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Mary Magdalene: The Energy of the Holy Grail By Lea Chapin...And...Energy Forecast - Manifesting Miracles - By Emmanuel Dagher...And...The Red Wave Of Divine Female Healing Energy By Manne Lindberg

Mary Magdalene: The Energy of the Holy Grail By Lea Chapin

m maryGreetings, Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. My beloved Jeshua is here as well. It is of grave importance, Dearest Children, that you anchor the energies into what we call the energy of the Holy Grail: the energy of our daughter Sarah, which is the energy of balance. She represents the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and she is here today to stand with each of you so that you may return to balance and you may return to center.

We ask each of you to take a deep breath and to breathe in what we call the still point. And to begin to breathe in the essence of peace into your heart, begin to breathe in the still point and the essence of peace within your heart. Take a deep, deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the essence of peace. And begin to breathe in the energy of balance, and begin to breathe in the energy of light and Holy Grace.

Know at this time, Dearest Children, that it is of grave importance that you stand in your light, you stand in the love, and you stand in the frequency of the essence of All That Is. Please take a deep breath and begin to breathe, breathe, my children, breathe.

It is of grave importance, Dear Ones, that you now begin to understand that all of the energy that is taking place upon this planet at this time is indeed in divine alignment. As has been said before, it may not appear to be so, but it is in divine alignment, and it is for the purpose of serving the living God and allowing peace and harmony and balance to return to this beloved planet.

At the inception of this planet, as you know, the entrance of the gentle loving beings, of the etheric beings of light, came to this planet to serve and to be served the energy of the beloved Mother Gaea. At the beginning, there was peace, and love, and gentleness, and all was in Divine Holy Grace and Divine balance.

And we see now how so much has changed and so much chaos has appeared upon your planet. It is of extreme importance that our beloved planet return back to its original state of peace, love, and gentle balance. I know we continue to speak of this over and over and over again, but it is necessary, it is not to be forgotten, it is to be understood that this is what is happening upon your planet. Mother Earth will return back to her original state of beauty and peace and tranquility with or without you. And I repeat, with or without you, Mother Gaea will return back to her original state of peace and balance.

Today, we are asking all of you to center your energy into Mother Gaea. To center your energy into what we call the crystalline core of Mother Earth. And center your energy into her frequency and allow her essence to enter into your own auric field and into your physicality.

And so I ask you to breathe, my children, breathe, as you place your feet upon the ground and feel the connection to the Earth, and feel her living light and her essence infuse into the soles of your feet, into your body, and into your crown chakra. And now, extend the energy out in and through the silver cord that connects you to All That Is.

It is of grave importance, Dearest One, that you stay aligned, as they say, as above, so below, staying grounded and connected to the Living Light of God, and anchoring your energy into Mother Gaea. It is during this time of great change and transition that as you stay anchored and balanced, you will be able to serve not only yourself but all of humanity and Mother Earth and the Living Light of the God essence by remaining in true and perfect alignment to the energy of the Holy Mother, to the Holy Father, to Great Central Sun and to the energy of beloved Mother Earth. At this time, she is crying out for each of you to stay aligned with her and to assist her, for she, too, is going through tumultuous times of rebirth and reconnection.

During these powerful, powerful times, we ask you each to center yourself in peace and begin to call in the mantra of peace into your head several times a day. I am peace, I am peace, I am peace.

Dearest Children, it is of great significance that you hold this energy of peace within your essence and within your presence - for this is the Living Light of God, the energy of peace.

So many are worried and consumed by all of the violence and the chaos, the warring, and yes the tremendous, tremendous sense of fear, that we ask you to focus only on peace, bringing peace into your lives, peace into your hearts, peace into your homes, and peace upon this planet.

As each person holds this vibration, it becomes contagious, and yet your frequency, one soul at a time holding this vibration, affects another, and then each person can hold the frequency of peace within their essence. And this is how peace shall now be restored upon this planet. And so, Dearest Children, I ask you to take a deep, deep, deep inhaling breath. And begin to breathe in the essence of love, breathe in the essence of peace, breathe in this essence of tranquility and the Living Light of God inside of you, knowing that the energy is so needed. Can you feel this vibration entering into your heart? Entering into your mind? Entering into your consciousness?

Can you feel this energy as you hold the frequency of love, and feel the power being restored into your being? Call now the vibration of peace into your essence and feel the alignment as you feel the strength of your original state as the beautiful spirit that you are, who came to this planet in peace. During the Great Conclave, when you made the choice to come to this Earth, you came with excitement, and you came with a peaceful heart.

And we ask you, Dearest One, to return to the original state of peace, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are loved. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are peace. Be still, be still, be still, and know that you are light. Peace, love, and light. This is your original state, Dearest Children, peace, love, and light, this is your original state.

Please accept this gift as we hold this vibration and we bring it to you, and we surround you with this vibration. For you, Dear Children, as we have said before, are powerful conduits. And as you hold this frequency of the diamond light grid within your essence and within your presence, you are now bringing this energy to your merkabic field of peace, love, and light.

And as you travel and astral travel as multi-dimensional beings, you are bringing this energy to greater aspects of the living light that lives inside of you then you can understand. On many, many, many levels you are using your powerful frequency not only to heal this planet, but to heal all of life.

This is a broad statement, but you are bringing your energy onto the Earth plane. And you are bringing forth healing on multiple levels, even if you are not aware consciously what you are doing as you are holding this vibration and holding the frequency of peace, love and light. You are affecting so many and serving the living God. This is of grave importance during these tremendous times of change. And yes, all of the Earth changes that are being brought forth are clearing the energies on this Earth.

It is not, as we have said before, for you to live in fear. It is for you to hold the frequency of peace, love, and light. And when you do this, this is how the Earth will remain balanced. If you hold fear, then you draw fear. If you hold peace, love, and light, you will bring peace, love, light, and balance.

This is of great importance, that every sentient being on the Earth remain in balance. To return to the sacred state of my daughter’s energy of the Holy Grail, living in the balance of the Divine, sacred Masculine and the Divine, sacred feminine. All living in balance and all being restored to their original state of being.

So, Dearest Children, we know this may be difficult to comprehend, but please call forth the male and female aspects of yourself, and the energy of my daughter, the missing Holy Grail that many feel was a chalice, but really did appear once, is the chalice, the cup that runneth over of peace and balance.

And so, Dearest Children, feel the presence of this light, feel the presence of this love, feel the presence of this energy as you stand in the remembrance of who you truly are. This is a powerful, powerful day, a powerful day of restoration, a powerful day of joy, a powerful day of healing. And so, Dearest Ones, I am going to step back and allow Jeshua to speak, as I stand here in the frequency of my daughter Sarah. And we send you peace, we send you balance, we send you love, and we send you joy.

Greetings, my children, yes, it is I, Christ.

I come to you at this time to tell you how important it is to hold the Living Light of the God essence into your being. Know, Dear Ones, that you are created in this frequency of Divine balance, it is what all of us here – not only my own family, but all the angels, the archangels, the angelic realm, all of the galactic beings of light, the galactic federation, the brotherhood of the melchizedek order – we all are here standing with you, beaming these frequencies of balance and peace and restoration and transformation to your beloved planet.

You see, Dearest Ones, more is happening than you can realize, and that you feel this frequency, and you feel the return to the state of harmony, you will begin to see the change that you so desire upon this Earth plane. This is indeed a tumultuous time, but it will soon return to its original state. It is our promise, it is our covenant onto you, we are working very diligently to help awaken so many.

And as you see, the change is occurring because people are reaching out to help their brothers and sisters. During this time of tragedy, so many are assisting their fellow brothers and sisters, and helping them, and it is of great importance, Dearest One, that you understand that you have a responsibility to align yourself and to anchor your energy into the powerful frequency of balance in which you were created, your beautiful spirits are in complete and total harmony and balance. And so, Dearest Ones, please allow yourself to access your higher self, your oversoul, and awaken your energy to the truth of who you are. Do not allow your lower minds and your ego to control you, and to create fear in your life. This is not necessary, and it only creates further problems for yourself and for this planet.

And so we are sending you waves and waves and healing energy and waves and waves of peace to all those who have been affected by the Earth changes and who are in harm’s way. We ask you to hold vigil and prayer for all of your world leaders, for all of the population that is living at this time upon your Earth, and all life forms to all return to balance and civility.

You know how important it is for each person to re-remember the truth of who they are, because each of you have awakened, you see the change that has affected your life and how you have shifted into a completely new vibrational being.

Can you remember when you were not awake, when you were in slumber, and you lived in greater fear than you live at this time? Can you remember what it was like when you did not live in fear?

Please, Dearest Children, I ask you to eliminate all fear from your life. Please hold this as what we call a priority. Please pray for peace, first within yourself, this is a must at this time, that you pray to be at peace and in balance. This is of grave importance, for as you choose to hold this frequency, your life will begin to fall into place, even greater, at a faster rate.

You may already understand that with the energy that is transitioning at this time upon this planet, things are transitioning at a very rapid rate. And when you set your intention, it shall be, when you set your intention, it shall be. I repeat, when you set your intention, it shall be. The energy is so powerful at this time, that when you are setting your intention, things happen rather quickly.

And so, Dearest Ones, we are asking you to hold the energy of peace and balance so that you feel this within your heart, and that you find the balance and the happiness that you so deserve. And you can return back to living as a physical spiritual being on this Earth plane.

Yes, Dearest Ones, when you came to the Earth as an etheric being of light, you held none of the fear that you hold now. And so, we are asking you to return back to this original state.

How can this be? It can be through your intention. It can occur, Dearest Ones, it is not for you to focus on the outer world, or the outer circumstances, it is for you to remain calm and centered. And when this is mastered, then, Dear One, you have become a living Master, embodied in the physical, a living Master, embodied in your physicality on this Earth plane.

We are calling all of the ascended Masters and the ascended beings to step forward at this time. They are taking their place upon the Earth plane, and we are asking you to do the same.

Please anchor yourself into the energy of the Earth Mother, into the very crystalline core of her being, and anchor your energy into the Living Light of God, taking your place, for you are all being aligned, and you are all being asked to be the spiritual anchors that are holding this energy of balance for this planet, as if you are all holding hands, and you are a force field within yourself. And you are holding the energy of balance for this planet.

Can you imagine hundreds and thousands and millions of souls holding their hands together in light, and bringing this energy of balance to the Earth, and anchoring this frequency onto this planet? This will assist you individually, assist all sentient beings, and assist the Earth, so that she may return to her original state.

Instead of living in fear, we ask that you focus your attention on remaining connected to this frequency of living and being connected to the energy of the living light. Today, we ask all of you to imagine yourselves being connected into this frequency and plugging into the vibration of peace.

This is how you can serve, this is how you can be served, this is how your life will return to balance. It is what each of you have been waiting for, it is what each of you have been calling for, and it is of extreme importance that you feel this essence within your being, feeling the strength, feeling the joy, feeling the commitment, feeling the oneness. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. So you do not feel alone, you do not feel disconnected, you do not feel isolated or afraid, you are connected to the living light of All That Is.

This has been a most unusual time period, especially during this time of the last six months, where so many have felt a disconnect from themselves and from the world.

This, Dearest Children, is a time where the Earth, as we have said before, is being rebirthed. You are being rebirthed, and so many of you have felt disconnected from yourselves, and have been confused, feeling alone, isolated, and now, Dearest Ones, this shift has occurred that you have all been waiting for. It is a shift of consciousness, and this is of grave importance. 

You now will begin to feel calmer and more at peace. We have talked about this before, but now that the solar and lunar eclipses, and the fall equinox have passed, you will begin to feel lighter and more at ease, and calmer, feeling more energized and more balanced.

And now, your lives will begin to fall into place, quickly, quickly, quickly. The shift has occurred. And so we ask that you stand in this balance, and you stand in this frequency, and you stand in this remembrance that you are returning back to your original state, of your original spirit, in oneness and in glory, and remembrance.

And this is of great significance, because we need all of you to be what we call the foot soldiers and the anchors to help this planet and all those who are in need to return back to a state of balance within themselves.

Each of you are the messengers and the teachers of light, and you are assisting this world one moment at a time with your intention, holding the frequency of love for all the world to see and all the world to know.

This is a grave, grave important time, and we want each of you to hold the frequency of love within your heart, hold it dearly, hold it closely. And know that as you stand in this frequency, you are holding the power of love so deeply, so richly, and so profoundly that no one or nothing can affect you as you are anchored into the living light of our daughter’s energy, our dear Sarah, of balance.

This is our promise and our covenant onto you, that we, my Mother, my daughter, my Mary, and myself, and all the beings of light, including the order of Melchizedek, and the galactic federation, and all of the essence of the great godhead, all of the beings of light that are serving the Great Creator, are here with you, and they are anchoring this frequency so potently and so powerfully, that you will begin to feel this shift, and Mother Earth will feel it as well.

We wish to say to you, Dearest Children, how important it is, to focus on this balance. I know we have reiterated this, but it is of great importance. You can see the need for it with all the chaos and the destruction that is occurring around your planet. It is why our message is urgent today, and why we have come to bring this to each of you. Go now, my children, with the understanding that all is in order and all is as it should be.

It is of great significance that you truly begin to call this in. Do not allow this to be something that you just think of, or read, or hear, and not embody. We ask you to bring this balance in, and allow it to be brought forth with full intention. There is indeed an urgency, and we asking each of you to make the commitment to hold peace and love and balance within your souls, so that you may return as the sacred beings of light in which you were created.

Go now, my children, with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be. It is of great significance that this planet return back to its original state. There is a time table that is to be met, and it depends upon you, all of you, to help bring the peace onto this planet. It is not just a concept, it is a living vibrational frequency.

And so, accept this gift that we bring to you of balance, so that you may be the gift and you may be the individuals who are here assisting this planet, one moment at a time. You are the gifts and we gift you with this frequency of divine balance. We thank you for your time, we thank you for your attention, we thank you for being the Living Light of God. Understand the truth of who you are. My mother, My Mary, My Sarah, we all stand with you, and we are infusing balance within you as we speak. Go now, Dearest Ones, and be at peace.

Mary Magdalene

Video: "Healing Your Inner Goddess With AA Haniel Through Melanie Beckler"



energyforecastbanner 2015
manifesting miracles forecast titled

October 2017

Hi my friend,

It’s a blessing for me to connect with you in this way.

This month has the potential to usher in beautiful new gifts and miracles into our lives, so let’s get right to them.

Passion Leads to Miracles

The first week of October will be filled with lots of passion, high and creative energy.

With this much passion and creative energy in the air, it’s important to give it a healthy and productive outlet.

When the energy of passion is fully acknowledged and honored, it has the ability to manifest extraordinary new miracles in our lives.

If passion is not fully acknowledged and honored, the mind tends to internalize it as “anger,” which often leads to blocks and breakdowns in our body, mind, energy field, and experience.

If we do find ourselves feeling angry, viewing it as feedback that can help us redirect our focus to honor the passion within us that desires to fully be expressed, will help tremendously.

Passion is one of the main ingredients that helps us to manifest miracles in our lives.

Passion is a palpable energy that can actually be felt in the body. When passion is expressed physically in a sensual way, it has the power to actually heal and rejuvenate the body. When passion is expressed emotionally in a sensual way, it takes the feeling of well-being to a whole new and expanded level.

If we are someone who has an illness or other imbalance in the body and emotions, opening ourselves up to being more sensual will assist us tremendously.

Being sensual is often a challenge for many people, especially those who are sensitive to energy. The mind often views sensuality as something that requires vulnerability, which it equates with being weak and exposed to judgment, disappointment, or a hurt of some kind.

These misconceptions around sensuality have taught us to create an energetic armor around ourselves that keeps us safe, or what our mind believes is safe.

Yet one of the boldest and most courageous things we can do in today's world is to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable simply means we allow ourselves to be open and available to ourselves and others.

When someone wears a self-protective armor for long periods of time, they become stiff and rigid.

This kind of rigidity of the mind and body ultimately leads to feelings of disconnect from our Spirit.

The remedy for a rigid, overly self-protective mind and body, is love.

We experience sensuality when we are able to fully express love through our sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

Once these senses are activated, our inner senses are then able to awaken and strengthen the mind and body’s connection to our Spirit. This is when we are able to notice, feel, and receive the miracle of life available to us daily.

Our Spirit has and will only ever know love, joy, wholeness, freedom, beauty, abundance, well-being. Anything less is simply not coming from our Spirit.

With this awareness, take a moment to reflect on allowing yourself to experience sensuality.

Knowing all that we know now, are we willing to work with the energy of sensuality to help heal the parts of us that have forgotten how to give and receive love?

Because if we are ready to heal, the next few weeks are offering us the opportunity to let go of the armor, and to open ourselves up to the miracles of life.

Here are some suggestions to help us become more sensual, so that we can be open to all the blessings our Spirit desires to give us:

• Taking a warm bath (adding our favorite essential oils)
• Listening to soothing music that feels good to our Soul
• Receiving a massage or experiencing some kind of soothing/healing physical touch
• Writing/journaling a romantic letter to ourselves, and then to a romantic partner (if we are in relationship)
• Expressing ourselves through art (playing music, painting, drawing, dancing, pottery making)

There are many ways to awaken and express your sensuality and passion, so let this list simply be a starting point for you.

A Call to Action

The second and third week of October will be all about taking action.

This will be a great time to come up with or revise an action plan to help us manifest more of our desires.

We will feel highly productive, so it’s important to not allow ourselves to get distracted by anything that might move us out of that productivity. If we remain steadfast, we will accomplish many things during this time.

We will also want to keep a journal close to us around this time, to write down the insights and ideas we receive from the cosmic realms.

This will be a time where we begin receiving energetic downloads that will inspire us to see things from a more expanded perspective. Things we may not have noticed before will now come to light in a big way.

This is also the time to keep our eyes, heart, and mind open to the unexpected.

The energy of surprise will be strong, specifically around the time of the New Moon on October 19, so any time between the 17th to the 24th will be ripe for some kind of surprise to show up.

Strengthening Our Intuitive Gifts

The final week of October will offer us a time to go within and start developing our intuitive gifts even more.

Developing our natural intuitive gifts will allow us to view things from a much more expanded perspective.

As we develop our intuitive gifts, we may also start to notice energy more. This can show up as seeing the auras around people, animals, and things in nature.

We may notice that we can feel energy more. This can show up as goosebumps in the body, or warmth in the hands, feet, back of the neck, face, or stomach.

We may also notice number sequences more, such as the clock reading 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. This often happens to help us realize a synchronicity that is going on around us.

We may notice energy balls of blue, pink, white, or golden light in our peripheral vision.

We may also see sparks (like mini shooting stars). This happens to remind us to pay attention to what’s happening around us in that moment. There’s usually a message or confirmation trying to reveal itself.

Our ability to connect with and hear our intuition will become easier.

We may notice an awakening of new or old desires to learn more about healing and energy therapies.

We may notice a desire to help and support others coming through even more clearly.

All of these gifts, and much more, are already within each of us.

There are periods of time that are more conducive to helping us develop these gifts, and the end of October ushers in one of those times.

So, if there’s a class, course, new book, group, or personal practice you feel drawn to, this will be an excellent time to immerse yourself in it!

Overall, October will be gentler energetically then the past several months have been.

As always, make sure to nurture and take good care of yourself.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,


Video: "You Are The Divine Architect Of Your Life By Emmanuel Dagher"

The Red Wave Of Divine Female Healing Energy By Manne Lindberg
The Mother Earth Network received an e-mail with a question about the results of our monthly healing sessions for Mother Earth and the energy development on Earth. Maria wrote a response in which she channeled information from her Higher Self, and since it’s such an important issue we chose to publish it to all of our readers.
Question: I have been following you for some time now and I’m thinking there is development happening all the time as we meditate on earth’s yin energi [the female energy]. But it’s not clear from your newsletter how this development happens. I think that it should, since it’s not a static state but a process.
Reply: Thank you for your email and your important question! Actually, this is a huge question that would require dozens of books to answer ... :-) But I will try to answer the question in a relatively concise manner.
Yes, it definitely is a constantly ongoing healing process. There is a process going on at several levels simultaneously. Both the Cosmos, Mother Earth, and we as individual souls are part of this healing journey towards a Higher Consciousness.
In every moment there are changes and we gradually move closer towards the New Age. Actually, we are already standing with one foot in the New Age and the other in the old age.
Each time you participate in the healing sessions for Mother Earth, it deepens your personal relationship to Earth and accelerate your own spiritual development, which in turn strengthens the Earth's spiritual development. On a higher plane, we are all One with each other and with Mother Earth. That which you give to Mother Earth, you also give to yourself, and that which you give to yourself, you also give to Mother Earth.
Every time we connect towards Mother Earth and unite together in this holy ceremony for the Earth, we raise both each other and Mother Earth one step further towards a Higher Consciousness. The more we unite with Mother Earth and each other on the soul level, the more we recreate and strengthen the feeling of oneness on Earth and in humanity.
The transition to the New Age means that we will enter into a new state in which we live in complete unity on the soul level, with the entire Earth and all living beings on Earth (and ultimately the entire Universe). We will no longer be able to hurt and torture other living beings or the Earth, since it would be unbearable for us! :-)
With every year that goes by, the levels of female energy on Earth and in the Cosmos is gradually increasing. It is actually a process in the form of a pendulum swinging back and forth between male and female energy waves on Earth. This is the Divine Flow expressing itself, and this is the way all development happens, both on a micro and macro level in our Cosmos. The cosmic pendulum is now swinging over from an influx of mainly male energy, to mainly female energy -- which is a prerequisite for the energy balancing on the Earth and the transition to the New Age. As Earth's inhabitants, it is part of humanity’s life task to take part in re-establishing the female energy on Earth.
The healing of Mother Earth happens around the clock, all year round, and not just once a month. I work more or less full time with our friends from Earth and other civilizations and dimensions of the Cosmos, Earth's guardians and nature spirits from both above and below Mother Earth, and last but not least, the Holy Goddess of the Female Energy who once again has come back to Earth after a very long absence. 
The arrival of the New Age actually means the return of the Goddess on Earth and in our Cosmos. This means that our planet Earth, which is the center of the Goddess, will be soaked with female energy of previously unprecedented force and the entire reality on Earth will be fundamentally transformed. Nothing will be the same. It will no longer be possible to make war or harm other living beings, and all starvation and disease will disappear. The people who have chosen, on a higher plane, to remain on Earth will live a life of harmony, love, truth and pure abundance.
But the path will be lined with cleansing that will lead to pain, suffering and difficult challenges. The Great Purification that is currently underway on Earth will intensify in many different ways. Large quantities of humanity’s and the Earth’s karma is rising towards the surface, and even more is in the pipeline. Each wave of red female energy that washes over Earth intensifies the Great Purification, and the high energy-pressure on Earth. This means that increasing amounts of karma and destructiveness is being pushed up to the surface from the depths of the Earth and humanity's collective consciousness to be purified -- millennia of torture, war, oppression, manipulation and dark secrets.
Both immense atrocities and new heart-opening acts are happening simultaneously on Earth. The hearts of people are both closing and opening. The attempts to start a third world war (which will fail!) and the large wave of refugees to Europe are two examples of challenges that humanity is facing as a result of the Great Purification. The challenges that occur on Earth are a way for the Divine Flow to force people to take a stand: -Do you choose to live your lives in love and unity, or in fear and separation?
My advice to all of you reading this is to work with your spiritual development every day as much as you can, and above all ground yourselves daily with the female energy. You can both visualize how you channel the female red energy from Mother Earth's core, or visualize how you lower yourselves down into Mother Earth's core into a sea of female red fire. It will purify and balance you. You can also send the red healing energy to your children. The red female energy is the strongest protection you can access here on Earth! :-)
I thank you, and all our members, with all my heart for your great contributions to Mother Earth and humanity's future!
Light, Grounding and Love Maria Bertram

And you are all welcome to join us in the Mother Earth Network’s monthly global healing session for our beloved Mother Earth! The session takes place October 5th, 8.00 pm - 8.30 pm CET time zone. Use to translate to your local time zone!

During the healing session we will help Earth to activate and spread the female energy ("yin") from her inner core, of which there is an enormous shortage, both in Earth’s and humanity’s energy systems.

The resurrection of the female energy on Earth is an absolute precondition for the transition to the New Spiritual Age, and these healing sessions is a part of this necessary energy balancing. The sessions will be held every month up until the final Transition, that will happen in a number of years depending on the energy development on Earth.


Sit down to meditate. Turn off your mobile phones, TVs, computers and other technical equipment. If possible, sit outside in nature. Make sure you're sitting comfortably and have full contact with the floor or ground (or if you're sitting on a chair - at least with your feet). Put your hands together as if you are praying, and let them rest on your knees. Take a couple of deep breaths, relax your whole body, and clear your mind of distracting thoughts.

Get ready mentally to be a channel for the Mother Earth energy, and focus your intention on channeling the energy from the ground. Read the prayer for Mother Earth. Visualize how a channel opens up from the Earth’s center and how the red glowing female energy starts streaming up and flowing through your feet, rear and hands.

Let the energy fill your whole body, then let it continue onward to the worldwide network of nature spirits, masters in the spirit world and cosmic civilizations that will spread the energy to the places on Earth where it is most needed at the time. Once you have opened up the flow of energy, just focus on being present in the now. It is individual how energy feels, but it works whether you feel anything or not.

Please note: Do not send white light to Mother Earth, and don’t channel light through the crown chakra to her, because she will then get more of the high frequency male energy that she already has a surplus of. What Mother Earth needs to heal herself today is the low frequency grounding female energy from Earth’s inner core.



Dear Mother Earth,

In humbleness, love and complete trust, we are asking you, 
Please give us strength and guidance.

Please help us to channel energies from your interior,
to heal you completely, both your body and your soul.

Thank you for letting us humans live with you and take part in your abundance. 
Thank you for your beauty and richness. 
Thank you for all the miracles taking place on Earth every day.

Mother Earth, we are calling on you!


Video: "Gratitude: The Short Film By Louie Schartzberg" -



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