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GALACTIC FREE PRESS -10/12/10 "Let The Lights Shine In"

~Galactic Free Press~ 10/12/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

Right Now Humanity is breaking down the old habits and the old programs into zeros and Ones. A zero cannot exist without the Ones, but the
Ones Can Exist without the zeros.”

The Focus of Forever is Now, for this is where We vibrate, right in the center.

All of Forever, is Now's Expression. Joy is the Feeling, and Life the Experience.

When You Let Go You Are In The Now. Now=Love Everywhere Present=Joy In All Moments, Ever increasing. Once you release sorrow, there is Only Love
and JOY!!

All lies on this Planet are Being revealed, to Be Healed. Yes, Humanity has been lied to for a very long time. However, The twist is that
Love is Here, to reveal all that does not serve The Greater Good of
The ALL, So That The Good of the All, The Reality of Love Everywhere
Present,may Enter the Space, Awakening and Joy for ALL. WE are with
You. All our Love and Support.

Your Missions Right Now are To Be Focused On Love. Love is all that is Real On Planet Earth=Heart. This is where You remain safe In Love's
Arms. Be In Joy, Spread the Joy, and Share the Joy.

Focus on the Joy not the “BS”, You Will Be Very Happy

The opening of the Intergalactic Gateway on 10/ 10 /10

End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present



Visualize the highest possible outcome occurring for all of humanity! We Are One, We are raising our vibrations in flow with Mother Earth, We are ascending and
bringing the Planet and our bodies with Us!” Desi Love Reporter

Once you start deliberately offering thought, then you can never offer enough action to keep up with the thought.
Once you access the Energy that creates worlds, a huge vortex comes
into place, and there's just not enough action for you to keep up
with that. And so, what you have to do is visualize every step of
the way, envision you happy in the process. Envision things in
place, envision people catching on. Just envision it working. Skip
over the how and the where and the when and the who -- and just stay
focused upon the what and the why. ~Abraham-Hicks

Letters to the Editors:

Satu Vahakuopus

Hi, hope everything is ok with you.
I have a question about energy levels and I believe that you can give me an answer, if it´s ok?

I feel a total change in my energy – high vibrations – I can
control it but I feel the change. The change is strong. My question
is – how many days before the body get use to the new vibrations?

I have to take long breaths so the body doesn’t get stressed.
Lots of Love

Father~Mother God Amon Ra:

We Highly Recommend, do not try to control it, this is where it gets challenging if you are holding on, Just Let Go, Breathe and Be
Present. You are Moving to your natural state of Being, and is
effortless. However, if you try to control or resist the energy, it
gets blocked, whenever you feel blocked take a moment and breathe. WE
Love You, Love Mother and Father God

From Angelika Stargate:

Hello, My Wonderful Parents. What are your thoughts regarding this infamous day of visit? The 13 and 14th?

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra Response:

We Know we are already here. May the Ones waiting find us soon. Cause We are Going to Show Up for them, Inevitably so. Sit Back Relax and
Enjoy the Show. WE are Here. We are Here to Observe Humanity's
response to The Present Moment of Now. Light It UP! Love Mom and

Bwell Btr Love Reporter on FB

In Spirit there is no Emotion, only "Truth ( the balance and harmony of all things with all things)”

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra

Emotion is Transformed into Compassion=Feeling, when emotion and passion are Unified. Yes, Truth then is the Balance, Love Everywhere Present,
from the within to the without. WE Love YOU All “


As We Open our Hearts, Spirit enters,Whispering softly. Be with me for eternity within the Now. My heart feels you, as We rejoice in our
dance. Come, We will listen to your song that heals the Planet. Dance
with me in harmony to the Music of the Spheres.

Love Reporter Predrag

Your Light shine through Your WORDS,
Like a Sword of Love and CON-Passion,
cutting all the darkness from OUR souls,
From OUR Thoughts, and OUR Beings.”
with Love, Predrag

"Your critics should not be tossed aside, lightly...they should be thrown with great force!!!" Vicky FB

Subject: Your Children

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters
of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
and though they are with you,
and yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love, but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday."

Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931

John O'Callaghan - Never Fade Away (Original Mix)

"You may be guided to leave a job, a city or even a relationship - all of which may sound terrifying at the moment. Nevertheless, if the
signals keep coming and they resonate internally with you, take the
step - and while doing so, know that you're being guided to a life of
inspiration." Wayne Dyer

Love Reporter Shane Derrick Jonker

Love is all that is Real and True”

Love is reliable. It's the only true, real & lasting experience of life. It's a source of happiness, to 'belong'. It's the most powerful &
necessary element in life.
Eternal love requires an intimate connection, togetherness, one that benefits
both. A relationship is
meant to be based on love, trust, truth & respect.
Everything happens for a reason...

Nothing happens by means of good or bad luck. Love, lost moments of true greatness & sheer stupidity all occur to test without these
'tests', whether they are events or relationships, life would be a
smoothly paved straight flat road to nowhere, safe &
but dull & utterly pointless.

There comes a time in your Life when you realize that if you withdraw from love, you stand
still, you remain at this point forever. You realize that if you fall
& stay down, love and life will pass you by. Walk your path 1 step at a
time – with courage, faith &
determination. Keep your belief in yourself & walk giving out
love on
your new journey, proclaiming this is my destiny which I will follow from this
moment on.
Walk in total state of awareness of love along the path of life's beauty. Oh,
may love
penetrate deep within you, suck your juices.

Let loves eyes feast upon you. Let love thrill you with the wonder of being in love. Let love
intoxicate you with its beauty. Behold the very ground you walk upon is
It's our sacred duty to awaken the beauty of love in our lives. To behold loves
beauty and to
keep it close by. To let it fill our minds, hearts, body and souls. In
this way
we will help to purify the consciousness of Love throughout our different

Commentary to Shane Derrick Jonker

from Carolyn Aldred Andrews

Yes, yes, all! Amazing, beautiful words, Shane! You know my heart well...I have just experienced today the wonder and glory and grace
of our Great husband Ron experienced a shock to his
difibrulator this morning around 11:30 am EST...because he'd had the
same thing just 5 weeks ago, the cardiologist had him admitted to the
hospital...after an arduous day in the emergency room, he is now
sleeping comfortably, and will undergo a cardiac cath sometime
tomorrow...the most calming blanket has enveloped me...during the
time I spent in the waiting room with Rons' daughters and son in
law...and home with the dogs and cats...I am at perfect
peace...and know that Ron INDEED will be matter what
happens is the KEY...and I ACCEPT THIS EXPERIENCE
with awareness of my role in this lesson....BLESSED BE! Thank you for
the loving kindness of your words...they flow with such truth and
love...I feel it! Carolyn”

Your True Source Of Security Is Your Heart ♥ Never Doubt That It Will Keep You Safe And
Protected Through Everything ♥♥♥♥ )) Q Tar FB

We are Beings of Light

Love Reporter Sheila Keisner

Mother/Father God,

I thought you might enjoy this beautiful poem I found today. It was included at
the end of a wonderful channeling I read.
Although I didn't write it myself, it touched my heart..and knew it
was perfect for our wonderful 5th dimensional News!

I have also included the link to the full article for those who would
to read it.

There was no title.

With all my Love,


As I bask inside the love

I surrender to the NOW

I don’t know what will happen

But my spirit tells me HOW

As I float among my memories

Of who I’ve been and why

I know I can release them

With a blessing and a sigh

All I’ve been and had and known

Are circling round my mind

I see now what I have looked for

What I’ve tried so hard to find

Surprising as it may be

I need to look no more

I’ve found my SELF at long last

I am deep within my core

This core, it now is glowing

And shines out into my life

I know if I can just relax

It will ease ALL of my strive

Working hard and suffering long

No longer wins the day

I’ve found this place inside me

Now, if I can only stay

Can I remember how I’m feeling

When I’m here so deep inside?

Can I be this ME in daily life?

Can I release my need to hide?

So long I’ve kept my secret

From those I feared would judge me

But, no longer can I trap my SELF

It is time to let ME be free

My secrets now are fading

With the memories of the past

As I become my SELF again

I am coming Home, at last!

So long I have awaited

For this moment of completeness

I hear, I see, I feel it

I can even taste its sweetness

If I can just remember

These sensations through my day

Not only will I know the HOW

I will also see the WAY

Sitting all alone in the darkness waiting for the sun to rise. I still feel your presence around me, surrounding me with love. Urging me to be better than I
think I can be, do more than I believe I am able to, be all you
created me to be. Softly supporting, never harsh or judgmental.
Simply a rock to lean on so I can become with each day that passes
more and more authentically me, the way you created me to
Robin ♥ FB

The Winds of Change” With Commentary from Love Reporter Desi

The winds of change have been blowing in saying hello. Changes are occurring and we notice that it's merely a shift
in perspective, a shift in consciousness that is occurring. We
gather together today in the light, and the love standing up and
sharing the reality that we are here. First contact has been
made....the ships are landing and decloaking. We are gathering
together Now to awaken humanity to the love and light they are and
share with them true reality.

Healing Art With Bev- Stratton Proemper

The Ascension”

By Sapphire Stone!/no...

Ascension Is A Shift In Energetic Frequency Patterns Held Within A Dimensional Space Which When Absorbed Into The Layers of The Planetary And Human Bio-Energetic
Field, Activates Its Own DNA Template Instruction Set!

Ascension Is All About Anchoring While Bringing In Layers of Light, The Force That Is Present Within Our Multidimensional God Selves! These Layers Descend Into Matter
Anchor Into The Physical Reality!

The Process of Ascension Is All About The Awareness of Multiple Realities Existing Simultaneously, Since "Reality" Is A Dimension, We Shift Dimensionally!
Hold A Reality By A Complex Layer of Coded Energetic Grids To Create
The Illusion of Time And Space For Our Consciousness To Perceive
Within Its Own Range of Frequency! As Its Magnetic Attributes Change,
The Dimensional Grids Shift Its Frequency, And Everything Within That
Broadband Also Shifts And Changes In Many Ways!

Within A Cycle of Evolutionary Time, The Human Soul's Journey Energetic Templates Changes And Creates A Complete Transformation And Transmutation of Various
Patterns And Programs Held! Once Activated These Patterns Begin To
Shift, Re-Emerge And Clear From The Layers of Experiences Coded Into
Every Cell And Memory Pattern Held As An Energetic Vibration Within
Your Body!

We Must Surrender And Accept This Transformation Process And Not Try To Fight It or Deny It, For Our Relationship With Time And Space Is Changing Dramatically And Your
Soul's Purpose And True Divine Essence Is Adjusting To Your Way of

As We Shift The Thought Patterns Not Serving The Soul Purpose, We Will Become Aware of These Beliefs And Behaviours That Exist As Imbalances Within Us And We Must
Them! Our Deepest Fears, Beliefs of Limitation And Old Pain Patterns
Surface Through Triggers In Our Awareness So We Can Consciously
Become Aware of Them And Heal Them For Good!

Since We Are All One And Connected Consciously We Are Needing To Cleanse And Purify From The Last Evolutionary Cycle! Appreciate And Acknowledge The Assignment of
Particular Clearing And Do Not Claim It As You! Rather Send It Into
The Light To Be Dispelled of Forever! Some of These Issues Are Also
Ancestral or Inherited In Their Nature And May Feel Familiar And Yet
Unfamiliar To You! You Are Also Clearing The Karmic Gird As

By Cleansing And Purifying Your Thoughts Into The Light Repeatedly, We Clear Our Emotional And Energetic Bodies, That Have Impeded Our Ability To Experience Our
True "BEing" And Bring More Joy Into Our Lives! Once We
Clear And Resolve Old Pain or Trauma, The Physical Body Then Is
Enabled To Clear Out Equivalent Blocks of Energy!

Realise You Are Clearing Out The Soul's Cellular Memory And Record Through Layers of The Bio-Energetic Field! When Doing So You May Become A Lot More Emotional
Sensitive Than Usual Without Truly Understanding Why!

Once The Cleansing, Clearing And Purifying Is Removed! Our Bodies Are Able To Take In More Light Within Our DNA, While Sustaining Our New Frequency And
Higher Consciousness Within Multidimensionality! While This Is
Happening To Us We Are Enabling The People Around Us To Also Vibrate
Within The Same Frequency Patterns As We Are To Activate Their Own
Inner Potential And Divine Inheritence Towards

Sometimes The Frequencies Don't Match With Others, No Matter How Hard We Try To Open Them Up To A New Way of Thinking, Which Explains Why, We Are Be And De Friending
Our Personal Lives And On Face Book! For When You Are Not Resonating
On The Same Frequency, You Feel Blocked And Nauseated! Your Inner
Structure Is Feeling The Tension!

Some of Us, Such As Myself, Are Programmed To With Stand The Energetic Process To Transmute The Bad Energy Through Us, As A Cosmic Filtration System For The Greater
Whole! Since Emotional Pain And Imbalances Are Responsible For
Dis-Ease, Many Will Experience Illness of Physical Releases of Pain
Clearing From Our Bodies!

Most of These Painful Experiences Can Be Avoided By BEing Self-Aware And Self-Sovereign In All of Your Choices, And Taking Time To Heal Through Emotional Clearing
Listening To Your Body's Request For Other Healing Techniques! Spirit
Is Always There To Aid And Guide You, But They Cannot Help You If You
Do Not Ask For Help!

When You Are Feeling A Certain Way, It Helps To Voice Your Opinion On Here, And Not Be Afraid of Sharing Your Experience With Others! For When You Freely Share,
Are Bringiing A Sense of Serenity And Well Being Into The Thoughts
And Minds of Others!

I Wish You ALL Nothing But "PEACE" of Mind Knowing This Too Shall Pass! How Long Depends On You And How Much Time You Have Spent Cleansing And Purifying Your Thoughts
The White Light of God!

Love & Light : ))

Sapphire Stone

Love Reporter Katie Dempsey [FB]

I am so much more than I am at this very moment.

As I continue to embrace the boundless flow energy that comes to me and through
me from All That Is, I align with
my true nature.

As I continue to breathe in and breathe out my connection with and to Mother
Gaia and all her brothers and
sisters in this galaxy and beyond, I align with my true nature.

As I continue to nurture and nourish my love for self and for All That
Is, I align with my true nature.

As I continue to align with my true nature in the infinite ways that exist, I
am and will
continue to be so much more than I am at this very moment

I AM IMMEASURABLE and my true nature is ALL-BEING”


Comments from the 10-10-10 Event

KH Yap [FB}

it was around 6am morning Oct.11... after the Stargate was Fully Activated from our Consciousness Grid... I fully understand that this was shared by many
that were in the right parallel reality, or others shared other
similiar out of Mind or Body experiences of a Spiritual Nature or
something Extra Special

Anna Bliss [FB]

KH.. I also had a UFO dream on the 10th. The "dream" is indeed real, on many levels (Inception) and we are definitely the "chosen ones" =)
thank you ALL for sharing! (((♥)))

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Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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