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First Contact- assisting in the shift of the collective paradigm

“First Contact”?

This message may or may not resonate with you. As with all things- please take from it ONLY that which agrees with your own inner wisdom. Feel free to ignore or reject anything which your heart does not embrace.

Beloved Children of the Light,

In recent years, much has been said about the possibility of First Contact. Many individuals across the planet (and on this site) are already in contact with extraterrestrial life forms, angels, and spirit guides and have been (telepathically) for some time. Yet the idea of a more “solid” form of third dimensional contact, one that enters the mass consciousness because it can be seen and touched, is something that many yearn for, and many others fear.

Last year there was a window of potential for this to occur, and it did not. There were many who waited for it and did not understand why it did not happen. Please know that those who are waiting to help humanity have not yet made themselves “visible” because humanity (in its collective consciousness) is still attached to fear. Had this kind of contact occurred last October, the fear it would have triggered in many would have outweighed the good it might have achieved.

Since that time, much has been done to unpick the framework of fear that has held humanity for so long. Each one of you who has examined your own fears, and released them have sent ripples out through all that is – and have helped to establish the framework for the New Earth, which is Love based rather than Fear based. Everything you do within your own heart vastly influences the collective consciousness. Every step you take towards Peace within your own heart has been a step for humanity as a whole. You shine brighter than you know.

Now we are being asked to take this one step further. Those who are waiting are saying that the time is near. Humanity is closer than ever before to being able to accept recognition in the collective consciousness of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Whether this occurs through what is considered “First Contact”, an actual physical interaction at this third dimensional level, or through disclosure, this shift in the collective paradigm is likely to occur soon. There are things that each of us can do to assist humanity in embracing this concept rather than fearing it.

Our attachments to the illusion of duality are an anchor which tie us to fear. Whenever we judge another, we solidify the illusion that they are “other” and the potential for redemption of form is cast aside. Emotions like self-righteousness, defensiveness and anger arise. These are the seeds of hatred born of fear. It is fear that is the opposite of Love. Hatred may only grow from this seed.

If we truly want to embrace that which cannot (yet) be seen, we are called now to notice the places of judgment within our own hearts and to yield to the Love within us. When we embrace what we consider to be darkness, something magical happens. The Light of Love transforms.

For those who have the courage to become a vessel of this Love, you are called now to service. In the dissolving of our ideas of self, our true Self is found. We are called now to step into our authentic power and release ourselves from the illusion as a living bridge for humanity.

That which is loved cannot be feared. When we know this with our Being (as opposed to knowing it with the mind) we not only free ourselves from the tyranny of Fear and the illusion of separation, but we instigate a wave of Freedom which ripples out from our hearts, touching everything around us. As a tiny drop in a pond ripples to the outer edges, so these ripples echo through All-that-Is.

We free others by freeing ourselves.

There are other races of being, from other star systems and galaxies who have technology which could assist us in stabilizing our earth and returning to a state of balance, but they respect our Free Will, and will not interact with the mass consciousness until we have mastered our fear.

Watching the daily news it may seem that we are too far entrenched in our fear to ever overcome it. Don’t look to the news, beloveds. That which glorifies the illusion draws us back into resistance of that which is. Look within your own hearts. See with the Love within you rather than through those little squishy balls in your head called eyes. Compared to the eyes of the heart, they are blind. Freedom for humanity is possible. And it is Time.

While there are those who may assist us, please remember that our earth is our own responsibility. Those who wish to serve in assistance come not as saviors or redeemers, but as friends.

Any of you who have been in telepathic communication with other races, if you are able to sustain contact and are willing to act to assist, please make your intention to serve –in any capacity which serves Love- known now. The intention to serve that which serves Love is important because there are still certain races who seek their own agendas which do not necessarily serve the greater good. These races are still enslaved by duality and some of them seek to deceive. Know that the wisdom of your own heart understands this- and cannot be deceived. Listen and speak in the language of living light, which flows from the heart, rather than communicating with the words in your mind. If you remain true to your own inner guidance, you cannot be controlled or deceived in any way. In all things- be led by your OWN hearts.

Including of course, the content of this message. Take it or reject it as your own heart dictates.

With deepest respect and gratitude,
Ananda (in cooperation with the Arcturian Alliance and the Glactic Federation of Light)

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Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on October 31, 2009 at 5:15am
Comment by Rebecca Shannon Ling on October 31, 2009 at 4:28am
ok this is a cue call for me. thank you antimorphic.

first contact/decloakings will be a reality. I've had information about this from my Sirian friends, which at first I chose to refuse to believe. But all these messages have been hitting me left, right and centre, its hard not to ignore them. LOL
Comment by Besimi on October 31, 2009 at 12:00am
Thanks Antimorphic :) Great post indeed.
Comment by simpleman on October 30, 2009 at 10:14pm
Wisdom without Love is seperation of oneself ;)

Great post, thank you Antimorphic.

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