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THE PLANET ZERO - by Commander Ashtar Sheran. (future look of Earth ??? )



THE PLANET ZERO by Comander Ashtar Sheran

by Predrag Bracanovich on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 7:00pm




„This nice planet

is designated as planet Zero,

because of its special position

which was established by pseudocreators.


This planet was not incorporated into the Right Creation,

neither into the zone of expulsion;

it was curiously positioned:

the end justifies the means.


It does not have direct access

to the Right Creation or zone of expulsion,

in order that fallen angels – pseudocreators –

could control the mankind and perform experiments on terrestrials.


The pseudocreators isolated mankind

from the rest of Creation,

and therefore terrestrials did not reveal fraud

carried out for 7 000 000 years.


The pseudocreators pseudocreate the human race

as a tool against the scene

related to the primary Creator of everybody and everything,

and the Kingdom of Heaven, spirituality.


Targeted are mighty efficient puppets

who do not know anything about their origin;

with their assistance the pseudocreators want to conquer

the Creator’s Love, Wisdom and Truth.


This specific planet Earth

is very odd scene:

it pictures the truth and facts



Nowadays this planet Earth serves,

for many entities completing their mission,

as a spiritual battle field

penetrated by positive and negative energies.


The negative – from the Dark worlds

and the positive – from the Right worlds,

incompatible as far as their vibration is concerned,

are thus contraposed.


The planet Earth comports with that:

here was reflected accurate balance

of both kinds of energies,

apart from number of people.


Not only their behaviour,

mirroring the mission,

but also the solid surface,

both pleasant and wild one.


One half of the surface resembles

natural conditions of the Right nature,

the other half resembles deserts, rocks

and countries devastated by frosty weather.


One half of the terrestrial time

extends in blissful sun’s light,

at the other half takes turns

pitch darkness related to the zone of expulsion.


On every continent, in any nation, country

live people with loving mission,

and then the others,

who have chosen dislike, lie and foolishness.


Both of these kinds energies,

are mutually contrasting,

continually quizzically creating



The planet Zero always served

as a stage full of answers:

here is the Creator’s genius disputed

within the reconstruction in the external, physical reality !


The whole Right Creation waits for

full elicitation of the scene: how the puppets,

remotely controlled through the medium of machine,

pseudobuild glorious BABYLON.


It is built on the base of that EXTERNAL;

they do not care about the inner reality:

after all, what they do not see, that allegedly does not exist –

this is regarded as the right program !


Their abilities are degraded

to five and less percent,

so as not to get a glimpse of the truth;

they prefer to serve as obedient puppets.



This was transmitted to all through the medium of Ashtar Sheran’s heart of hearts.“

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Awww ! Predrag :):):) Great post indeed,bro.
I really like an Earth ,like this . Land mostly Equatorial, (temp 73-80 F) degrees.
Going North and South , healthy and clean oceans,up to 35-40 latitudes,and further lay glaciers of ice all the ...way to poles.
Earth to be straighted and not tilt as it is now,so we woulden't have seasons anymore, ..but only permanent spring-summer like wheather,with just right temperatures. ect ect :):):).
...I also have heard ,there are no clouds in 5D either. be it !!!.
Of course these conditions,would permit for a paradise on Earth.
I would really miss the cold weather. I would miss the beauty of the snow capped mountains, and the bareness of the grand canyon. Even the things created out of negativity have so much beauty. I would miss spring the most.
Yeahhh ! Vaddix ....I agree with You on that,indeed. Lot's of things would be missed,
....but if we have to give up something for ,that ''New Earth of much more'' ???? ,maybe that will be the way ,to it
......................... :):):) well ! Love You brother. I Enjoyed Your posts and discussions,for so long here at SoE.
You are wonderful guy,and I wish You all the goods bro.Namaste.

Vaddix said:
I would really miss the cold weather. I would miss the beauty of the snow capped mountains, and the bareness of the grand canyon. Even the things created out of negativity have so much beauty. I would miss spring the most.

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