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Earth Changes and the Ascension of Planet Earth

Although our Space Visitors have up to now been limited to few Earth contacts, they are promising that they will very soon be making their first major appearance as part of a "First Contact" Mission. This will probably be made through a mass sighting of their spacecraft over several of Earth's major cities. They would later follow this up with a series of Earth landings in order to provide us with detailed information about themselves and also to provide some useful technology, such as the development of "free energy". However, they would much prefer to do this after the major Governments have publicly made an announcement of their existence and also opened up their Secret UFO files to the general public.
In fact, the French Government has just recently promised to open its secret UFO files to researchers, and in March 2008 the British Government also announced plans to make its UFO documents available. The British documents, to be provided by the Ministry of Defense, feature the hundreds of documented UFO sightings gathered over the last 10 years across the UK.

There was convened on the 12th of February 2008 a secret United Nations Meeting involving Delegates of 28 major countries at the United Nations in New York. This was to discuss the increasing and unprecedented numbers of UFO sightings during the years of 2007 and 2008. Security around the meeting was intense: everyone was searched; pens, pins, key chain items were collected at the door and even Member's UN Security Cards were temporarily taken away. This meeting was attended by over 40 Representatives of 28 Member Countries. A document from the Galactic Federation was also circulated in the meeting in which a request was made that all the countries represented should make a full disclosure of their existence. The Galactic Federation would in return provide technology for generating new forms of "free energy". A debate then followed on how the UN might respond to this offer. A similar document was later sent by the Galactic Federation directly to the relevant Ministries of all the attending 28 Member States.

One of the greatest concerns by the Galactic Federation of Light since World War II has been to communicate a warning to our Scientific Community, and also to the major Governments, of the extreme danger of developing nuclear weapons. They were particularly concerned about our developing the Hydrogen Bomb. Hydrogen, they informed us, is a basic "living" element permeating all of our surrounding ethers, and a large scale use of Hydrogen bombs could set off a massive chain-reaction conflagration throughout the Ethers of Space as well as destroying our own Planet. In fact the Galactic Federation has since then been forced to intervene countless times to stop our setting off various nuclear devices within dangerous situations. They can do this by simply neutralizing them at their point of use.

Another major part of their mission has been to alert us of the impending "End Times" as being part of the end of a Major Universal Age. This they warned is going to result in some major "Earth Changes" on our planetary surface. In fact the ending of this two-hundred million year-long Grand Universal Age, is a time when all our Universes, Galaxies and Solar Systems are collectively destined to move up a step to a higher dimensional plane. This also coincides with our own Solar Ring and Milky Way Galaxy having just completed a long orbit around the Great Central Sun of the Universe, and also is the Zodiacal ending of Earth's own 2000 year-long Piscean Age. The Piscean Age commenced at the Birth of Christ, and will end on the 21st of December 2012 (as in the ancient Mayan Calendar), from which time will commence a new "Aquarian Age". This new Aquarian Age has long been prophesied as bringing Earth into a two thousand years "Golden Age of Peace".

There have been many other prophesies concerning these coming End-Times, such as to be found in the Bible's "Book of Revelations". These are mentioned in the Christian Bible as a "Final Day of Judgement" and the promised "Second Coming of Christ". A similar message has also been given in recent times by the growing number of Esoteric Schools of Higher Spiritual Knowledge, all of which confirm the coming of a "New Age".

Planet Earth, along with the other inhabited worlds of our Solar System, is thus about to make an "Ascension" up to a higher "Dimension" or vibrational plane. We on Earth will be moving up from our present dense physical "Third Dimension" vibrational level to the 5th Dimension, though briefly via the Fourth Dimension, whose borders many of us we have at this point already reached. The 4th Dimension was also up to recently the vibrational level upon which most of the inhabitants of our neighboring Planets lived. They themselves will also be also moving up to the Fifth Dimension alongside us. However, Earth's inhabitants, in jumping up two dimensional vibration levels in virtually one go, is an almost unprecedented event for any other known planetary civilisation.

Most of the advanced "Lightworkers" working and teaching down on Earth have themselves come down here as "Starseeds" from other Planets and Star Systems. Having already experienced living on higher Dimensions and more advanced worlds, an Ascension up to a higher plane will not be such a big jump for them. On the other hand, many of the younger Souls starting out on their long evolutionary Ascension on this "Seed Planet" of new Souls, may not yet be ready to make such a steep evolutionary jump, and may have to be lovingly relocated by the Galactic Federation to some of the other Solar Systems still capable of supporting a Third Dimension vibrational level.

Those of us able to make an Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension shall either be returning to the New Earth after a short period on the Galactic Federation Motherships or else have remained on Earth in a deep "sleep mode" induced by the Galactic Federation in a two to four year period of "Stasis" (suspended animation) during the more extreme Earth Changes. There will also be over a 100,000 Lightworkers taken up to the Motherships before the major Earth Changes commence for a planning and training period. They will then be returning to a rejuvenated and partially cleansed New Earth. From that time onwards the New Earth's Humanity will be co-working with our new Galactic Brothers to additionally clean up and beautify Planet Earth, so as to jointly create a beautiful new green "Garden of Eden" and also to further develop a new social way of life within what will then become a peaceful, compassionate and loving World.

However, before our Planet can fully move up to the 5th Dimensional Plane, it badly needs to go through a surface cleansing of the worst of the environmental detritus and destructive effects caused by its inhabitants in the past. This will initially be undertaken by the Galactic Federation's Forces whose technology can do this within a period of a couple of years or more. During this much needed major Planetary cleansing period, certain surface areas may need to go through some fairly major upheavals. Those Humans living in those areas and who are planning on making their an Ascension up to a Fifth-dimensional New Earth will be lifted off by the Galactic Federation's Scout Craft before any surface changes commence. Some will be taken up to the overhead Motherships and there will be others who through their own choice, will instead be taken down into the interior hollow "Inner Earth", the home of an existing Fifth-dimensional civilization named "Aghartha". This ancient civilization which has up to now not revealed itself to us surface dwellers, lives an advanced and almost perfect life within the hollow interior and the underside of Earth's 800 mile thick outer planetary crust. Here there is a pristine environment of verdant landscapes, rivers, lakes, crystal cities, all of which are illuminated by its own interior Sun which shines as the high-density crystalline core at the very center of Planet Earth. [More information on the Inner Earth is available at the link to "The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha" at the end of this Book II]

Those not at this time ready to make their Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension, will have to be relocated to another Third-dimensional World within another Solar System. There they will have to start on a new round of Third-dimensional physical evolution lasting at least 26,000 years until a new Galactic Age commences. Otherwise, those still firmly rooted in the lower Third Dimension vibration whose emotions and concentration on their own self-interest at the expense of others, would find themselves unable to stand the higher vibrations of the Fifth Dimension. They would experience intolerable discomfort and also not have a proper chance to learn their evolutionary lessons and overcome their many lower level desires and uncontrolled emotions.

Those of us wishing to move up to the Fifth Dimension therefore need to concentrate on changing our remaining motivations of pure self-interest expressed towards others, and usually undertaken at their expense. We need to learn to move away from our physical "survival-mode" of subjective concentration on our own self-interest, with its natural tendency towards competitive individualism and the domination of others. We need to embrace a new attitude of unselfish service to others without incorporating a subjective thought of personal gain. We will in future have to make a habit of expressing as much as possible Unconditional Love to all those around ourselves, combined with a total spirit of cooperation, mutual tolerance and an allowance for the faults within others.

We shall soon be acquiring a "Second Sun" within our Solar System. This will be through the ignition of the Planet Jupiter into a brighter "Nova" of Light. When this new energetic source of Light-energy is allowed to shine forth, it will cause a magnetic Pole Reversal on Earth, during which time Earth will come to a brief stop and reverse its direction of rotation. The Sun will then be rising in the West! This process will cause some fairly major surface changes as well as a possible five degree alteration of the Earth's Polar Axis. This will at the time set in motion some major earthquakes, extremely heavy winds, tidal waves, and floods.

That this has previously happened on Planet Earth in the past has been well-documented in geological studies, with entire continental landmasses either being submerged beneath the oceans, or raised up to become some of today's highest mountain ranges. Seashells and skeletons of fish have been found high up in the Himalayas and the Andes. The great plains of the USA from Mexico to Alaska are known to have been under the sea, and today's Eastern coast of America was the 'shore-line' of what are now the Appalachian Mountains. The North and South Poles have also been shown to have moved rapidly to new positions with evidence of dramatic surface and climatic changes. This aspect was first discovered in 1799, when frozen bodies of mammoths were unearthed in the tundra of Siberia, their stomachs containing freshly eaten grasses and leaves normally belonging to tropical regions thousands of miles to the South. Former tropical coral reefs have also been discovered as far north as Spitzbergen, within what is now the Polar Circle. Coal deposits found in Antarctica indicate that the area was once covered by equatorial forests.

We need to also become aware that Mother Earth/Gaia is herself a highly evolved Spirit ensouling the Planet. She now awaits impatiently for her long-desired Ascension up to the Fifth Dimension. She has up to now had to maintain a long and painful duty of supporting a lowly evolved combative and turbulent Humanity as part of her Celestial service "Contract". However, before she can Ascend, she needs to cleanse her Planetary Body of all the past pollution, damage and detritus that Humanity has accumulated on her surface. Her Planetary Body has reached such a complete ecological breakdown and disorder that she simply could not, or would not want to, move up to a more Ethereal density until it is thoroughly cleansed. The many areas of interior blasting within her crust and Humanity's increasing extraction of oil has also caused her much physical distress. Oil is in fact the very "life-blood" of her planetary body, part of the system that helps to lubricate the tectonic plates and thus help keep them properly locked together. An insufficient quantity of this substance at the intersection of two major continental plates resulted in the massive underwater Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami of December 2004. The Galactic Federation with their advanced technology will be helping Humanity undertake more of this restoration work on our return or awakening from Stasis.

Humanity at this time has to now undertake a process of erasing all past negative "Karma" before we can Ascend to the Fifth Dimension. We need to balance out all our past Karmaic debts with those that we have previously harmed and at the same time give forgiveness to those that we consider may have wronged us in the past. Many of those long repressed emotional hurts and historical grievances which have accumulated over thousands of incarnations held as deep scars within our DNA and our Soul's memory, now need to be brought to the surface, resolved and finally transmuted.

At this time we can indeed see much of this resolving of past Karma going on as a world-wide activity within the many settlings of past historical grievances. This is particularly visible in the present day conflicts within the Middle East, where we see the re-surfacing of the old Christian-Muslim conflict which was first generated, and never properly resolved, during the time of the Crusades.

In conjunction with the ending of the present major Universal Age, there is at this time being enacted by the Celestial Hierarchy a major removal within our Galaxy of all the Forces of Darkness. Most of this darkness came in from a particularly evil outside infestation of darkness originating in a totally corrupted Grand Universe Creation out in the Great Void. It infected the outer regions of our surrounding Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton millions of years ago and spread to our own Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon. Now, at last we are coming to an end of over 500 million years of this pervasive darkness which had so subtly infiltrated the outer areas of the "Realms of Light". It has left behind a scene of much destruction and damage, which is only now being thoroughly cleansed within our Galaxy by the Galactic Forces of Light. (more information on this at the end of Book I, in Chapter 10).

Since Planet Earth was put in "quarantine" over 200,000 years ago after the Lucifer Rebellion, it has had to undertake the function as a virtual "Prison Planet/Remand Center" for many of the most negative and destructive Beings within our Universe brought here for reform. Also, it had to fulfill its original role as a "Seed Planet" for young Souls starting out on their long Ascension and evolutionary path up from the Animal Kingdom. They have had learn how to control their as yet undeveloped animalistic emotional responses, which have a tendency to descend into violent conflict when conditions get difficult. By experiencing the many conflicts between each other they are eventually forced over time to evolve a deeper respect for the "sanctity of life", which will then allow them to move on up to higher worlds.

Planet Earth was at its creation within our Galaxy/Local Universe of Nebadon also given a role as an "Experimental Ecology Planet", in which new life forms and varieties of plant life were to be developed. All the diversity of biological life found throughout the Universe has at some time been brought here by the "Life Carriers" who have the job of physically creating new and improved life forms on a new experimental Ecology Planet. Also there were many of the original extraterrestrial Human settlers of Planet Earth who were brought here millions of year ago in the Motherships of the Galactic Federation as a specially selected team of volunteer "Celestial Gardeners". They came having made a solemn pledge to help in the development of new and better varieties of plant and animal life for this new Galactic Museum under a long-term "contract" to remain here as Stewards of Earth until a virtual "Garden of Eden" was finally established. Although they were eventually dragged down into lower and lower levels of dense 3rd Dimension physicality, and which was mainly caused by the various invasions by the Dark Forces within our Galaxy, they nevertheless maintained a Sacred Pledge to return here repeatedly until their job was finally done. Millions of years later, many are still here as the many ecologists who attempt to carry on the work of developing a yet more beautiful and diverse Planet.

This Planetary role as a Biological Showcase for the Galaxy explains the amazing rich variety of plant and animal life which we now enjoy. Our Planet is even now, despite Man's past destructive activities, considered by the other inhabited Worlds as being one of the most beautiful and green Water-Planets within the Galaxy. The future New Earth on the Fifth Dimension is destined to further develop this great wealth and variety of life to even greater heights, in which will be created a true Celestial "Garden of Eden", not only for our own enjoyment, but for the education and enjoyment of all the other Worlds who may be visiting us.

We shall also be a great center of learning through the Inner Earth's Great Library of Porthologos which has stored all the Akashic records for our whole Universe. This Library made up of a massive crystal-records collection was established millions of years ago and will become available not only to the New Earth surface inhabitants, but also to visitors from other worlds (for more information on this see the link to the "Inner Earth" at the end of this Book II).

Apart from co-creating with our Galactic friends a beautiful green new world, we will also be developing many new and improved social systems so as to become an exemplary “Showcase World” for the rest of the Galaxy and Grand Universe. The New Earth 5th dimensional inhabitants will have moved on from our previous inherent focus on pure "self-interest", to one of developing an enlightened attitude of: "serving others" for the benefit of the whole. We will demonstrate a loving and cooperative society, one which incorporates a deep respect for the integrity and rights of others. We will also have developed a stronger attitude of mutual respect of others, all governed by a central Political Principle which mandates "that we take all possible steps to avoid intruding into, or causing harm, to another Being". This Political Principle is encapsulated as requiring us to: "Do unto others only as you would have them do unto you".


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