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Some time ago some of us tried to let you know that the amount of Blogs you add per week seems a bit egoistical. You see, there are some discussions that we'd like to keep on going, but because you post so much, those discussions get to the bottom of the page really quick without giving people a chance.

I understand you are eager to share stuff with us but everybody should have a chance to have their posts being read and discussed on.

Sometimes you even post without allowing comments, so people are not even allowed to share their opinions on the matter.

Can I give you a suggestion?

Why don't you create a group called "STARSEED BLOG" or something like that, so within this group you can post as many blogs as you want per day and people would that are interested can be part of your Group and read all your blogs, in one place! You do post interesting articles and I, for one, would check out you blog now and again.

I think this is a nice and fair idea, don't you? This way you wouldn't be clogging up the main page Blog section and people would stop being upset because they will have a chance to be heard.

This should apply to anyone that post a lot.

What do you say?

Please consider this with love and respect for you fellow members of SoE.

Thank you very much.


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Comment by Lydia on February 27, 2011 at 1:45pm

Well, I am having a Blonde moment here I did scroll down before I wrote What I did

Sorry Still dont get it :(

going to do a hopnopooono here I am sorry Please forgive me Thank You and Love You ;o)

Comment by Lydia on February 27, 2011 at 1:11pm
What do you mean paTricia ? Not sure that is why am asking ?  :)
Comment by Lydia on February 27, 2011 at 12:11pm

I will gladly be of Assistance in Creating a New Group ~ I know You have Soo Much to Share that Actually Having a Group to have is a very Good Idea

I will Leave it Up to You Dear Claude What you wish to Name it :)))
However just so you know there already is a group called Starseeds sooo It may have to BE Maybe

Claude's Starseeds or Universal Starseeds ???

 ~ And as Shakespeares said ~ All is well that ends well ~
Now we can Continue in Our CoCreation and Create a World of Peace Love and Harmony ;o)

Comment by Claude on February 27, 2011 at 12:01pm

Your Welcome Simmy !:) Thank You Kindly

I look forward with amazing Soulful Lydia! :) in implementing a Empowering Group.

It's too easy to Relay Report Worlwide News..Events..Situations? Created False Flags?

Few Understand Intuitively Conceptually, and Know On the Highest Level..

What The Intent and Current Plan of the Controlled Media/Secret Government..

Anyone Can Find those Reports for themselves.

However It's Not Assisting in Awakening, Empowering..Enlightening Humanity..Now..

All Humans are Here on Gaia, Again, Re-incarnated Because of Ego Still Intact, with Residual Karma.

Namely their Own Self-Generated Energy Field..Their Package of Total Energies They Brought in With Them.

The love Humans Withhold Knowingly/Unknowingly Lifetime after Lifetime is the Pain They Now Carry?

Many News Reporters Everywhere Now..?

That will Never Get One Enlightened to a End Goal Ascension..

The Map of Conscious is A Powerful Tool of Self-Reference..

Under Our Thinking..All Thoughts is The Eternal Silence.

85% of the world is Below 200..? Ego per D.Hawkins..Very Indicative..

United We Grow Stand Eternally.!  Divided We Fall Endlessly..?

Here is an Fine Example  6 People Aligned Spiritually Meditating >

Is Equal to 36 People Together Energetically..! Wow...That is Powerful Collective..Simmy !


Behold God Within Stillness Now..Eternally In Deep Knowingness

Comment by Simmy on February 27, 2011 at 9:43am
Thank you everyone for sharing your opinions on this matter! :)
Comment by Simmy on February 27, 2011 at 9:43am

Thank you so much Starseed Claude for understanding what we've been trying to say.

I look forward to see your group set up and I expect an invitation to join.

You've asked about what group subjects...if I were you I would form a group like "Starseed Group" or something general, where you can add any subject you'd like to discuss or share.


Comment by Claude on February 27, 2011 at 9:29am

Thank You Wonderful Jim4Hope..for your Taking A Higher Road Comments/Share !

You are a Shining Example of Integrity..Brother..

I as well have learned very good things and insights from your shares. Thank you..!

I agree with your comment on feeling cheated by not hearing topics of>>>>

importance from your other brothers and sisters.

Map of Consciousness shows it all.


On another note,  There are some who's humor/wisdom, approach is welljust .... ?

it shows.... I'm laughing here..!

The Best Creative Humor/Wisdom One can Depict?  Very Unique, I must Say?

Well at least most understand, that there are Dis-Empowering Pics?

and Empowering Pictures ! with a good message and Intent with it, to Uplift Anyone..

All by personal Choice.>>

Obviously a Picture by Intent for All, Everyone to Register in Their Sub-Conscious/Unconscious Mind? Why?

Because Most Know All Pictures We as Humans See, and Show..? is Registered In Our Unconscious Mind.

Not Productive and Empowering to the Collective..! For We Are All One..! On The Highest Level !


God Bless You! and your life ! and Everyone On The Planet


Comment by JIM4HOPE on February 27, 2011 at 1:49am

I appreciate and thank Starseed for his want to share so much information I must say I have learned some things and am greatfull for from the things posted ,but I also feel cheated by not hearing topics of importance from my other brothers and sisters ,Be it known understanding is the best key to making this family of light workers adjust to each others special interest there is a video out that best discribes this it was way back a couple years ago when I first heard it the title I believe was -There are Three kinds of Lightworkers .I will try to find it if some else finds it post away LoL...

Comment by ૐ Daisy ૐ on February 26, 2011 at 11:30pm

thank you simmy for posting this constructive criticism.... i think its a wonderful idea.... on a side note just as a example so starseed can see this as i feel that anyone posting a super amount should do the blog idea :)


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Comment by Claude on February 26, 2011 at 11:19pm

Hello Divine Light Beings! All Of You...! Immortal Ones..

Yesssss! To All...I'm Gone..! (Humour)

I Mean DONE, NOW...! Effective Immediately..I hope you are All Smiling !

I Am.. In Unity..Unified Purpose

My sincere apologies for affecting the Continuity, The this Blog Area..Truly..


Simmy ! as CrystalClear Mentioned, Yes your request was done very Lovingly !:))

That is Equivalent to Reason/Love on The Map of Consciousness 400-500+ Wonderful You Simmy !

Love you for the Reaching Out, and Doing it that way..

That Touched Home..! All Events in life Happen for a Reason On A Higher Level !

Onward, Upward..

For the Better and the Highest of Good Everywhere..Especially SOE..

Patricia..You are quite the Light Being..! I'm Smiling Here..For the friendly joke shared with your friend!


That is my Always, to Inspire/Motivate and Empower All those Individuals

On Their Journey, who are Ready/Willing To Know Who They Are on the Deepest Level..

and Fully Connect With That Aspect of SELF.

Divinity ! I am Surrounded With Gold Light& Zero-Point Energy.

That is Who We are On the Highest Level..Pure Energy, Before We Came Into Physicality.

The Zero-Point Pendants/Wands Are Extraordinary.. To Have and Wear..

I will Create a Posts on that latter.


Trudy..! Wonderful Lovely You..!  Yes to your Comment..! I'm Excited About the Group Implementation.!

I love You All..You are All Beautiful Light Essences !

Lydiaaaaaa! You are Amazing as Usual..I agree with all your fine comments..! Unified Field..!

You are so Wonderful and Soul Touching..! Wow..Thank You..Deeply and All.


May I kindly Ask All of You?  What Group Subjects Are Needed Here, at SOE..

When We All Awaken...Transcend the Ego/Mind/Karma ~ The Collective is and Will Be Divine, like all of you..!

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