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Resonate With What Is True For You & Let Go Of Fear By Shanta Gabriel & Ann Albers

Resonate With What Is True For You & Let Go Of Fear By Shanta Gabriel

This message from Archangel Gabriel is teaching us how to focus on what is most important in our lives.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week


Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest.


Shanta's Message .....

There is so much information coming at us right now that it is difficult to take it all in, and I have been recently receiving the message that I need to prioritize. Especially my email, even if it seems really fascinating, it is often distracting me from what is essential and important for me to focus on. Learning how to resonate with the Truth in my heart has been an ongoing process of discovery.

So one of the ways Archangel Gabriel suggested I sort out this process is by recognizing the resonance within my heart. If I feel at all obligated to do something, that is a sign that it is not in alignment with the resonance of my heart. Working from obligation does not work. I only want to follow my heart's calling.

Not only do I feel like there is too much to do sometimes, I also notice when I'm not leaving as much time for rest and nourishing activities like hiking in the forest.

It is a priority for me now to slow down, breathe more deeply, and do only that which resonates with my heart. I may not wind up doing as many things, but I also feel like I accomplish more when I bring my full consciousness into the project, and it helps me to enjoy the process.

I am realizing that there will always be more to do. What is essential is that I feel balanced and happy so I am truly thriving. That is what makes life more fulfilling and my work a true Joy.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for assisting me in bringing more clarity and awareness into my heart and mind. I offer all my work to the Divine Source, the Infinite Intelligence, that guides my work to help me prioritize all that I do each day. I ask to know by resonance in my heart, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what is important for me to focus on. Thank you for showing me what will most nourish and enhance all that I am so I can bring into the world only that which serves in the greatest way.

With every action that I take, may I and all beings, become more attuned to Source energy and in alignment with our Soul's Purpose. For these and all my blessings, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

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AA Gabriel's Message Via Shanta Gabriel .....

Every day you receive wisdom and guidance from the Angels. Sometimes this guidance comes from those around you — friends, family, teachers, strangers or signs in obvious places. Sometimes this wisdom comes as an inner urging.

Whenever you receive guidance, if you tune within, you will feel a resonance when it is coming from a place of truth for you. You can call this your "God check." Create your own little sign that you can recognize when something is right for you. Then you have a way to really know what it is in your highest good at all times.
It is important to do this "God check" before you act on thoughts you have received, because the mind creates confusion at times. It is the heart that is in tune with Infinite Intelligence. This is where you receive your truth.

Many times what is in your highest good may not be the most rational of acts. You must be willing to do that which resonates deep within your heart as the most appropriate action for you to take.
The God within you knows the answers. Before you can hear them, however, it may take a little prayer you make to yourself in moments of decision, especially when you are receiving conflicting advice from many well-meaning people around you. Take the time to center into your heart, so you can know what is true for you.

One little ritual that may be helpful for you is to stop, take a deep breath, and say to yourself: "The God within me knows the truth in this situation." Take several deep breaths and continue with your life process.

You will feel a resonance within yourself that is your true knowing. The more you act on this resonance, the stronger it will become. Be willing more and more to do that which your heart tells you is right for you, rather than following your rational thoughts or the suggestions of those around you.
No one knows more than you do what is truly in your highest good when you are in that infinite connection to the Source of all life. Ask for this connection to be strong and clear.
It is very helpful to give thanks in advance for clear direction from God. This creates a frequency of energy within and around you that allows the Angels to bring you assistance. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way to bring about that which you most want in your life.

Be clear about the qualities you want, such as joy, wisdom, love, prosperity, and peace. All of these qualities represent the energy of the universe that is always available to you. You must ask for them directly in order to receive them. You also need to keep bringing your focus of attention back to what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want in your life.
So the steps we are suggesting in order to bring about a higher level of order in your life are:

Stop, breathe, ask, give thanks, and then be willing to receive on a level you have never believed possible. Allow the universal energy of the Archangels to work in your life.

When you come from this high level of intention, you will begin to sense within you the resonance of your highest truth. And from this place comes Divine Right Action.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:  


Resonate with what is true for you and leave the rest.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
March 31, 2019

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By Steve Nobel -

Let Go Of Fear & Open To The Angels Of Light By Shanta Gabriel

For this week's issue, the message from Archangel Gabriel is letting us know that the Angelic Dimensions are here to support us, when we are willing to let go of fear and open to their assistance.

The Gabriel Message Card for this week


 Now is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.


Shanta's Message .....

To me, this message represents the epitome of Faith and the essence of Archangel Gabriel's teachings. It provides a coaching for the correct attitude to hold as we take our first steps into the unknown promise of our lives.

Have you heard the spiritual adage that when we take one step toward God, the Divine takes 10 steps toward us? This was that moment. The Angels were looking at me with so much love in their eyes that my heart began to trust at a very deep level and I KNEW I would be supported if I could just take a Leap of Faith.

This metaphoric leap empty-handed into the abyss sounds terrifying, but that is what is being asked of us during these unprecedented times of awakening consciousness. For me, in that Holy Moment, I was told that if I had enough Faith, I could fly with the Angels.

This message seems so perfect for this time of massive change that can feel so frightening to most of us. The influx of Divine Light to the planet over the past 30 years has been the greatest in history. We are a part of this change because we are transmuting ourselves from density and confusion to high frequency people that radiate Light and Love to the world.

You and I are here — now — to use this amazing Light to add value to our own lives. Our Souls were trained to come to Earth at this specific time to be the leaders, healers and teachers for this time. And we are here to bring greater peace to the Earth through our personal evolution. It only takes the willingness to have Faith and walk into the Unknown, totally supported by Angels of Light.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for supporting me as I take these necessary steps into the Unknown. Help me to strengthen my Faith and really know deep within me that I am not alone, and I am safe.

I am asking to have a strong sense of belonging, trust and belief in my heart so I can have the courage to bring my soul’s gifts into the world. Give me the confidence to share from my heart in every situation that invites me to openly express myself.

May all beings feel greater Faith in their hearts and know they are not alone. Thank you for holding me in your Wings of Pure Love in every moment. And so it is.

Video - "Be Healed & Uplifted With The Archangels" -

AA Gabriel's Message .....

When you resolve to let go of fear, an amazing energy is set into motion. It is as though hands of Angels join together in circles of light around you, keeping you protected and nurtured. When you walk, you are carried by these Angels “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” as is said in Psalm 91.

Sometimes letting go of fear can feel as though you are walking off a cliff. However, it is often necessary to take this large step in order to make the greatest progress in your life.

When your intention is to serve the Highest Good in all you do, and when you have the willingness to move through your fear of the unknown, this step off a cliff will be into the arms of these magnificent beings of light. Angels will assist you to fly to the heights of grandeur and to the depths of peace.

The saying “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” is true. Fear can play in your imagination until you are immobilized. From this place you can easily sink into the pits of despair. It will feel as though you are not moving toward your destiny, and that is the most fear-filled place of all. This fear will play upon your issues of worthiness, because in your heart you want most of all to add value to the world.

Know truly that you were created to be happy. Feeling joy is one of the greatest tasks you have in your life. You are here to do great things, and this can be as simple as loving others and bringing more peace and joy to the world. When you have joy as your intention, you will be shown what you need to do in order to manifest it.


Take some time to sit quietly and breathe in a balanced way. Imagine that you are standing on a mountaintop. It is the highest peak around you. It is so high that eagles are flying below where you are standing. There is a magnificent sunrise lighting up the sky and surrounding your body with golden light.

From this pinnacle of light, you offer yourself to serve God in the world and you ask for courage to do whatever it takes. You call on the Angels for assistance to be all you can be. At this moment you hear the sound of wings and you notice the light becoming even brighter. You are surrounded by Angels and you feel your fear melting with their love.

They are holding out their hands to you. Because it is such a reach to touch them, it is difficult to keep your footing. In order to touch the hands of the Angels, you know you are going to have to take a step off the cliff. You feel all the old fears beginning to surface again. This time, you will not give in to fear. Your conviction to have love and joy in your life and to serve in the world is greater than the fear.

You take a deep breath, and look into the eyes of the Angels surrounding you. You see a hand of light reaching toward you and a beaming presence of love smiling at you. The Angels are saying they believe in you, they love you, and they know you can have whatever you want to experience.

In this moment, you know that the safety of that which is familiar cannot bring you the joy and the power of love you are feeling from the Angels.

Looking at the hands being offered, you let the love you are feeling in your heart uplift you, and you reach your own hands toward the Angels of Light. You take the first step.

In this moment of free fall, your heart begins to pound. But it is only an instant before arms hold you and you feel yourself being transported into the light. The Angels are taking you with them. Let yourself imagine what it would be like to fly with the Angels.

Feel the warmth of the sun, the wind in your hair and let yourself be held and led where they will take you. Know in your heart it is to your greatest good. Allow yourself to fly with the Angels. Feel the freedom that is there for you and let Divine love fill your heart.

Take a look at where you are held back by fear, and see the darkness there. Are you willing to have it be different now? There is help for you. Angelic assistance is available. This simple visualization exercise can have miraculous results. It is your choice to take the first step by being willing to have a miracle change your life.

It is time for you to decide. Do you want to serve God and let the Angels help you fly? Are you willing to have miracles and joy fill your life? Do you believe miracles are possible and Angels exist? If your answer is yes — know that…

This is the time for those who believe to let go of fear and reach their hand forward to be held and led by the Angels of Light.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
April 7, 2019

Video - "Awaken & Expand Your Highest Divine Self" -

Putting My Fears on Ice! By Ann Albers

Hi Dear Friends!

The angels talk about how our minds are our tools to use the gift of free will and I'll share how I recently went past a big fear and how you can go beyond limiting programs too!

Love you all!
♥ Ann

The Angels Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Your minds are so much more powerful than you could ever imagine. It is with your mind that you get to exercise one of your greatest gifts – the gift of free will. In the vast realms of mind, you are unlimited. Like a television tuner, you can use your mind to focus on any reality you wish to experience.

You can take entire vacations in your mind, thus drawing that sort of relaxation to you in your body and life. You can imagine people to be their best or their worst and your experience of them will vary depending on your focus. You can imagine something is good for you and it will be, or you can fear it and thus render it incompatible with you.

You can use your minds consciously as a tool for creation or you can allow your unconscious programs to use you.

When you are not happy, you can safely assume that there is a conditioned program running you – a belief or idea that is using you to perpetuate its reality.

When you are happy your soul is in charge. You are aligned with love, focusing on a beautiful experience of life. It is your soul's essential nature to see the love available in each moment.

You look at the world and you feel good when you see people doing good – rescuing animals, helping others, creating beautiful music or art. It uplifts you and inspires you. It touches and draws forth the spirit of Love within you.

Yet, how many millions unconsciously flip on the television and sit in front of shows that make them feel angry, upset fearful, or miserable? This is not natural. It is conditioned.

Can you imagine that someone walks up to you and says, "I will give you a delicious meal or a terrible meal. You get to choose." Likewise life says, "I will give you a delicious experience or a miserable one. You get to choose what you focus upon."

While many of you feel you need to be aware of the dangers of the world outside of you, it is far better to place more emphasis on your inner compass where Divine love guides you to safety, joy, abundance, and all that you seek to experience. Your inner focus is your ultimate protection.

While you feel that the outer world can harm you, the truth is that you are designed, not only be alive, but to thrive. You are designed to create, expand, love, and assist one another.

It is a time on earth where the energies are so strong, it is imperative to use your mind wisely. What you focus on will seem to come more quickly than ever before. Focus on what you want with joyful anticipation and you'll more quickly manifest. Focus on what you don't want and you'll feel the pain of resisting your soul's true desires. It is your mind, dear ones. It is your life.

We love you and wait to assist you. Ask us to work with you in your sleep. Ask us to help you reprogram yourselves to notice and seek the good, the beautiful, the more joyful experiences and people in life.

Try, shifting your thoughts, one negative thought at a time. Like building muscle you can train your mind to focus on what is good and then your lives will reflect that far more purely.

Dear ones, your minds are the instruments of your free will. They were never meant to control you, but for centuries you have been at the mercy of human programs. It is only in your time – in this day and age –  that there is a movement in human consciousness reminding you that your spirit is in charge of your mind, and that you get to choose with intent, the realities you wish to focus upon and therefore, experience!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Messages from Ann" style="color: #04a9f4; display: block; font-family: Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25px;" class="CToWUd a6T" width="650" height="241" border="0"/>

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I think I've wanted to be a Jedi ever since I watched Star Wars in high school. The idea of one all pervasive force resonated with my young soul far more than the divisive ideas of my religious upbringing. The idea that mind controlled matter seemed to trigger a deep memory. Yes, Yes, Yes! I want that!

I never felt spiritual achievements had to be as hard as they are often represented to be. I never believed it took decades to access God and our inner powers. I believed that maybe we just weren't being taught easier ways!

I stumbled on techniques that allowed me to teach people to channel easily. I reverse engineered the process I used to find self love, and to get intensely present at will. Every now and then I got so strong minded, that miracles happened.

Once, while hiking, a friend's toe cramped up to the point where she couldn't walk. I humorously pointed a finger at it and commanded it to "Relax." We stood there with out mouths open, laughing uproariously as the toe meekly dropped back into place!

I wish I could say I always have this kind of mental power but more often than not, I don't have the proper focus and commitment. So, I seek out opportunities to challenge myself to develop it. Year ago, standing on a 25 foot cliff for the first time I made myself jump into the water below. A voice inside told me I wasn't afraid to die... I was afraid of dying before I lived! It was right!

Two weeks ago I went to a Wim Hof Method workshop here in Phoenix, where we did the breathing and a 90 second sit in icy water. Crazy as it sounds, I was actually excited about it.

A wonderful female athlete and I were the first in line to get in the ice. Against my conscious will I felt my adrenaline spike. Surprisingly my heart started pounding as I entered the water. It slammed into my chest like a hammer the first few seconds in, as my body started going through its pre-programmed response, screaming at me to get out!!

I immediately focused on slow deep breaths, turned off my mind, dropped into my heart and relaxed... Within seconds, I was transported into a beautiful and blissful space. I could still feel the burning sting of the ice on my skin but it couldn't touch the Presence within. I felt like my spirit had withdrawn deep within the body and was sitting in a very euphoric state. I wasn't aware of anyone else around me. It was pure peace, and it was amazingly empowering.

I felt free! Free from fear. Free from being ruled by physical conditions. Free from the crazy mind going into fight of flight when I was really safe. It was such a beautiful feeling.

Messages from Ann" style="color: #04a9f4; display: block; font-family: Georgia,'Times New Roman',Times,serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; line-height: 25px;" class="CToWUd a6T" width="650" border="0"/>

Each of us has those things we fear. It may be speaking our minds, getting in the cold, learning something we want to but are afraid we can't. Our fears can seem large but compared to the power within, they are small. Whatever it is that stops you, face it head on. You too will be set free.

Here are some pointers to become more powerful than your programs:

1. Find a belief or fear that holds you back

Think of one belief you have that limits you. It might be,"I can't lose weight. That's for other people. I'm not good enough. I don't have enough money. No one will support me. I don't know how..." and the list goes on. Pick one!

If you can't find a limiting belief, try these exercises:

Pick one thing you want in your life but have not yet been able to create. Write down all your beliefs about why you can't have it in the time frame you want. See how they perfectly create the reality you have now. Pick one that seems limiting. They will sound like very "real" reasons, but they're beliefs nonetheless.

Or Ask your Soul, "Dear Soul what is a limiting belief I can work on releasing now?" and trust the first answer.

The one I recently faced was "The outside world (cold) is stronger than what lies inside of me. I am not safe."

2. Question the belief or fear

Is your belief or fear absolutely true for everyone? Suppose you say you can't lose weight or find a relationship you like. Doesn't that just mean you haven't yet accomplished the desire? What if you say "You're too old" to do something. There are 90-year-olds surfing and going to college.

Question your belief. Seek evidence that it is not true for everyone. Seek inspiration of those who have gone beyond it. Don't settle for "I can't. They can."

The Power within you is the power within all. If someone else did what you want to do, or overcame what you want to overcome, that power lives in you too. What is inside of you is a greater force than any obstacles in your mind or life. Call it forth. Dear Divine Source, help me lose weight. Dear Divine Source, help me learn this skill I want. Dear Divine source, Dear Angels, work on me in my sleep to rewire my old programs."

You are so much more than you think.

Change your belief to "If someone else can, it is possible for me too."

3. See how others have overcome this limiting belief or fear... Seek help.

If a belief is deeply stuck you may need a reprogramming technology like hypnosis or EMDR to help you get past it. You may opt for methods like the ones I've chosen. You may simply, as I've done with some beliefs in the past, post signs to the contrary all over your home and car until you start to believe in the new program.

You can seek out role models, therapists, healers, and books or stories online to inspire. Feed your mind as much information as you can that is consistent with your new, desire program.

It is freeing beyond words to overcome an old program or face an old fear. Go forward and do it kindly. Get help if you need. You can do it!

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said " What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world, miracles happen." Truth!

Love you all!

Video - "Harmonize With & Embody The Creator's Love" -


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