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Fulford and Wilcock: Military `Coup’ to Purge Illuminist / NWO Elements?

David Wilcock commented on Benjamin Fulfords latest blog:

Comment by dwilcock on October 25, 2010 @ 11:17 pm

Hey everyone,

Ben and I discussed the idea that the Pentagon is now allying with Obama in the military `coup’ to purge Illuminist / NWO elements. We got more into this on the phone more than he did here.

This is a spectacular development because, as they correctly surmised, the people are far more likely to get behind something that preserves the perceived rule of law than the idea of a `benevolent’ military dictatorship. There is almost no way that anyone would stand behind this.

I was quite surprised when Ben told me this, but it’s really true.

My take on it is that the Pentagon brass assumed all the insider spin against Obama, cranking out in reams and reams by the opposition, is true.

I became aware of how manufactured it was because in the early days there were only three sources of anti-Obama articles on Rense’s website. These sources were so prolific that I know from personal experience no one person could write that much.

I wrote Jeff privately to tell him how obvious this was and heard back, through channels, that he did feel it was a team of insider individuals working through one person.

The whole nature of this attack campaign had a very improvised feeling to it — not at all like something that was planned in advance, but a desperate attempt to fight something they never thought they’d have to bother with.

I really wish more people were paying attention back then and noticed how obvious this was during the election year.

Anyway, Ben went to great lengths to tell me he was not an Obama fan but was just relaying information.

I feel that the Pentagon, once they actually broke through and had the conversation, found out that Obama was not anywhere near as `in the pocket’ of the loyal opposition as all the spin had led them to believe.

Once the Pentagon finishes its work, Ben reaffirmed on the phone that the technologies they claim to be ready to offer us include stargate / portal technology, free energy, gravity shielding, deep space probes, you name it. The Jetsons becomes Mom, Pop and Apple Pie, in one big announcement.

I again highly recommend you read my article in conjunction with what Ben is saying here.

He gave me permission to disclose everything we talked about, and I was frankly stunned to see him openly mention this mid-November announcement that is getting ready to be made.

He stressed in our call that this announcement had more to do with the real politics behind the scenes, involving the occult and who’s really running the show, and suppressed technology, rather than a UFO / ET disclosure.

However, I would bet that there will almost certainly be ET elements to it for the simple fact that the ET question is invariably and intimately connected with suppressed technology.

I’m going to post this text or some version of it in my site soon. In the meantime, here’s the existing piece, which covers things Ben hasn’t mentioned here that are very, very significant:

This is an extraordinarily exciting time. I think we’re very close!

- David

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Comment by Trudy on October 26, 2010 at 1:18pm
I read it yesterday and I read it today, and I am still surprised that real disclosure will come out of the corner of China, but then again consider that Obama is pushed back by his real boss, China may go ahead ...
Personally I had in the past much anger towards China ... concerning the Human Rights ... but lately I read a lot of China and I must say it honestly ... in the past while I let my anger go on and on, it put a veil over my eyes, but for what I know now is that China made a huge progress in developing the common life of the people by giving them more freedom ...

Tanks josev Namasté
Comment by tranceman on October 26, 2010 at 4:42am
nice post Jose. at the end of his latest blog, Wilcock states that he is working on another massive article!
Comment by ian on October 26, 2010 at 2:47am
i love david wilcock but its very strange he is "hooking up" with fulford. I always felt he was in it for the money and/or fame. One thing i give wilcock is he always speaks from the heart. Either that or a really good lire.
Comment by jose v on October 26, 2010 at 2:28am
Ok folks who have written the history books, you're about to get real busy! Think, what in the name of common sense did they put a black man in office, as all this crap is getting exploded? There ain't no 'accidents' or 'coincidences' out here. So don't be surprised, when he drops a series of bombs...including the fact that this government and others have been dealing with et's, like forever, now POOF 10/25/29
Comment by jose v on October 26, 2010 at 2:12am
I suggest, my fellow americans get a good grip, the facts are about to be dropped out here and butts will be puckering. They lied to us so bad, our history books have to be rewrittin, like the the first presidents of this country were black men...yea before george. It's ugly people and I've had more dropped on my head in the last few weeks, that it's going to take years for the people to recover from what they've been told and believed for years. Christopher didn't 'discover' america, the vatican was behind the whole crap. This is making the pope nervous and the queen worried, because all is being uncovered and neither want the facts exposed to the public...for obvious reasons.

Expect to be shocked when all is dropped. Much will be revealed. Maybe burlesconi will keep making racial remarks about obama considering the chinese that went thru northern italy that went thru there a few hundred years ago. Ok, I'm shutting my mouth. I got way too too much to say that would just be busting too much up of the status quo and that's not what I'm here to do.

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