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Benjamin:Western Royal families and illuminati to hold emergency summit meeting in Vienna

The royal families of the West and the secret Illuminati royalty are planning an
emergency summit meeting in Vienna, Austria, next month in order to come up with
a strategy to save their plan for a New World Order fascist world government,
according to a senior CIA source and a member of the Rothschild family.

The summit is being called because a global police and intelligence operation is
closing in on their leadership with multiple investigations on many levels. It
is hard to see how the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the
Trilateral commission and their secret rulers are going to escape these probes
unless they agree to surrender and promise to appear before a South African
style truth and reconciliation committee.

There are also now indications of a hidden force behind all the ongoing
financial war for control of the planet earth. The illuminati in Italy confirmed
they used astrology and the movements of the planets to make their long term
plans. They also said their rule was set to end on December 21st 2012. Many
unusual celestial events show they may be speaking the truth.

One big example was the blue moons seen at the end of 2009 and the beginning of
2010. There was a blue moon in the West that ended on December 31st and a blue
moon in Asia that started on January 1st. The moons were also, in case you saw
them, actually blue in color.

The coincidences between the Asian lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar
continued this year, for example with the coincidence of a full moon with the
Autumnal equinox this year. There are two other upcoming events that are of
interest most notably on December 21st of this year. On that date there will be
the Winter Solstice, a full moon and a full lunar eclipse (in Asia).

The other date is a full moon on March 19th of next year. This date is of
special importance to some Asian secret societies because it is the day the last
Ming emperor committed suicide (it also happens, by sheer coincidence, to be my

All of these and other coincidences indicate some sort of sophisticated
long-term social engineering. It is like the apocryphal story of Jesuits using
solar eclipses to convert various peoples to Christianity: "If you do not
convert, we will destroy the sun!" The point being made here is not necessarily
that we should obey the signs of the heavens but rather to realize that there
are some very powerful, secret forces at work.

An individual claiming to represent the "illuminati" has warned the White Dragon
Society that unless humanity gets its affairs into order by the Summer solstice
of 2011 (June 21st) vast mayhem and destruction will be unleashed on the planet.
This will include the setting off of all volcanoes on the Pacific "rim of fire."

In another move, the representatives of the Federal Reserve Board have been
demanding a meeting with Asian elders to discuss re-activating a top security
financial corridor that was shut down in 1994 following the collapse of the
Soviet Union. This corridor served as a neutral common financial transaction
pipeline between the West and the Soviet Union during the fake "cold war" era.

It was shut down because Western governments started using it to loot the
world's wealth following the collapse of the USSR. Hillary Clinton is also
expected to lobby for negotiations based on using this security pipeline.

However, the White Dragon Society and Asian elders believe that ongoing police
corruption investigations need to take their full course in order to make sure
the rot is completely removed from the old system before a new financial system
can begin.

The next move on that front is expected to be a Rico anti-organized crime
lawsuit against the owners of the Federal Reserve Board. This case, centering on
$1 trillion in funds illegally held by Daniele Dal Bosco and a group known as
the OITC is expected to be filed soon.
The OITC has been connected to the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations and
the Davos World Forum. In addition to stolen Dragon Family instruments, they
also have been trying to cash stolen German and Austrian bonds. Evidence has
also been uncovered that they have stolen money from many organizations and

Strange as it may all seem, the investigative trail is ultimately leading to an
ancient cult of worshippers of the God Set, also known as Ba'al, Molech, Lucifer
and Satan. They have been plotting for centuries to set up a New World Order
totalitarian world government.
To accomplish this, they were planning to murder 4 billion people through
starvation, disease and war. Once the scope of their crimes becomes known to the
brainwashed majority, there will be extreme fury and calls for revenge. Over 1
million of these Satanists have thus been secretly trying to find a country that
will shelter them.

So far, nobody is willing to take them and they will find themselves facing the
fury mainly of the American people. They will need to negotiate directly with
the White Dragon Society ASAP or else face inevitable painful death at the hands
of their victims.

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