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The Doorway To Your Soul By Shelly Dressel ... And ... Releasing Fear Of Divine Unification By Natalie Glasson...And...You Are The Miracle & The Light

The Doorway To Your Soul By Shelly Dressel & The

Goddess of Light

Shelly's Intro .....

Your soul is you through all your incarnations both on the earth and throughout the universe and omniverse. Therefore, it is massive!  You have the ability to create amazing change in your life by working with the consciousness of your soul.   

In all of these teleconferences, we move to the All That Is through your soul so that you constantly open the pathway from you to soul.  In this channel, we take it even deeper.

When you are in the All That Is, the Goddess creates a space where you deeply aligned within yourself in this lifetime.  From there it is as if you open a door to look at your soul consciousness. 

She asks you to consider a pattern or a problem that comes for you again and again.  Once you have that vibration, you can look at your soul and see if there is an alignment with other existence.  In other words, are problems that you  now have anchored in a past life?  We looked at several different experiences including people, the information you are seeking and potentials.

This channel is a way to clear the past, clear this life and open to new potentials.  Through it all, you are strengthening your alignment with your soul which creates greater balance and greater love.

Goddess Of Light Transmission .....

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As my energies flow within this group and into each one of you I can feel how we gather together as a group.

Nama sika, I am the one; Venia benya, I am the whole.

These words mean a great deal to each one of you. The more that you grow within yourself allowing your consciousness to expand, learning how to clear out what no longer serves you. Every time that you are able to really become conscious of who you are and what your life is in this now moment, you are affirming Nama sika, I am the one that is this person, I am the one that is this soul incarnated upon the earth. Venia benya, I am also a part of everyone else who comes together as this group. It is important that each one of you remembers you are not alone.

Take a deep breath in so that you may breathe down within you, letting that breath of energy and light move through you so that you may anchor once more within the earth.

As your energy connects with the earth it’s as if it spreads out in different directions.

Allow that energy of Gaia to flow back up within you. It moves through the energy bodies within your body and then send it out through the top of your head allowing it to flow upwards until you link with your higher self.  Here within this space take a moment to look around. Take a moment to experience your everyday activities as they are from this higher perspective.

Your higher self is that place where you can create what is taking place in your everyday life, where you can gather that new perspective as that is needed for your life. You then allow your consciousness to continue to stream upward, it continues to move until that thread of energy and light goes back into soul or back into source for who you are.

Feel as if you are merging with your divinity. For some it may be as if you can see your soul, for others, it’s just an energy that you feel. No matter how you open to this perception understand that, as your divinity you are immense. You are the unconditional love that is your soul that is you in this lifetime and in every other lifetime supporting you right now and always.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment and as our energies merge there is that movement or that shift that takes everyone into the All That Is.

As you move into the All That Is you will feel your energies expanding even further. I invite you to look around at this space.

Every time that we gather together it is a time of transformation. Sometimes they are very, very, very subtle transformations taking place and sometimes they are huge.

As you take in this space in front of you, I invite you to ask to know your soul essence as if you see your soul expanding in front of you with the intention that it might come to your awareness some of the other lifetimes that you have experienced. For most of you they are so many and they may be a blur, therefore ask to know if there is a lifetime that can be shown to you that is of benefit to you in this now moment.

For this this evening I ask that you feel as if you are opening up a doorway and through that doorway you’re able to look and see different experiences. Is there anything that has been going on within your life that seems to be a repeated pattern that comes up again and again?

As you think about this take a moment to consider, it happened and how did it look the first time in your life and then you shifted that situation, perhaps did some healing work and then you found yourself again and said, “Hmm, this either look exactly the same or the characters might be different but the energy is the same”.

Perhaps these two experiences are enough and perhaps some people have even more times than the trice that’s happened in their life, so I invite you to just connect with the energy of what that may be and how it looks in this life and now look through that door and ask to know, “where did this all begin or what is the foundation that is occurring in this lifetime, what do I need to know?”  

And as you ask that question and you are looking through this door at the potentials some of you see immediately where something comes up and you can as if you are watching it on a television you can see a lifetime playing out, others of you simply have a sense it was sometime in the past, it was sometime in the future. It was actually this life.

In this now moment as all of this is going through your consciousness, I ask you to let your energy flow through that doorway into the space of your soul and go back to when it all began.

As I say this some of you may have images, some of you may just get a feeling.

As you tap into the beginning whatsoever that may be, I invite you to then have a sense of connecting with that situation and if there are roots that were planted in other lifetime do as if you gather that energy and you’re bringing up those roots pulling it up by the roots ~whew~ and let that go.

In this lifetime you are clearing out, many, many, many past lifetimes. As you clear out the past then feel as your vibration, as your soul goes in that space with unconditional love and then moves through rolling through the rest of your divinity and coming up through you in this lifetime.

Take a deep breath in, feel unconditional love allowing it to move through you howsoever it may.

For some of you it feels as if that one time was complete, but for many others there is something still hooked in. So therefore take a look back through that doorway and as you consider relationships in this lifetime ask to know, are there relationships with either one or more individuals in your current life that is causing you frustration and as you look through that doorway at the expense of your soul, did it begin at another time? Are the roots in another lifetime?

Be it conscious or unconscious reach out to wherever those roots may be and as if you are pulling up those energy, pulling up the roots and everything just bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~, clear it out.

And as you clear out the energy between you and that individual, you feel the love wash through you from your divinity, it clears out those past lifetimes and it comes up into you in this now lifetime. Feel how love washes over you and if there is that sense that there are still cords within you have a sense of cutting those cords or pulling those cords from you ~whew~ let them go. As you do so even more of the love flows within you.

Is there a particular, I’m trying to think of the word, is there a particular trade or knowledge that has been an ideal for you in this lifetime, that you either been studying for, working towards but yet it seems as if there something missing. Look through that doorway and look at your divinity, ask to know, “have you looked at this before? Have you worked with this energy before? Do you have the answers already?” and as you do so, I’m seeing from many of you this like light that is illuminated within your divinity as if a part of you is standing up and saying “here I am, here is the knowledge that you seek” and then you reach out connecting with that vibration and it begins to flow into you. It flows within your heart center and it moves up and down through your body, in particular though if you are learning or seeking information, we invite it to move through your mental body so that this knowledge and this information will be readily available to you as you look for it in this life.

Take a deep breath in.

Feel the presence that is you.  For so long people have looked to God or other leaders as being huge and expansive as they are, however, you are too. You are just as huge as the Angels. You are just as huge as God and Goddess. We are here in support of you to help you understand who you are, to see what this experience is for you. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

As you open to this understanding of yourself as soul, then open to understand yourself in your everyday life. Ask yourself the question, why do I do and you can fill in the answer and in this space you may immediately get a response or you may see, sense or feel like this vibrational pattern that emerges around you. As you look at your life and you think, “Why am I so stuck? Why am I doing this again and again? So first of all, we just cleared a lot of that, however if that pattern is still within and around you then you may see it as this pattern, ~whew~ clear it out.

It’s a good idea to clean house from time to time. As you allow your focus to once more come back within you then again feel that flow of the energy and the light as it is moving through you.

Feel your expansion, feel your balance, understand that you are this person living this life with all your experiences, understand that you are also this massive soul energy that is here present for you, filling you with unconditional love and giving you a place where you can clear out or enhance as it supports you.

To read the full transcript or watch the video of Shelly's transmission - click on:

Video - "Judy Satori's Past Life Meditation" -


Releasing Fear Of Divine Unification By Natalie Glasson &

The Andromedans

Message From The Andromedans .....

Beloved light essence upon the Earth, we are the Andromedans, from the Andromedan Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. You may label us as extra-terrestrial beings; however, we are the light and Creator essence the same as you. We are currently supporting and overseeing the service of all experiencing a deep oneness and contentment in their unite with the Creator.

In the vibration of oneness, a great volume of freedom is experienced. Everything that seemed important, essential and of great value simply falls away and one can feel a true resonance within, and a greater experience of expansion. With and within the presence of unity it can be as if one shifts from their current dimension into a different dimension vibration, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while remaining present in their current reality.

As a being on the Earth you are able to link into the vibration and flowing current of the Creator's light that pours through your being. With the experience and acceptance of oneness you can experience the flowing current of the Creator and its entire network and wealth of presence. We encourage the vibration of oneness because we know it can bring to your being the contentment and bliss you seek to experience.

If you can imagine the Creator as a vast and expansive nourishment supply, as soon as you connect into this supply you are able to allow the nourishment to flow throughout your being eternally. You will never want or need for anything else to support your existence because all that is required will be naturally flowing throughout your being.

Our desire to create oneness is connected to bringing the aspects of the Creator together in union and harmony. You are aware of rifts and separation that occurs on the Earth, this can also occur within the Creator's universe. We are all aspects of the Creator, all wishing to understand, learn and grow, which sometimes means that a certain aspect of disharmony can manifest in order for harmony to reign.

Often disharmony manifests due to fear especially fear of the unknown, unidentified and unfamiliar. Fear can also manifest because of a feeling of insecurity, being unsupported or lack of control. With the vibration of oneness, you are able to erase all of these feelings, existing in love within the vibration of love, even if you are alone in your experience or reality.

It is often that connection or entering into unknown energies or unfamiliar experiences cause a person to activate fear or withdraw their attention ignoring their divine powerful presence within. We, the Andromedans wish to assist many souls incarnate on the Earth and the inner planes to overcome their fears of the unknown, unfamiliar and unidentified in connection with the Creator.

As a being incarnate upon the Earth it is your purpose to embody the Creator, more so to realise you are already an embodiment of the Creator. To release any underlying or unconscious fear of the Creator allows you to access a full realisation of the divine flow of the Creator moving continuously through you. 

The Creator

It is true that you are unable to perceive the Creator completely, especially if you are in a physical body and experience the facade of separation. The Creator, when you observe with your mind or your intellect is an unknown energy and a vibration that can be difficult to interpret or even put into words.

The Creator appears to be unknown, unfamiliar and undefinable and yet there is something within you that drives you to seek a closer union with the Creator, even though you are not completely certain with what you are uniting.

A personal picture or explanation can form within the mind to allow you to focus and give a personality to the Creator, even when there is no personality present. A personal description may not hold the complete truth, although it does offer a source of guidance and centralised focus for you to concentrate upon.

In a reality when everything has a form, label and a purpose it can be unthinkable that an energy source which has none of these could be your original essence, your truth and that which you derive from. You are told that all you are experiencing, however solid, is a mirror and a creation from within your being. Reality is therefore an illusion.

Instead you are being asked to focus upon something that you cannot grasp, truly understand or categorise. In truth that is the key to experiencing a resonance and oneness with the Creator, it is the moment of surrender.

Video - "Releasing The Fear of Divine Unification By The Andromedans" Via Natalie Glasson -

To Surrender

If you can imagine that you are holding onto and truly believing in all that is your solid and physical reality, then you decide to inhale deeply letting go of your attachment to your reality as you exhale, this is to allow yourself to surrender. In that moment before you surrender you may find fear of the unknown.

As you breathe through the fear and accept the process of surrendering you will find peace. Belief in the unknown in itself is an illusion; you are more familiar with the vibration of the Creator than you are the physical reality. Fear of the unknown is only a result of distrust in the constant and eternal support of the Creator.

When you believe that the Creator is within you and supports you constantly then there is no need to activate fears as you are aware and have a deep knowingness that you are always provided for in all and every way. It is your belief in your physical reality and your lack of belief in the Creator that causes fear of the unknown. You may recognise that similar fears manifest within your physical experiences, this is to assist you in overcoming your fear of surrendering into the Creator and all that is the Creator.

Allow yourself to observe your reality; are you fearful of change, are you distrusting of people, do you feel you need to control your reality, are you unable to open your mind to there being something more than the Earth? Observe your small fears in your daily life, once recognised, these will give you the opportunity to surrender to the Creator which is actually to realise and accept that you are always provided for and eternally supported.

Surrendering is to accept that you are always provided for and supported.

Recognising the Creator as love is the easiest way to perceive the Creator.


You are Never in Control and are Always the Creator

Many people fear love because again it is to trust almost beyond yourself in something that cannot be defined, grasped or touched. It is the alterations of your being and the expansion or freedom that you may experience that brings up fear, also the experience of not being in control.

Are you ready to realise that you have never had control over your reality and experiences and yet you have always been the creator of your reality and experiences? Control and creation are different expressions, when you control something you limit it and believe that you hold the most appropriate knowledge.

When you create you manifest from the power, the essence, the truth within your being, connected to a freely flowing current of the Creator's vibration and abundance that is always provided to you and will never ever be taken away from you.

It is important to realise if you are fearful of letting go of control or the unknown transitions that may occur, simply allow yourself to exist in and as the love of the Creator. Love will be all you attract and create, then experiencing amplified love within your being and reality becomes inevitable.

How this love manifests maybe unknown but it becomes an exciting journey of wonderful experiences, being guided and supported within every moment of your reality.

It is now time to dissolve illusions of fear and separation as they no longer serve you as you continue to embrace all that is the Creator. I wish to invite you during your meditation time or in your sleep state to invite us the Andromedans to support you in dissolving fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering, as well as any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator.

Now is the time to allow yourself the greatest gift of being at one with the Creator with every breath that you inhale and exhale. Before your meditation or sleep time say:

‘Andromedans, I call upon your support and presence, please work with my energy as you allow your light to flow over and through my being, dissolving, healing and releasing fears of the unknown, of change and of surrendering and any other fears connected to oneness with the Creator.

I accept as a gift from myself the reality of being at one with the Creator with every breath that I inhale and exhale. Thank you.’

Allow yourself time to experience the energies, to observe any shifts and realisation that may surface and focus upon your oneness with the Creator.

We are here to support you in this most important healing process,


Free audio download of Natalie Message -

Video - "Experience Your Infinite Love & Light Self By Melanie Beckler"

You Are The Miracle & The Light By Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message To Lightworkers On August 5, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are happy to have this time to speak with you today.

We see that many of you are understandably reacting with sadness to the sudden loss of life in several places in the United States where there have been recent outbreaks of violence. 

And we wish to say that the weapons used in those events are mainly a tool of desperation used by a lost spirit.

There will come a time when all forms of weaponry are considered unnecessary and unnatural.

That will occur because consciousness has risen to a place where no violence is ever deemed necessary or preferable to a peaceful expression of calm and normalcy.

That can appear impossible, in the case of those who are so mentally ill and so controlled by dark entities that they have no inner rudder to guide them to calm and sensible words and actions.

Those forms of inner direction and inner balance have been denied them, because they are in a state of very serious inner imbalance, and because gun worship in the United States exists in its own matrix, as an energetic network that draws in those who are full of the desire for protection, or who seek a dark form of excitement, and sometimes, revenge upon those whom they blame for various social ills.

If you could see your lives as we do, you would see the many energy cords connecting each of you to ideas, people (living or dead), entities, Angels, economic and political systems, and other networks.

You would realize how your life energies have been (sometimes with, sometimes without your prior knowledge or permission) piped into those systems to feed them etherically. 

Yet in this new era, the powerful Light coming into the planet now is disconnecting you from those systems, as many of you are consciously disconnecting yourselves from them.

And so a clear line is being drawn between those who are so hopelessly given over to the dark that they have no clear thought or reasoning capability of their own, and those who are progressively awakening to the many energetic traps and forms of entrainment that exist to control every human on the planet.

We would encourage you to step back from feelings of anger against those who have been encouraging racial divisiveness and xenophobic beliefs in the US and elsewhere, though that reaction may seem logical in the face of attacks that may be traced back to those beliefs.

To give way to rage and resistance now would be to play into the hands of those who plan and enact these crimes and many others, including the illegal and unjust imprisonment of innocent people.

These persons are mainly unseen; they are not the politicians who show up in front of the television cameras and speak of holding “thoughts and prayers” for those who have lost loved ones.

They stand behind the newsmakers, and they make the decisions that guide them.

You stand with the higher Light, dear friends, and believe it or not, that makes you far more powerful than any of the old regime that once ran the Earth and Her outer realities.

And so, as representatives of the higher Light, stand apart from these events and even your own emotional reactions, even as you flow Love to those who are in shock and grief now.

We grieve with you; many of us in this Collective have lived Earth lives, and remember the experience of sudden and traumatic loss, and it is not to be taken lightly.

Yet as you flowing loving, healing energies to those who have lost loved ones, and as you flow higher Light to those making their transition—some of them, not quite sure at first what has happened—you rise out of the prepared network of assigned Action/Reaction responses.

You flow well above that system, and send Love and compassion to all involved: those offering hate speech, those carrying out dense actions, those who have lost, and those who stand on the side, viewing these words, behaviors, and situations.

Video - "Judy Satori's UltraLight Rose Frequency Transmission"

In that moment, you flow Love and compassion to yourself as well.

Love for all those moments when you realized you’d made a “mistake” and set yourself back in some way emotionally, financially, socially, physically.

Love for those moments that highlight what you call your weaknesses or lack of abilty.

Love for all those moments when you felt your Love for someone was simply not enough, and the sadness that followed.

Love for all the times life made no sense, and you knew you had to carry on anyway, though part of your spirit was thousands of miles away, trying to guard a loved one at war, or a group of people who were suffering badly.

And Love for a country long ago broken in promise and intention, as it permitted and enacted two and a half centuries of slavery and the annihilation of many millions of Native peoples.

Is there healing, even for such a place, whose natural beauty is undeniable, and whose people are by and large wanting only Peace, and a safe place in which to raise their children?

Most assuredly, friends! That healed and united nation exists on a probable timeline. 

It is your choice entirely (and no one else’s) to rebirth that which St Germain and the late 18th century Founders intended in those Philadelphia days when so much was being decided and set down onto paper.

We would say, that both Life and Liberty still await you, still call to you, still beg you to hear them and know that they are within your grasp.

And that anger and heavy-handed reaction and accusation will not get you there—more division, in other words, which will only breed more anger and loss.

And so we would say, You have within you the strength to forgive and to release those influences that are hampering your growth, healing, and renewal as a people.

You have within you the ingenuity and power to create the healing of the psyche and spirit of your nation, her land, and your peoplehood, and to begin again.

This is what NESARA stands for, and this is what you must begin now to birth in your heart-minds, regardless of what madness appears before you, and how often.

Understand that in this holographic Universe, all appearance is constantly changing. 

And that you are able to create Peace if that is the predominant image and preference you carry in your collective energies.

Your carrying Peace, equality, Love and respect for all beings, regardless of whose team they appear to be playing on, can only breed more of the same outwardly.

All of you, beacons and transmitters of the most powerful forms of Light in this Universe, can then only build more positive indications of the unveiling fifth dimensional energies now anchoring on this planet.

And how are they anchoring themselves, even in the midst of shock and loss?

Through you, dear ones! 

You are the miracle you have waited for. You need no savior to come down and gather you all up to safety.

You are already here.

And so, do the work you came to do—and yes, it is mainly heart-based and energetic, expressed naturally in outer ways throughout your day.

In this, which we know you to be fully capable of, we honor and thank you for your courage, and as always, we are ever by your side.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

Video - "Transforming a Situation Meditation: Shifting Your Reality Into a Higher Light" By Steve Nobel -


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