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The idea of creating our own reality is a fascinating subject...and one I normally try to avoid. :o) The reason being is because on this planet...we all have a different perspective of what reality is. So when I am told that all I have to do is use my intentions and my thought power, I politely smile. Don't get me wrong...oh I know all to well how powerful it is. My friends laugh at me all the time because I am able to manifest stuff like crazy. But there is more to it than that. For one thing, it is an individual experience. People with children and people without children live on different planets. People with children know how difficult it is to manifest intentions when there is extreme chaos going on in the home. And at the end of the day the parent is exhausted. Try creating a reality when a two year old decides he's had enough and decides to create his own. Have you ever met a child's intentions.? :o) And those without children can easily find time to sit quietly and meditate on their goals. So please be patient with those of us that are over whelmed with family life...thank you ....I just needed to get that off my chest.

Now the reason for this entry. Here is an age old thought...which came first...the chicken or the which came first....was it perceiving that something WOULD happen or was it some one MAKING it happen. ??????????????????

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Well we still do create our own reality, but on a sub-conscious level. Its our programming. Its the memory's embedded in our sub-conscious that propagates what we see. The veil is what we paint on what we see. When we look at something or a situation we use our past experiences as a frame of reference . Have you ever woke up from a deep sleep, open your eye and look at the walls in the room and for a brief moment, nothing looks familiar , just shapes and colors? Then all of a sudden memory starts rushing in. Then you recognize the wall as being a wall and every thing else comes in clear. Well we use memory to define what we see. So where I'm getting at with this is, when the programming from child birth to see a certain way, it not so easy to deprogram. It like we need a re-format. I know what you mean by with children and with out children. We don't have little ones but teenagers are a hand full too. I'm with ya, Patricia. I understand what it means to be limited of time. Just remember, things are in Divine order. Your more advanced than you think you are. So tell your self, thanks. You deserve it.

The chicken and the egg. They are both implicit in the energy field. The universe is a giant hologram. Our brain as well as our nervous system holds memory like a hologram. We are like programs in the matrix.
I think that question is far out of our comprehension. At least in this form. You could say the chicken by saying the creator of the universes and everything that is and will ever be, me, came first.
But in our limited view here, the creator of the universes, me, had to have had an origin like an egg.

Manifestation is something i find incredibly difficult, Nothing really manifest the way i want it to.
since everything is happening in the present moment, then i would say they were created simultaneously. :)
the sub-conscious mind manifest reality. its hard to control that part of us. the sub-conscious runs on a different operating system from our conscious mind. it runs slower there fore it takes longer to produce what the conscious mind wants. the difficulty is the conscious mind is expecting something the having the feeling of loss of someting the never had. so dont expect, just know it will come at just the right time, in many different ways we are creating blockages in circle of flow by feeling without. Gratitude connects us to what we want. so stay focused and feel joy because this is just a ride.

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