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Bumps along the road to ascension- the messiah complex

Divinity without compassion is worthless.

Hmmm. But isn't Divinity compassionate by nature, you say?

Yes. Of course it is. But as we move forward through the ascension process, the human form is awakening to the Divinity within- and in this, we are seeing all kinds of interesting blends of the divine essence as shown through the human paradigm.

There is one particular sticking point in the process I would like to address here. It is sometimes known as "the messiah complex".

Sometimes along our path, we are lucky enough to be shown a reflection of the divine within us. We, as human beings, are used to constructing a solid idea about our selves and who we are. We use all kinds of labels for this, and when we glimpse the Divine within, we can become dazzled by the beauty. Our mind grasps at this, what a wonderful thing it is to be so beautiful!! It immediately weaves a new idea of the self around this divine thing.

When we do that, it is the equivalent of taking one step and then stopping and turning to face the other direction. We enclose the Divine firmly within our ideas as we wrap our identity around it. Looking through this lense of newly contained Divinity, the flaws of others become obvious to us, and we need to point them out to protect the new and fragile idea of our self as Divine, all the while convincing ourselves that we are helping. People at this stage are the ones who tell us where we are going wrong. They use all the right words, and sometimes speak profound truths, but when delivered through the constructs of false identity, it serves to bolster their own idea of self, rather than to further the growth of the recipient. Delivered without compassion, these truths often hurt the ones they are given to. The underlying unspoken message behind them is "I am ok- you are not. See how beautiful I am? Do what I say and you will be beautiful too."

We have all come across this at some point or other. It is such a common sticking point, and we have all either experienced this from someone else, or will recognize it to some degree within ourselves.

Am I saying this is wrong or bad?


This is just human nature.

Is this hurtful and damaging?

Goodness, yes.

So what do we do with it?

This is where compassion comes in. If we do recognize this in ourselves, whether in past behaviour or present, we must go back to that moment of discovery. We must look at the revelation of Divinity again, but look this time with our hearts above our minds. True recognition of Divinity within manifests as a recognition of Divinity without- in other words, we only truly see our own Divinity when we recognize it in All others. Anything less than this is just a return to mental programming. From this recognition of the Divine Self in those around us, comes a flow of genuine compassion.

If we recognize this behaviour in another, compassion is the answer again. We cannot show them what we see, for to argue against their behaviour only serves as proof to them of their own Divinity and "rightness" ...because they are so misunderstood. Aligning ourselves with their points of veiw to win their admiration does not work either, it only reinforces their stuckness. Taking offence at their misguided efforts to help doesn't serve either us or them. Looking at just their behaviour, one may be tempted to call them self-righteous frauds, but we as observers have the ability to move the energy in which they have become stuck. It is for them to step out of it, of course, but we can help to make that choice more evident. The key to this - of course- is compassion. WE can choose the perspective in which we see their true Divinity... un-encased in paradigm. Holding this image, we can disconnect our own energy from that which they project, and simply hold their True Self in compassion. When we do this, it creates a field of potential around them in which they can grow safely. To engage them otherwise more firmly entrenches them because when we feel judged, it is human nature to withdraw further within our mental constructs. In compassion, there is no judgment. (I do not mean discernment here... which is not the same thing as judment)

Beloved Beings, you are, each and every one of you, such beautiful creatures, each discovering your own Divinity in your own way. My words I offer with love- for those who read them and see the meaning behind them, bless you. For those who read them and don't agree, bless you. Follow as always the wisdom within your own heart and if my words do not agree with you, please just ignore them.

Do not walk behind me, I might lead you astray. Do not walk in front of me. I will not follow. Walk beside me as far as your path allows, and together we will learn from each other.

Loving you all.


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