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Violet Flame Meditation By Melanie Beckler


Hey there,

Just wanted to send you this little reminder today...

To be sure to take some time today or tonight to simply tune into your inner light, because honestly, while the Eclipse energies are challenging for many, this is also a time where you can truly step into greater love, light and high vibrational experiences!

Part of expanding into higher levels of light involves letting go of the old and outdated which no longer serves...

So if you're feeling a bit shaken now and would like a little help releasing...

Of if you'd like to join me in transmuting negativity to support all of humanity...

Check out this free Violet Flame video (and text) channeling below.

With much Love & Gratitude,


Use This Violet Flame Channeled Message to Cleanse and Release All That No Longer Serves You

If you're not familiar with the violet flame, it’s a form of spiritual fire. It’s the violet flame of transmutation that clears negativity, density, and limiting thought patterns. It will even clear limiting beliefs from your mental, emotional, and spiritual being.

Archangel Metatron, Archangel Zadkiel, St. Germain, and Jesus are closely connected with the violet flame. They are on hand to help us experience the violet flame right here and now.

I invite you to join me in closing your eyes, taking a relaxing breath and shifting your awareness inside. I ask that we each be surrounded with divine light, with our teams of Guides and Angels.

Archangel Metatron, Zadkiel, St. Germain, and Jesus step forward to assist us in tuning into, experiencing, and receiving the benefit of the violet flame right here and now.


We are here and we merge our energy together to speak this message now & to extend to you this higher vibrational Light. Know that you are, indeed, in the presence of Angels and Guides of Light. You are, indeed, in the presence of Divine Love, Light, and the Energy of Transmutation.

Let yourself relax, for it is from this relaxed, inward-focused place that you are able to tune into higher vibrational light. Tune in and become aware of the violet flame appearing before you now. See, visualize, sense, and imagine the violet flame of transmutation appearing in front of you and beginning to move in all around you.

You may visualize or imagine this flame as being very bright, very large, or very tall. It contains the pure energy of source, divine light. It brightly burns in and around you, and in every electron, atom, & molecule in your entire being to cleanse and elevate your vibration, and to release, dissolve and remove from your energy lower vibrations of tension, density or negative emotion; to release and dissolve any lower vibrational entities, thought patterns, attachments, or implants which do not serve in your ultimate awakening.

Breathe and let your awareness focus upon the area of your heart, visualizing light glowing therein. Let the light then travel upward into your throat, opening and expanding and traveling upward more into your third eye, your mind’s eye, opening and expanding and traveling up into your crown, opening and expanding.

Surround Yourself with the Violet Flame

Now, let your awareness expand to tune into your oneness with the violet flame of transmutation. Call the Violet Flame to you now & let yourself merge with it & become one with it:


I now call upon the Violet Flame to surround me, to cleanse my energy, and elevate my vibration.

Know that when you speak these words silently or aloud, it is so. Let your level of awareness remain focused within as the violet flame brightly shines all around you.

Let it connect you with the higher realms of existence, with the higher levels of divine love by helping you to consciously expanded and release lower levels of emotion.

Release All that Does Not Serve You

Take a deep breath in as you begin to tune into any lower vibrational energy you are carrying. And as you exhale, let go and release all density, negativity, lower vibrational emotion, and fear based constructs. Breathe out and release all that no longer serves your highest interests into the light of the violet flame where it is released into the divine light, and so it is.

Video: "Violet Flame Meditation" By Melanie Beckler -

Relax and let the spiritual vibration of the violet flame replenish your energy body, returning pure divine light and source light into your mind, body and spirit. Imagine that you are lifting up in the violet flame, that it is elevating your light, cleansing you on every level.

You effortlessly shine brighter, more radiantly, more authentically, more in alignment with your truth as an awakened spiritual being in physical form. Shine your light, visualize the violet flame glowing brilliantly around you, transmuting lower levels, protecting you, elevating your vibration and reconnecting you with divine light.

With the violet flame all around you, expand your focus to tune into the collective consciousness of humanity. Surround humanity with the violet flame, transmuting fear and negativity, transmuting ego, judgment, pain. Release the lower levels of density, stagnant energy, fear-based constructs and the energy of manipulation into the light, into the divine. Let these lower vibrational energies go.

Video: "Spiritual Fire ....." By Melanie Beckler -

Gaia Light

Now, expand your awareness to tune into the earth, the light of Gaia. Surround Gaia with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, assisting her to cleanse and release that which no longer serves. Release tension, negativity, fear, and toxins into the light of the divine. Release into the light of the Violet Flame.

Visualize the Violet Flame of transmutation shining brightly around Gaia, around humanity, your city, home and self. Allow this visualization to help you be fully present in this moment here and now, free from the ego’s desire to focus on the future or dwell on the past. Rather, return your full awareness to the present where all of your power resides.

Tune into this through your open-heart. Dive into the heart and let your light expand and shine, knowing that we, Metatron, Zadkiel, St. Germain, Yeshua are here to support and serve in any moment. Invite us in and call upon the violet flame directly to transmute and release lower densities, so that your authentic brilliance and radiant light may once again vibrantly shine you as an individual, you as humanity, you as Gaia, you as the limited version of self you recognize, and you as the expanded version of Self that encompasses All, that is One with All That Is, and that you authentically are. We love you, we honor you, we bless you, and so it is.

Video: "The Violet Flame Consciousness Speaking & Flowing Through You Now !" By Natalie Glasson -

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