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We Are All One By Tercy Logan ... And ... Lift In Love & Respond to Change In An Empowered Way...And...It's Time To Take An Honest Look At What Brings You Joy! By Ann Albers

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They Live In The Present By Tercy Logan

Many animals have ascended quickly in comparison with humans. One of the reasons is that they serve with uncomplicated joy. If you are cross with your dog, the next time it sees you, it wags its tail in joy, absolutely delighted to be with you again.

Animals’ hearts are wide open they do not process with the left brain. They live in the present, with the wisdom and Divine Feminine acceptance of the right brain.

Service with joy entails living in the heart, in the now, with total acceptance and simple wisdom. With every out-breath, you offer blessings and Grace.

Wish you a Great Day with lots of love & and light to all my Messengers of Light. Tercy

Video: "The Sun Goddess Amaterasu Transmission. Embracing A Higher Flow of Pure Grace" By Steve Nobel -

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The Divine feminine qualities of caring, empathy, wisdom healing, peace, love, kindness and nurturing are incredibly powerful. Each of these and many other feminine qualities can transform hard into soft, dissolve walls and open hearts in a way that masculine energies simply cannot.

Only when an awakened master has both feminine and masculine qualities in their armoury of tools are they allowed to access the deeper secrets of feminine wisdom. The ultimate secret of feminine wisdom is the secret of life itself.

Wish you a beautiful day with lots of love & light to all my Divine Souls. Tercy

Video: "Judy Satori's Joy Transmission" -*mxaylD6vPjKTCIOK1N6DXW66WEp8*zIxbg1QCql20ikectM0wzmpiG0UOvx*piBExb3NppJNmZH/allone.jpg

We Are All One By Tercy Logan

Each type of love, whether it is a mother’s love or the love between a husband and wife or partners, the love a child has for their parents, the love between friends or any other kind of heart connection, is signified by different sacred geometry within the heart chakra. But all are illuminated by golden-white light and the pale aquamarine of the Universal Angel Mary.

When a heart feels hurt for whatever reason, the sacred geometry of divine love within the pure white centre of the heart is distorted, depending on the nature of the original perceived wound.

Hurts are based on two egos in conflict in order to learn. At a soul level, the two have contracted for this to occur. No one can do anything to you without your soul agreement, and there are always many lessons involved. And the other person’s Higher self will be watching with love and compassion and total amity. The same applies even if the two people are strangers on Earth. We are all one at a soul level.

Wish you a wonderful Sunday with lots of love & light to all Messengers of Light. Tercy

Video: "Vlog 65 - Integrating Our Recalibrated Heart Flame" By Patricia Cota-Robles

Lift In Love & Respond to Change In An Empowered Way By Melanie Beckler

I've noticed a theme unfolding for many now (me included) and here's what it is:

How you respond to change or challenge has the opportunity to be updated now if you allow it.

You have or may be presented with some change or challenge in your reality and with it you may feel triggered to respond in an older or outdated way… (ie. with doubt, fear, or stress that is somehow related to an old, dark wound from your past)

But with presence and awareness you have the choice.

Do you repeat the old pattern, giving into fear and uncertainty?

Or do you notice old patterning beginning to play out and choose to pause the spiral of mind and fear so you can consciously choose to respond in an empowered way…

I'd recommend this second option!

Choose An Empowered Response

Breathe, step back and observe your situation from a higher level of your consciousness.

Choose to break free from the past so you can respond in an empowering new way in the present…

Release whatever fear, doubt, or stress may be arising over to the angels and into the light.

And then choose to respond to your present situation with love by consciously choosing to follow your joy, bliss, and the path of what truly delights and inspires you.

Know that you deserve the best of what life has to offer.


And any guilt, fear, doubt, shame, or worry that you're not deserving that comes up is doing so for you to release it.

Be willing to release the past to allow higher levels of light in!

Remember that choosing to move in the direction of joy and expansion will increase your light.

When past programmed responses surface and find yourself reacting in an old way - Pause. Step Back. Observe.

Reconnect with what you really want and with who you really are.

And remember that the Universe is conspiring with you and that the most benevolent outcomes are aligning for you on Divine Timing.

When you stay in alignment with love and joy you truly support the highest possibilities for your life.

Remember that you're not alone…Call in the help of your angels to release old energies… And remember that we together are holding the field of love, light, peace and balance around the planet!

Truly infinite levels of love and light are right here.

Choose to release the old, and let new levels of love in!

Lifting in Infinite Love channeled by Melanie Beckler

Greetings from the Council of Light, at this time, let yourself find a comfortable position to relax and shift your awareness inside.

Your personal team of guides and angels now assist you in drawing all of your energy into this present moment, bringing all your energy inside of your physical body here and now.

You may see this energy as a golden spiral of light around you… As energy that you’ve sent outside of yourself in the form of thoughts, left tied up in past situations, or drained by cord connections to other people returns to you now.

All energy that is yours, all of your light, your power, you authentic truth, your spirit, now returns to you in this present point in time, cleansed and purified.

Feel your vibration raise as you shift your awareness within and are now supported by your angels in reintegrating your power, truth, and light.

And now, still focused inside of yourself, focus on the area of your heart, letting the light you find therein, grow and expand.

We now stream a pillar of light consciousness, divine love and frequency all around you. See, or simply feel this column of light that is now surrounding your mind, spirit, your emotions, your body, and all that you are.

This column of light serves by flushing out stuck or stagnant energy, cleansing out that which no longer serves you, neutralizing limiting beliefs and negative thoughts within your field, so that in this moment, you can simply connect and experience Divine presence.

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Experience yourself lifting in the infinite love, and light that are pouring down from above and all around you.

Let this light pour down, in through the top of your head, filling your body, your every cell, every system of your body, and your entire energy, with divine love, light, and presence, with the energy of prime source, with light.

Let yourself be illuminated and let your vibration lift, as you now begin to shine brighter and brighter.

All your chakras are cleansed and elevated in vibration, united as one crystalline column of light along your spine.

You are now transformed, carbon into diamond light. Your physical being merged with this light and spirit, transformed into crystalline light, empowering you as a fully consciousness being.

As you draw more and more of this divine light and presence in, with every breath you take you are filling yourself with light. And as you exhale, sense the light flowing throughout your being.

So inhale light, and as you exhale, let the light expand through every facet of yourself. See yourself growing brighter, more vibrant, and more illuminated with each and every breath, bringing in source presence, light, and love, in this moment, here and now.

Notice now that your heart is vibrantly glowing, drawing in more and more love, expanding your awareness and expanding your love vibration.

Breathe and relax, for when you relax, you let more and more of this light and presence in, so you can rise above the levels of consciousness where you have felt there to be ceilings, so you can rise into your highest truth.

You are energetically expanding, consciously opening and embracing source presence, infinite love, radiant light now pouring into every cell. This is illuminating your direct link with source, that you have in every moment, and through stillness, through presence, through simply opening your heart and tuning in to source light, you are able to effortlessly expand yourself, and elevate your consciousness.

Through this, aligning with your highest potentials. Through this connection with infinite love, new creative ideas are realized, new opportunities are manifest, new positive potentials for your life experience are birthed, through simply lifting and shining in oneness and harmony with source light.

Feel your oneness with this light of Prime Source, this light of God that flows throughout and is connected with everything.

Feel this vastness expand in the moment, to shine as, to experience the fullness of, to lift in and to be illuminated by divine source, infinite love, radiant, crystalline light… That you are one with. And that through connecting with in this way, you can then share this infinite love by focusing on a loved one, a place on the planet, a situation unfolding, imagining light pouring into that place in time, that person, that location… Cleansing, elevating the light, restoring the connection with divine presence, higher spirit, source light and love.

And through these awakened lights, all switching on around the planet, through love blanketing a collective consciousness that is shifting. A collective consciousness that is going through growing pains, that is latching on to the old paradigm at times, and in certain places… In this moment, that state of consciousness is soothed, loved, with the light of source, the vibration of peace, the illuminated crystalline energy of the new paradigm that you radiate, and that when you do so consciously, can ripple out to positively touch, inspire, awaken, turn on, nurture, and light up all.

We support you in this, but you truly have all that you need. Your potential is vast, your power accessible, your consciousness expanding.

Step into the light of your highest self, the truth that you are one with source and with all, ready to fully embody this in this moment, in every moment. Shift into living as the spiritual light being in physical form that you authentically are, in the present moment. This makes a tremendous difference in your personal experience and in the vast realm of all.

You are able to do this through simply lifting in the light, bringing source light in, shining, being present, and standing in this full power of all that you are.

And we welcome this part of you, your fully ascended self into the halls of ascended masters. We’re in this higher vibrational state and we welcome you to lift into it also.

You are able to not only use this power and truth for your personal soul mastery, but as a living example of the radiant possibility for all beings on your ascending planet in this exciting time.

And you are merged with this, your ultimate truth, here and now, which means in every moment, you can reconnect with this light and energy. Remember how you got here, calling your energy back to you, drawing in the light of source and the divine, letting light illuminate your heart and radiate out beyond you.

Bring in the source light and let this, your highest soul light empowered through infinite love vibrantly glow.

We honor, celebrate, and uplift you.

We are one, and you are immensely loved and encouraged.

Continue and know that your light, your unique soul frequency is so needed now.

You are exactly who you are meant to be, to bring your highest soul love and light into the present moment. And this is exactly what you, what the earth, what the realm of all has, been waiting for, and it is always possible right here in this very moment now.

Draw in the light, shine as the love, as the creative spirit, as the light being, one with source and one with all, that you are.

Shine, glow, lift, and return to this space in connection with love. We are here to help when called upon, in any moment. And so, it is…

~The Council of Light… Channeled by Melanie Beckler


Video: "Ascension Meditation Of Crystalline Light" By Melanie Beckler

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It's Time To Take An Honest Look At What Brings You Joy ! By Ann Albers

Messages from the Angels

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

What is rising up inside of you is helping you find your way back to oceans of love, and changing the landscape of your hearts and lives as well. It is not a time to ignore what is rising up from your depths, but rather a time to explore those previously dormant feelings, desires, and dreams.

It is a very good time to "take inventory" of your minds, hearts, and lives. It is a good time to take an honest look, both within and without, to become clear about what behaviors, thoughts, people, and circumstances contribute to a loving and joyful experience of life vs. those which do not. 

All choices eventually lead you back to love... Why not pick the paths that allow you to experience it now?

Look at your lives now with great self-honesty. If you like, take time to reflect upon the following questions:

  • What thoughts about life bring me great joy?
  • What thoughts cause me pain?
  • What in my life brings me great joy? How can I do or be around more of that?
  • What in my life causes me pain? How can I shift out of that reality? Do I need to change my own thoughts? Do I need to speak up kindly? Do I need to move out of a situation that is no longer working?
  • What have I always wanted to try or do but have put off? How might I start taking steps to manifest those experiences?

Your lives, dear ones are in your own hands. However as your human saying goes, "If you do what you've always done, (and we would add, 'if you think what you've always thought'), you get what you've always got." 

It is time to evaluate both in our inner, and your outer world, and begin to make appropriate changes.

You need not grow through pain. If have the willingness, the courage, and the faith, to release what no longer supports your joy then, like lava laying down new land, you will have allowed your past to pave the way to a more beautiful and joyful future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
-- The Angels

Video: "June Solstice Angel Card Reading! Angel Messages for the week of June 17-23 2018"

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

I loved the energies that moved through this planet in May. If God was a woman, I'd say she just dumped out the contents of her purse to sort through them and, metaphorically, we're all doing the same!

I woke up shaking a few weeks ago, as I wrote in a prior newsletter, both in solidarity with the earth, and also knowing that I was shaking off old karmic bonds within my soul. After my Dancing with Angels class, and the gaze at the end, I felt a beautiful clarity about my life. I saw everyone and everything in it through the eyes of God. 

I also saw clearly, areas in my life where I was still not prioritizing my own work and dreams. Suddenly the angels' wisdom about putting myself first in order to greater serve the world, sunk in a bit deeper. I had to cancel several upcoming activities, pull my energies within and focus on my own projects.

I saw patterns in my choices that still caused me to put others' joy before my own. The angels constantly remind me that if we each handled our own joy, everyone would be joyful! After months of intense work, I'm taking a little time off to hike, get a massage, go deep within, and spend with friends.

I went on a mission to eradicate any unfulfilling or unhappy thoughts.Every time I had a negative thought I made myself think three positive ones. While we all feel justified at times, with our own unpleasant thinking, I would far rather focus on being happy than right!

There are times in our lives such as these when we realize we've haven't recently stopped to ask the angel's questions, "What thoughts, patterns, activities, etc., support my joy? Which do not?" 

Such self-honesty is not always easy. We have to take a new level of responsibility for our own joy. Instead of blaming others for our challenges, or our reactions, we have to take a look at why we allow behaviors that hurt. Instead of feeling victimized by life, we have to make changes. Nonetheless, the freedom you feel when you know you are no longer at the mercy of the outer world, is priceless! 

Sometimes I have to dump my purse upside down, sort through everything within, and reorganize it to make it work better for me. Sometimes we have to do that with our lives too!

Here are some pointers this week to help you take inventory, make healthy changes, and weather these catalytic energies with grace. 

1. Jump-Start Your Joy!

Get a piece of paper and list 100 thoughts that give you joy – thoughts of gratitude, thoughts of self worth, thoughts about your favorite ice cream, people you love, positive quotes and affirmations, etc. Put it where you can see it every morning, or read it when you're down.

I once kept a "Journal of Happy Thoughts" that I could open anytime I needed a burst of positive energy. I used bright markers to randomly jot down things I was grateful for, uplifting thoughts and quotes. The positive energy I put into it provided instant elevation every time I opened it!

Or if you're creatively inclined, create a "Joy Board." This is like a vision board. Cut out pictures and quotes that inspire joy every time you look at them and put it where you can see it every day.

While Joy is really an inside job, we can help it along by focusing on all that inspires us!

2. Replace Every Negative Thought with 3 Positive Ones

Every time you think a negative thought, replace it with three positive ones! 

If you can find positive thoughts on the same topic as the negative one, great. If not pick any three positive thoughts about anything!

Negative thought - My ex is a jerk!
Positive thoughts - I loved him/her at one time. He/she has many good qualities. I really have grown through this relationship.

Negative thought - (Fearful) I don't know how I'm going to pay my bills! 
Positive thoughts - I am grateful for what I have today. Something has always worked out. The universe supports me. I'm learning to have faith.

Negative thought - The world is a mess!
Positive thoughts - The roses are blooming. I have ice cream in the freezer. I have friends I love! 

While this might seem trite, contrived, and even ridiculous at times, you are rewiring your brain every time you consciously choose better thoughts, and therefore starting to take charge of your energy field and what it attracts

3. Slowly make changes in your life to bring more joy...

Is a relationship unsatisfying? How can you either spend less time in it, have a conversation that deepens it, or move away from it?

Are you engaged in activities out of duty or habit that aren't really in your heart? Get creative. Talk to friends for ideas. See how you can disengage.

Do you have something you've wanted to do but haven't yet? Start taking even the smallest steps. I just scheduled a massage and some down time. 

Even the smallest steps towards joy allow huge amounts of positive energy to filter into your life.

The energies a few weeks ago were cataclysmic, but ultimately they are moving us into a beautiful time of of greater love, greater joy, greater order, and greater peace! I hope you feel it!

Love you all! Have a blessed week!

Video: "Connect With Us In Your Divine Heart To Manifest Peace, Love, & Unity In Everyone !"

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