our self be guided by our heart and out

of love for the whole creation

Tipping Point... You Choose?click here

Make no mistake, there will be much contention when it becomes known that people CANNOT be forced to pay to sleep

For those who are hurting, broke, different, abused, manipulated, homeless,
hungry, thirsty, and your so called religious leader is telling you, you need
to live their way, give more, do more for them for
free, and in return all you get is "you'll be saved from future events"
tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready

the truth about tought
control click here

prophet vivek

Our Comments About Marc's Article “ Our Personal and Collective Dream”

Oh, Brilliant and Quite Hilarious.. Filled with Overflowing Joy, at least that is what we Felt. It brings us great joy, to see the feelings being written down with such mastery of thought, YEP!! Yes, The
Beautiful Vision of 5D Reality as Seen from 5D Laughing at 3d. Or rather
Rolling in the isles... at ignorance's stupidity. It Brings Us Great Joy to
Send ignorance packing. WE will send it off to remedial school and intense
density training. We will watch from a distance.

tell them to SHOVE IT! THE WALL IS COMING DOWN! Get ready

"Sure Enough, ALL of Creation Is Giving a Thumbs Up and High Fives ALL Around
for that Truth." WE Love You Marc, this Is definitely going to Print! Love
Mother and Father God

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[With our Response to John and Saul which has been posted to his blog page]

Fathermothergod To John Smallman

The Lightworkers say if you two meet, The Brilliance on this Planet increases By Multi-Dimensional Thought, Guess What? Now We Meet, Connection Made, Our Joy is in Reading The
Messages that We all send to each other. Its Our Re+Hearter, to the Love we are
All Together. Being Family is the Joy of Our Oneness. Blessed Is The Love
Called God Within US ALL. with Unconditional Love Mother and Father

PS, WE Love Sharing the Information of The Divine Presence Being Everywhere as Living Reality.

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With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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