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Re-Uniting Again ! By Sonja Myriel RAouine

After these powerful days of the Solar and Lunar Eclipse, it is time to JOIN FORCES again from the 8th of August (Lion’s Gate Opening – Patricia Cota Robles) through to the eleventh, New Moon and Solar Eclipse, and to OPEN UP WORLD-WIDE CONNEXION TIMES again on every FRIDAY of the week, beginning with the 10th of August 2018.

Firstly, on the 8:8  Gateway of the Lion’s HEART, doorway to INFINITY, I would like to invite you to visit and come to know the Crystalline Violet Light Temple within the Solar Heart of Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej.

Set up your SACRED SPACE and take time OUT of the busy ways of life on Wednesday. Relax into the MOMENT of NOW any time that is suitable to you and become aware of your body, your feelings and sensations, your thoughts …. And let go! ….

Travel to your inner Sanctuary and go within your HEART where you will find the Lion’s Heart Portal. It opens before your very presence and you enter the Violet Light Temple within the HEART, the SUN, of Mother Earth.

If this is your first time visit, see who is welcoming you and honor the place and the beings you encounter. Tell them/it/him/her that you have come in order to find out more about your Divine Mission and how you can best be of SERVICE (Ray 6), and ask for HELP in whatever area of your life you may need inspiration.

Confirm that you INVITE CHANGE and TOGETHER with your guides and guardians, AA. Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst and ALL the Beings of the Violet Light, invoke the Violet Flame on your behalf and on behalf of any woman, man and child on this planet incarnate now.

See each human being’s 3-fold Flame in the Centre of their HEART IGNITE a SPARK of LIVING VIOLET LIGHT, a SEED ATOM of the NEW DAWNING DAY … It’s like little Violet Light Fireworks all over the planet, so that the entire globe is lit by the LIGHT emanating from these small, tiny fireworks of TRANSMUTATIVE LIGHT within the core cell of each human body’s HEART Fire.  


9th of August 2018: Day of the THREEFOLD FLAME, the Lion’s HEART E,NERGY and CHRIST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS – DAY of the GODDESS!: Visit the Crystalline Violet Light Temple again and IGNITE the POWER of the Violet Flame in your heart in the name of your I AM Presence and all of humanity by going through the same ritual as last time!


10th of August, Violet Light UNITY PULSE Initiation: Together we STEP ino SERVICE again! From now on we meet every Friday at the Violet Light Temple to get the PULSE of Violet Light STARTED again, pumping the CRYSTALLINE PURE Violet Light POWER of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM, of JUSTICE and PEACE through the evolving Crystalline Grid of Light on Earth!

For the third time in a row, after August 8 and 9,  we IGNITE the DIVINE VIOLET LIGHT RAY in every person’s HEART cell, SEEDING visions, possibilities, power songs and words of truth, love, wisdom and FROGIVENESS in every man, woman’s and child’s HEART … in accordance with every person’s Divine HEART Plan!


Universal Connection times: every FRIDAY at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC

This Eclipse Cycle has brought and is bringing all possible versions of REALity into RELATION … New possibilities always result from lessons learnt, as you are then asked to live and integrate them into your everyday life decisions,


11 August 2018, New Moon and Solar Eclipse:

At the Time of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, let us ALL JOIN TOGETHER at the Crystalline Violet Light Temple within the HEART of Mother Earth! Let us INVOKE the Violet Light on our own behalf first, and then on behalf of all people as we unite in the INTENT to bring JOY, PEACE, LOVE, BALANCE and DIVINE LIGHT and HARMONY back to humanity and thus our beloved Planet, Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan Vej!

The Interconnectedness of all LIFE is at the HEART of this day – and this interconnectedness, which creates synchronicities, possibilities, and bridges abysses is what you can INVITE into your LIFE on that day of this Closing Solar Eclipse.


Insights received:


The Crystal Grid of CHRYST-alline LOVE is back and ready to SERVE the Universal Divine Plan now after this Eclipse Cycle. THANKS to all who have been contributing to this universal breakthrough!


KARMA can no longer be pleaded with. Each of us is confronted with karmic scenarios and we are asked to finally LEARN from them and INTEGRATE Higher Divine Wisdom into our lives. So please be OPEN to receive these lessons of self- correction and learn as quickly as possible – it need not be hard on you , you know?

Actually, it can even be FUN!!! But for that to happen you need to FORGIVE – forgive yourself and all others for not being perfect in all ways … we are all on our way to higher wisdom, aren’t we?

We are all in this boat together and we can learn so much from one another – so every chance you get: CONNECT to the people around you, talk about how you perceive life, what is important for you and what you LOVE and LISTEN to what the other has to say.

INVITE LIFE to supply all that you and others need, and BE PREPARED TO LEARN FROM LIFE’s LESSONS, as these are the “Rites de Passage” – the Rites of Initiation – in our modern day world where re-LIGIOn has been removed by the power of money and what it can buy.


DNA is CHANING – got the message?! It’s time to step into our FULL POTENTIAL – and it’s definitely a PROCESS of letting go, receiving and building upon it, a cycle which has been repeating for AEONS and AEONS of times which is NOW to click into Divine ACTION, a last movement, a last letting go, lifting each one of us out of the misery of our lives as we begin to perceive the bigger picture and our mission in life as we look around us and allow ourSELF to SEE … you will find hints and hidden treasures all along your journey of light, my dear friends, and with every step you take you nourish yourself and BLESS all that is AROUND you through BEING your DIVINE PRESENCE, embodied on EARTH more and more with every day you decide to live!

I wish you all a HAPPY SHIFTING to NEW POSSIBILITIES and CONNECTIONS in LIFE and hope to see as many of you at the Crystalline Golden Temple of Violet Light on Friday, 10th of August 2018, as happen to have read this message to the end. You are INVITED.

From NOW on we shall be of SERVICE again as disciples of the VIOLET LIGHT every Friday at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC. Choose one or more times which suit you for regular Friday connexions – and if you would like to connect at another time, feel free to find like-minded people HERE. Post a NEW BLOG and tell us when you have decided to connect, so others can join you. Come to know each other – Begin to INTERACT and birth your projects TOGETHER! This is the vision of lightgrid: People praying for others, coming together, and birthing their VISIONS on Earth!


My mantra and prayer is:










A New Culture is on its way, and it’s unstoppable!

It’s the RAINBOW LIGHT TRIBE weaving its patterns around the world again!!!


Encounter your colours, change roles … free yourself from all and any dogma and become a LOVER and PROTECTOR, a GUARDIAN of the EARTH!



Warriors of the LIGHT –


Warriors of the Light

You do not need advice.

Listen within where

There’s all you need to win!




Sonja Myriel RAouine


Universal Connection Times: Every Friday at 10 and 4 am/pm UTC, beginning on Friday 10, 2018.

Video: "The I Am Pillar Of Light Transmission" By Steve Nobel

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