The Earth is a material aspect of the Goddess, taken in sacrifice to allow this Humanity to dwell in evolution. This unselfish sacrifice has delayed Her own salvation to allow us to continue. The Karmic Lords limit such sacrifices, so that the date was set for Her Liberation in 2012.                                                                                           This was brought forward to happen on July 8th. 1964 in “The Primary Initiation of Earth”, in reaction due to the use of atomic bombs to destroy life. This entailed energy to be taken from the Sun in a great Metaphysical Operation in space.

This is described from the annals of "The Aetherius Society" of which I am a privileged member, and is on my website, www.kasselmain.com., and my book Metaphysics and The New Age.

Since this event the vibrations in the planet are being released in increasing amounts which she controls to allow those able to endure and remain.