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The Core of Your Inner Sadness By Natalie Glasson ... And ...Exploring the Twelve Rays of Light of the Creator...And...7 Simple Solstice Rituals By Melanie Beckler

Today, I, Master Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Light, wish to speak with you about the energy of sadness within your being. Recognising and healing your inner sadness is an aspect of your own spiritual evolution aiding you in accessing the mastery within your being.

Your inner sadness may feel personal to you as if it is a result of your circumstances and journey upon the Earth. You may recognise your inner sadness as being your constant companion, or that it exists in the distance visiting you now and then. To you, your inner sadness may be due to an experience of lack in your reality, or unfulfilled desires and dreams.

Along with sadness there is suffering, as when you are experiencing energies and a mindset of sadness you are causing yourself suffering. It can be that experiencing suffering caused by another to you may also allow your inner sadness to bubble up into your conscious awareness and physical body. There are seemingly numerous causes for inner sadness to be your companion, I, Master Hilarion, wish to discuss your inner sadness with you while bringing forth liberation and freedom from the pain of sadness.

Humanity’s Collective Sadness

Throughout the many civilisations and lifetimes that have manifested upon the Earth, humanity has experienced so many different situations. While most situations, even if they are challenging, bring growth and renewal to the soul, they can leave scars within the consciousness of humanity. 

Experiences of fear, being limited or controlled, hurt or wounded, manipulated and so forth, can remain as pockets of energy within the consciousness of humanity. These pockets of energy seem stagnant as if they are creating blockages. However, they are active and growing because humanity is constantly adding their energy to them. These pockets of limiting active energy weigh heavy on all beings upon the Earth.

All of humanity is connected to a source of energy which is akin to a library of all thoughts and feelings experienced by humans upon the Earth. This is known as the Consciousness of Humanity. Within the Consciousness of Humanity is the energy of ascension, the truth of the Creator, as well as the greatest possibilities and opportunities for humanity.

The Consciousness of Humanity is constantly changing and transforming, becoming lighter and brighter as old limiting energies of disharmony are being released and healed. It is the limiting energies created by humanity and stored within the consciousness of humanity which can create inner sadness within your being at this very moment.

You can access the Consciousness of Humanity and do so all the time. This means that you can connect into, often without realising, the darkness or pain that others have experienced. All of humanity is linked and connected, akin to one body in numerous parts; this means that the pain and darkness of others can be adopted as your own, again without you realising it. (This is often when people believe they have attachments, it is because they are connecting with the pain or disharmony within the Consciousness of Humanity, it resonates with them so deeply that it becomes a part of them as if living alongside them.)

Much of your sadness is accessed from the pockets of limiting energy and disharmony within the Consciousness of Humanity. Often your sadness is not your own, or it can be your creation from another lifetime amplified.

The Greatest Sadness

The core of your sadness and the sadness all feel extends from a simple illusion. The illusion is a belief in separation. When the Creator created your Soul Group, there appears to be an experience of separation, this is the same for all Soul Groups. When you enrolled in the Earth School, you may also have experienced a separation, feeling alienated and separate from the inner planes, your divine remembrance of self and the Creator, and your mighty power. We cannot say as to whether your experiences of separation were imprinted into your being after the event or were your natural reactions of being propelled into a journey of exploring the truth of the Creator.

I, Master Hilarion, believe that all experiences of sadness whether they bubble from within or are instigated by an experience in your reality are born from this original illusion of separation. I use the word ‘illusion,’ because all beings are constantly connected, united in energy and consciousness.

Separation is an illusion or an imaginary story that all rerun to themselves. Every soul knows deep within their being there is only unity and, yet many experience the pain of separation. Sadness and separation are the same energy and I, Master Hilarion, know they are heavy weights and all-consuming wounds that create chaos and upset on such a deep soul level. The pain and suffering this illusion causes cannot be denied.

Healing Humanity’s Sadness

When light and love is of greater percentage within the Consciousness of Humanity, inner wounds held within your being and energies of separation will no longer be energised. Firstly, there is a need to imagine the Consciousness of Humanity as a source of energy, send your light and love through the source. Anchor the light and love of the Creator and all within the Universe of the Creator, encourage energies to flow, thus dissolving the pockets of limitations and disharmony.

Secondly hold the intention for the Consciousness of Humanity to be realigned and reconnected with the Consciousness of the Creator, thus allowing all of humanity to be embraced in the energy of the Creator, feeling and accepting the support and love of the Creator. This will release from the Consciousness of Humanity the belief in separation that many are holding onto.

As you work to achieve this, calling upon my energy, Master Hilarion, to be your companion, so you will experience a liberation within your being. You will notice that any feelings of sadness, separation or limiting energies will not feel as empowered within your being, and therefore will not have such a powerful hold over your energy. When many souls upon the Earth achieve the same, it will create a shift in the experiences of all upon the Earth. As more people create from love and positivity so this will become the reality they experience.

Healing Your Inner Experience of Sadness

To support your healing of your inner sadness, there is a need to recognise that experiences and feelings of separation are often the core of sadness. With this realisation, you can allow yourself to sink through, almost below the energy of sadness you are experiencing to access its core.

As you allow yourself to sink through your sadness as if you are melting through clouds, you may recognise many memories or insights which seem to be the core of your sadness, each one allows healing and directs you upon a pathway to the true core of your sadness. Examples of these insights or memories may be remembering feelings of lack of power, fear, pain, shame, being attacked, controlled and so forth.

Each has been created by your core feelings of separation and therefore each need to be recognised, acknowledged and released in order for you to access the truth within you. It can be advisable to ask within your being to be guided to your inner core of sadness and separation. Often this is hidden from your awareness because it holds and instigates too much pain and suffering.

As you ask within, so you will receive the understanding and healing you desire. Please be aware it may take a few meditations focused on this matter to allow yourself to dissolve your inner core of separation. The insights you gain along the pathway are akin to your story and journey to regaining and re-accessing your natural unity and oneness with all, and all that is the Creator. Each aspect of the story of your inner wounds, illusions and experiences of separation are valuable and are an important part of your liberation.

I am present to be of service,

Master Hilarion

Sacred School of OmNa

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Twelve Rays of Light

Exploring the Twelve Rays of Light of the Creator By Natalie Glasson

Each of the Twelve Rays of Light are aspects of the Creator’s Consciousness, they represent qualities of the sacred source to support us in resonating and unifying our energies more fully with the Creator and our inner truth. The Twelve Rays of Light originate from the Core of the Creator as invisible light, as these rays move through the dimensions becoming closer to the Earth, the colours of the rays become brighter and more vivid. This is due to the slower speed of energy upon the Earth which supports the manifestation of physical form. The Rays are available to us eternally supporting us in every aspect of our physical and spiritual realities.

Each Ray of Light has a Chohan or overseer, an ashram or sacred space on the inner planes, is represented by a colour and enhances specific qualities within your being. Our purpose is to merge with all Rays as this will symbolise our unification and greater understanding of ourselves as an expression of the Creator. Many people describe the Rays of Light in different and diverse ways, the Creator is expansive and cannot truly experience separation and yet these rays allow us to identify with the Creator. Due to the expansive nature of the Creator, each person can perceive the Rays in different ways because of their unique prospects and the focus of their soul’s journey.


The below invocation can be used to support integration with a specific Ray:

Protected and guided by my angels and spirit guides, I invoke the energy, wisdom and positive qualities of the (Number) Ray of Light to flow through every aspect of my being and to assist me in my life today. I invoke the Chohan of this Ray (Name) to oversee the light entering into my being, ensuring I absorb the perfect amount and intensity to assist me in my current spiritual growth process on the Earth. Allow me to understand the qualities and influences of this Ray so I may integrate its energy deeper within my being. Thank you.’

When wishing to work with the Rays of Light allow yourself to be guided or follow your intuition as to which ray you feel most attracted to. You can also examine the qualities of each Ray noticing if there are any quality of the Creator you wish to enhance or activate within your being.

The first three Rays are classed as the foremost or primary expressions of the Creator, it is from the first three that the others extend.



1st Ray of Light 

Colour: Red

Chohan: Master El Morya  (Overseen by the Manu Allah Gobi)

Archangel Representative: Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

Qualities: Exploration and anchoring of the Divine Will and Divine Plan of the Creator, discovery and acceptance of power, enhanced courage, determination and manifesting the light of the Creator into action.

Purpose: Enacting and existing as the Divine Will of the Creator.


2nd Ray of Light Master Joshua

2nd Ray of Light

Colour: Blue

Chohan: Master Joshua previously Joshua David Stone (Overseen by Lord Maitreya)

Archangel Representative: Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Christine

Qualities: Through the embodiment of love sacred and divine wisdom or inspiration is born.

Purpose: Embodying and Existing as the unconditional love of the Creator.


3rd Ray of Light

Colour: Yellow

Chohan: Master Serapis Bey (Overseen by the Mahachohan St Germain)

Archangel Representative: Archangel Chamuel and Archangel Charity

Qualities: Promotes and supports active intelligence and mental clarity, aids the exploration and mastery of manifestation at a physical level as well as enhancing discipline especially in spiritual teachings.

Purpose: Mastery of the mind and understanding energy.


The next four Rays are understood as extensions of the third Ray, as this energy supports manifestation of all aspects and forms of the Creator. Each Chohan is overseen by the Mahachohan St Germain.


4th Ray of Light

Colour: Green

Chohan: Master Paul the Venetian

Archangel Representative: Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope

Qualities: Promotion, exploration and expression of creativity, beauty, the art of all forms, harmony and balance.

Purpose: Expression of the Creator.


5th Ray of Light

Colour: Orange

Chohan: Master Hilarion

Archangel Representative: Archangel Raphael and Archangel Mary

Qualities: Develops soul connections and empowerment of the soul, supports scientific development and projects which aid spiritual awareness and embodiment.

Purpose: Soul Acceptance and Discovery, Alignment with the Creator.


6th Ray of Light

Colour: Indigo

Chohan: Master Lanto

Archangel Representative: Archangel Uriel and Archangel Aurora

Qualities: Exploration and enhancement of faith, devotion, trust and unification with the Creator.

Purpose: Surrendering to the Creator.


7th Ray of Light

Colour: Violet

Chohan: Lady Portia

Archangel Representative: Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst

Qualities: Focus upon transformation, awakening, cleansing negativity, manifesting, the new age and advancement of psychic abilities.

Purpose: Acceptance of truth on a conscious level.


The first seven expressions of the Creator support through spiritual awakening and awareness in preparation for acceptance of the next five Rays which hold a powerful focus upon the evolution of the soul. The five latter light vibrations are known as the Higher Rays because of their quick energetic speed and their focus upon advanced ascension, supporting the completion of ascension at a Planetary Level. Each Chohan of the Higher Rays are overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays.


8th Ray of Light

Colour: Sea foam green (White with a hint of green)

Chohan: Lady Nada

Archangel Representative: Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Josephine

Supportive Energy: Pleiadians

Qualities: Spiritual, energy and soul cleansing, releasing and purifying being on all levels.

Purpose: Cleansing


9th Ray of Light

Colour: Blue Green

Chohan: Lady Mary (Mother Mary)

Supportive Energy: Sirians

Qualities: Exploration and understanding of the soul, embodiment of joy.

Purpose: Soul exploration.


10th Ray of Light

Colour: Pearlescent

Chohan: Lady Vessa Andromeda

Supportive Energy: Andromedans

Qualities: Full acceptance of the soul.

Purpose: Soul integration.


11th Ray of Light

Colour: Pink-Orange

Chohan: Lady Quan Yin

Supportive Energy: Great White Lodge of Ascended Masters

Qualities: Embodiment of the soul at a physical and spiritual level.

Purpose: Soul Integration.


12th Ray of Light


Chohan: Lady Pallas Athena

Supportive Energy: Mahatma, Cosmic Logos and Lord Maitreya, Christ Logos.

Qualities: Embodiment and activation of Christ Consciousness, love and preparation for Solar Level.

Purpose: Soul Integration and Ascension from Planetary Level.


The Rays of Light are present within your chakras although the colours do not always marry with the colours of the chakras. Each country, city, town, village, community, family, business, school and person on the Earth anchors a certain Ray of Light to support their existence, purpose and expression of the Creator. Other Rays can be anchored to support healing and the creation of balance within any of these areas.

Video: "I Surrender To The Light & The Creation Of The Creator ! By Natalie Glasson"

Solstice Meaning

7 Simple Solstice Rituals By Melanie Beckler

Celebrate your light and honor the energy of the Solstice with these simple Solstice Rituals to welcome more love, light and joy into your life.

These can be modified for both summer and winter solstice, or used to reflect upon, honor and celebrate wherever you are in your particular life’s journey now.

1.    Rise and Shine with the Light

Right when you wake up on the day of the solstice, before even putting your feet to the floor, allow yourself to generate and be filled with a sense of light and joy.

Tune into all that you have to be grateful for while you visualize light energy filling you and all around you.

Invite in the presence of your guides and angels, the presence of Divine light, and the energy and vibration of love.

Let yourself bask and be filled with Divine light and positive energy. Feel your oneness and connection with the Divine and All That is.

When you’re ready, begin to imagine the positive energy of the light is now rippling out around you to the entire universe.

2.    Candlelight Meditation

Find a quiet time and space indoors to light a candle, and begin to focus inward.

As you consciously relax, and breathe, gaze gently into the candlelight.

Enjoy simply being, breathing, and reflecting on the qualities of the light. Begin to tune into the vast supply of light around you, as well as the light that you carry within at all times.

When you are ready, close your eyes and visualize your light glowing brighter and brighter within.

Relax and breathe, letting go of the need to focus upon the world around you, and instead, allowing yourself drift into a relaxed and peaceful meditative state.

Imagine that the light within you is shining as brightly as a star, filling the room you’re in and filling your home, city, state and country with brilliantly glowing Divine light.

In addition, you may choose to listen to a guided meditation to help you further relax, and tune into the powerful energies of the Solstice light available to you now.

3.    Experience Your Oneness with Mother Earth

Walk outside and sink your feet into the Earth. Feel your energy grounding to the core of Mother Earth in a column of light. Imagine all that no longer serves you traveling down this column, and effortlessly releasing into the light at the core of the Earth.

Simultaneously, feel the light of the sun shining down upon you. Visualize light pouring into your crown chakra at the top of your head, warming you, refreshing your energy and filling your aura with the Divine light consciousness present in the fresh sunlight.

As you stand on Mother Earth with your feet apart, your arms uncrossed and your hands facing up in a gesture of receiving, feel the sun’s healing warmth in every part of your body. Breathe in the sunbeams.

Feel the light filling your spinal column, and your entire being. Give thanks for this time, and if you would like, begin to tune into any intentions, desires or goals that you’d like to focus on in the next six months of your life.

Enjoy this deep connection to the Earth, to the light, and to all that is. Take a minute to remember that Mother Earth is happy to provide solutions for your fears and anxieties, if you will only go to her. In addition, call on your angels and guides, enjoying and acknowledging their ever present love and support.

4. Honoring the Directions

Many indigenous tribes, and ancient cultures around the world have long observed and celebrated the directions. There’s a special kind of power you can tap into by tuning into them.

To do this, in addition to the four cardinal directions- north, south, east, and west- I like to also tune into Earth, Sky, and the light within.

As you tune into each direction, face that way.

Movement, dance, or a yoga asana are wonderful ways to further experience your connection with each of the sacred directions as you face and reflect upon each direction, one at a time.

Activate your life energy and set an intention to connect that energy with the sun and all of nature as you consciously, one by one tune into the energy of the directions.

Start by standing with your feet on the Earth. Feel your energy ground to the Earth, and feel your oneness with the Earth and All That Is.

Then tune into your connection to the sky… Feeling light above you streaming in, the air on your skin, and the light that is all around.

Next face the East. This is the direction of the rising sun, of beginnings, Divine light, new opportunities and fresh energy.

Next face the South. South is the direction of rest. It’s aligned with the work you’re meant to bring to the world, your passions, purpose and actions.

Next face the West. This is the direction in which the sun sets. A reminder to go within, to dream relax, rest and to heal.

Next face the North. We can tell the direction of North by the North star. It’s a direction of stability, wisdom, protection, and our ancestors.

Finally, look inward.

Allow yourself to just be, breathe, and feel alive and connected to your inner light, to the Earth, Sky, directions, and to all of life.

5. Setting Intentions

Find a quiet space to relax, breathe, and focus inside. When you’ve reached a deeper meditative state of mind, set the intention to feel a sense of transcendence and oneness.

Visualize this sensation being rooted within you and then expanding outward to impact all areas of your life.

Next, begin to think about what specific areas you would like to expand upon in your daily life:  relationships, expressing joy, experiencing greater love and abundance, manifesting a new opportunity, a promotion at work, or whatever is important for you during the next six months.

If you are doing this ritual during winter solstice, think about those things you would like to remove from your life, focusing more on what you want to release so you can then begin to move towards what you want in the spring.

Give thanks for the opportunity to focus on this work and ask for the energy and support in remembering your intentions and moving forward on your path as you move through the next months of your life.

6. Solstice Fire Ceremony

Summer or winter, fire is a wonderful way to honor and celebrate the light as humanity has done for centuries.

Honoring the solstice with fire is simple. Light a candle or make a small outdoor fire and let yourself reflect on the beauty and qualities of the light.

On a piece of paper, write down the things you have accomplished during the last six months. Take a minute to read what you’ve written out loud before burning the paper in celebration and gratitude. Letting go of any attachment to the past and paving the way for new opportunities, manifestations, and accomplishments in the future.

This is an excellent activity for a group, or you can do it in private on your own.

7. Create a Solstice Altar

Solstice is the perfect opportunity to spend time at your personal altar, whether that is inside through meditation, see the Earth Sanctuary meditation, or outside of you in the form of an actual physical altar you create.

Creating a physical altar is a fun way to create a physical representation of your inner connection to the light and the Divine and to represent the energies you’re inspired to connect with, build and manifest in your life.

To create a Solstice altar, first find some sort of table or shelf. You may want to create it outside, or in a window where the light will shine in upon it, since the Solstice is all about tuning into the light.

Wherever you choose to create your altar, choose colors of fabric, objects or candles that remind you of the sun, of your spirituality, and of connecting with the Divine, the sun, the natural world, and more fully with yourself.

Remember that the Solstice is a time of celebration and connection…

Let the altar you create remind you of this in a way that is personal to you.

The Energetic Difference Between Summer and Winter Solstice

Energetically, what is the difference between the Summer and Winter Solstice?

The Summer Solstice

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June 20/21 in the Northern Hemisphere, December 20/21 in the Southern Hemisphere

At this time, the sun is the farthest north that it ever gets over the equator. When this happens, it’s a time of energetic opening. There is so much celestial potential during this time as the sun brings high energy, warmth, and light into our lives. Symbolically the Summer solstice represents enlightenment, awakening, and the triumph of lightness over darkness.

During the time of the Summer solstice, it’s a time to celebrate forward movement – advancing further into light – and remembering and honoring the intrinsic light within yourself.

Summer solstice is all about expressing gratitude for the gifts of harvest, bounty, and abundance. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy being outside, connecting with nature, and incorporating your awareness of the connection between wealth, health, and natural living.

The Winter Solstice
December 20/21 in the Northern Hemisphere, June 20/21 in the Southern Hemisphere

The darkest day of the year comes when the sun reaches its lowest point over the equator. This is a natural time for reflection, and moving inwards into a sort of spiritual hibernation.

Common rituals of winter solstice include meditation, contemplation, and seeking silence. It’s a powerful time to slow down, focus inward and to let go of the old, outdated, and all that no longer serves.

The winter solstice is the perfect time for making plans, setting intentions, and really you can think of it as the cycle of life that’s right before the birth of a new project, event, or phase of life.

Honoring The Solstice

When you honor and observe the solstice, you are connecting not only with the sun and nature, but with ancient peoples who have performed these rituals over the centuries.

Though we have largely lost connection to the ceremonies and understandings surround solstice and our connection to the nature, it is not too late to tap into the power of the sun and leverage its positive influence in your life to raise your vibration, and progress further on your path.

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler

Video: "Tuning Into Cosmic Christ Light By Melanie Beckler"



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