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Mary Magdalene: Elohim Grace - By Lea Chapin ... Allowing the Greatness That is You By Ailia Mira...And..Self-Realisation Blueprint by Natalie Glasson.

Mary Magdalene: Elohim Grace - By Lea Chapin

Mestres ASCENSIONADOSGreetings, my beloveds, yes, it is I, Mother Mary. Mary Magdalene and Jeshua are here as well. We say to you, Dear Children, that the vibration of Grace Elohim with the energy of Divine Mother is here with you, and so I ask each of you, Dear Ones, to step into this frequency and to allow yourself to feel the power of the sacred feminine. Begin to feel this vibration that is now encompassing and hovering as they say over your planet. It is of great importance that each soul begin to restore its frequency into the energy of the sacred feminine.

Into the energy of Grace Elohim, Divine Holy Grace. This is how compassion and peace will prevail upon your planet, how love will return to sacred Mother Gaea. Understand, Dearest Children, that at this time, your world is in need of compassion. Your world is in need of love. Your world is in need of the sacred feminine to heal the hearts of those who are in pain.

And so, I ask you, Dearest Children, to place your feet upon the ground, and take a deep inhaling breath, and simply begin to breathe in the essence and presence of peace, begin to breathe in the essence and presence of joy, and breathe in the essence and presence of the Living Light of God that lives inside of your being. Holy sacred union, holy sacred union. Begin to breathe in the essence and the presence of peace. Holy, sacred union.

And so, Dear Sons and Daughters, I ask that you begin to embody this powerful frequency of Elohim Grace, to breathe in this frequency, to breathe in this light, to breathe in this love, and to breathe in this peace. Begin to allow this powerful frequency of compassion and mercy and love and peace to fill every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being with Divine Love, unconditional love, first for yourself, and then onto the world.

We have spoken many times about the restoration of the soul, and today, Dearest Ones, it is the restoration of the mind, body, and the soul by calling in this powerful frequency of the sacred feminine.

So many beautiful beings are here, Dear Isis, Aphrodite, Sheba, all the powerful beings, the sacred feminine, are here, all of the essence and presence are standing in this frequency, Kwan Yin, and yes, our Divine Mary Magdalene, Divine Sophia. Here we stand in this frequency, here we stand in this power, and all of the energy of the Sacred Feminine, of Divine Compassion, and mercy now begins to flood upon your soul. Allowing your heart to begin to heal the many discordant energies that have caused you any pain or discomfort, any discordant energies that have caused you pain and discomfort.

 And so, Dear One, it is so important that we return to love, and we return to the sacred frequency of the Divine Feminine energy. It is of great importance that each of you also begin to bring this energy of balance into your system, bringing the balance of Father/Mother God into your essence and presence. The balance of the Holy energy of the Divine Goddess essence. Begin to breathe in her strength. Divine, Holy, Sacred light. Breathe in her strength. Divine, Holy, Sacred light.

Allow this frequency to be of great significance and great importance. Allow this frequency to be held within your physicality. Allow this frequency to fill your heart with love.

Allow this frequency to heal your heart. Know, Dearest Children, the importance of living and breathing in this balanced state of love. Can you feel the vibration as it comes through your breath, the breath of the Holy Mother, the breath of the Sacred Feminine, breathing this frequency in, Divine Holy Sacred Union.

And so, Dear Ones, as you stand in this light, and the presence of love, feel the energy and the renewal, as your body begins to breathe and return to Oneness. It is that which Mother Gaia is doing as well, she is returning back to her original state as the planet of love. Shining in her glory and glistening as the bright star that she is.

And so, Dear Ones, feel the essence and the presence of this frequency in your heart. It is the original state of Divine Love in which you were created. And so, Dearest Ones, as you begin to feel this essence and this vibration opening up your heart chakra, feeling and expanding the energy of Divine Compassion and love onto the world, you truly are a portal of light and a portal of love, for all the world to see and all the world to know.

And so, Dearest Ones, begin to feel yourself as a beautiful star that you are, shining brightly in your beautiful essence and presence, bringing the illumination of the Living Light of God onto this Earth plane, and the energy of the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine, in your balanced frequency walking this Earth plane. Feeling empowered, feeling empowered, feeling empowered, the essence of love.

Each soul who is embodying this frequency will begin to affect so many other life forms. So, Dearest Ones, please embody this so that you share and spread your light and love, as a circle and family of light that you are, bringing peace to this planet, bringing love to this planet, and restoring the essence of joy into the hearts of all souls.

It is of great importance, Dearest Children, that you do not get caught up, as we have said many times before, in the chaos of your Earthly life, but that you hold the frequency of love and joy and peace and tranquility in your heart. And this, Dearest Children, will bring you back to center, bring you back to balance.

Breathe the energy of the Sacred Feminine, of Divine Holy Grace, Grace Elohim into your breath. When you become frightened, when you become fearful, breathe in the energy of Divine, Holy Grace, of the Divine Feminine into your breath. And so, Dearest Ones, know that it is time, it is time, it is time that you bring the Living Light of God into your being. And you are finally serving the Living Light of God into your being, with each breath that you take you are returning to Oneness and balance.

So now, the Sacred Feminine energy will help you to return to this balanced state. Can you feel the peace, can you feel the tranquility, can you feel the love, knowing the essence of all frequencies, the Sacred Feminine, are with you. There are many, many beings of light that are standing with you, flooding you with this energy, and it is of grave importance that you receive the power of this frequency with love within your heart.

Know that today is the beginning of a new cycle of life for this Earth plane. Mother Earth is beginning a new cycle. It is a powerful opening of great importance, because at the very core of the crystalline core of the seat of creation, an active vortex of energy is being opened that will allow the energy of Mother Gaia’s love to be brought forth to the surface of this planet. She has agreed to allow her frequency and her essence to be brought forth to the surface of this planet, because there is a need of healing for all life forms.

As many of you may be aware, there are many species of animals and plants and trees and the marine life that are now becoming extinct. She is now allowing her frequency of divine love to be poured out onto this planet so that many of these life forms can begin to feel this love. Even the smallest of creatures, even the blade of grass, are affected by the discordant energy upon this planet, that is why many of the life forms are dying.

And yet, Dearest Ones, your beloved Mother Gaia is willing to give and give and give, for life to be sustained upon the surface of her back. And so, Dearest Ones, she is gifting this to you at this time, so that you may return back to perfect wholeness and health and perfect balance. Whatever has affected you mentally, emotionally, physically, psychologically, energetically, can be returned back to balance, allowing your body to feel a sense of balance and stability. Feeling the Living Light of God within your heart, and feeling the energy of peace, within the presence and the love.

And so, know, Dearest Children of the light, feel this energy inside of your being. As you bring this level of energy into your system, Mother Gaia welcomes you, and she thanks you, because one soul at a time, one being at a time can affect the whole. And when enough people return to balance, this planet will be at peace. Each one to teach one, each one to lead one... and you are leading by example, you are leading by your frequency, and you are leading by your heart. Know that today your beautiful heart chakra is expanding into the frequency of Divine Mother Love. I will take my leave and allow Mary Magdalene to speak. I thank you for allowing me to step forward, and I send you peace.

Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As Mother Mary has just spoken, this frequency of divine mother love, Divine Sophia energy, has now opened up its portal upon this Earth plane here upon this day, October 9, 2017, in a more powerful and potent frequency, for all the world to feel and to embody.

This is the time, Dearest Ones, that balance shall return, Divine, Holy Sacred Union.

And it is necessary for all life forms to return to balance. If there is anything that is in your life that is not in balance, please ask for our help, and we will help you. We will help you to return to balance.

And be at peace at all times, in all situations. We know this can be difficult, but it is to be that in which you strive for, and that which you are able to receive. When you are in this beautiful state of balance, of Divine Union, you are able to remain in wholeness and in the completion as the Creator God that you are, the Divine God and Goddess that you are. There you are emanating your power and projecting your frequency for all the world to feel and all the world to see and all the world to know. Dear One, time is of the essence, and there is no time to waste. There is only love to be received, and peace to be felt, and light to be embodied.

You are light, and light you shall remain. You are love, and love you shall remain. You are peace, and peace you shall remain. Please bring these frequencies into your heart. It is of grave importance that you receive them upon this day: peace, love, and light. This is the essence of the embodiment in which you were created. And this is how you return to sacred union, Divine, Holy Union, as the beautiful God and Goddesses that you are.

 And so, Dear Ones, stand in the Living Light of God, and be at peace in all things. Today, as you embody and embrace these frequencies, may your heart open to the truth of the beautiful spirit that you are. You are here by Divine appointment, you are here by divine purpose, you have come to serve and to be served, and it is time to receive. And so, we are flooding this planet with Divine Mother Love, so we ask you to embrace this and to embody it, and to live it, and to become it, as you stand in the truth of who you are.

Today is an extremely important day, and so I ask you to honor yourself, honor all life forms, honor the sacred divinity of the truth of your being. Your soul has gone through so much, and yet today, in many ways, it is a graduation day, it is a day of celebration, it is a day of joy.

And so, Dearest Ones, be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and know that within your heart, you are loved. And you are never alone. We thank you for receiving and accepting this frequency and allowing the Sacred Divine Feminine energy to come into your life. Go now, my children, and be at peace in all things, for until we speak again, we ask that you embody and live and become the beautiful spirit in Divine sacred union that you are. It is why Jeshua and I and the holy family have come to be with you. It is why we have come to share our message. As we have devoted ourselves to the return of love and balance and peace upon this planet throughout the eons and eons of time of Mother Gaea’s inception. So that she, too, may return and live in her exalted state of beauty and oneness as the beautiful star she is, the powerful essence of love in which she was created, just as you allow your brilliance to shine forth and be not afraid of stepping into your power. Go, my children, and be. Go, my children, and simply be. Mary Magdalene.

Video: "Embody & Expand Your Awakened Self By Melanie Beckler & AA Michael"






Angels are always with us

To lift and guard when needed

Although they do not interfere

But, if we listen closely we may hear

Their gentle whisper in our ear

They lift and guard when needed

They are a part

Of our Great Community’s Heart

Committed to helping us 

Whichever way our journey starts

There is a story of a person

Who was knocked unconscious

In a traffic accident, and came back to remember

Seeing a beam of light leave another car

Go up, and return to her

Caroline Myss tells this story

To illustrate how Angels are near us always

And, it helps to call them when we hear a siren

Because our call may open the way

For them to save someone that day

They do not interfere

With our free will

But the goodwill intent of others

Is an invitation

That enables them to help

This is why we pray

Ishema (Carol)











Allowing the Greatness That is You By Ailia Mira

Message from Archangel Michael, Hermes & The Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira

Hello Beloveds,

And so, we begin. We begin, and we love that moment when we feel Ailia recognizing the flow of energy coming into her experience. We love that moment, and we love when she allows it the translation to begin, the energy to be articulated.

That's really like a metaphor for this thing we're talking about, about you allowing the flow of your inner reality into personal action. So today, we want to speak about your capacity to allow something that is really spectacular, and that is to allow greatness. Your greatness. The greatness that is you. What do you feel like about that? How do you feel when we say that? 

The deepest intention of your embodiment is you being fully you, and you are inherently great. Do you know this? How do you feel about that? How does that sit with you? What's your response to that? 

From our view, we see that most people are not all that comfortable with their greatness, and in order for you to allow fully who you are to flow freely, you're going to have to look at your relationship to thinking of yourself as really great, so we're going to start today to talk about that.

Let's begin by saying you arise from the Oneness that is. Out of that limitless, vast, luminous consciousness, energy flows into the specific form and function that is you, that you think of as your soul, your higher self, and the form and function that you are has a particular kind of purpose, and the purpose is the fulfillment of you. 

You can live your lives in ways that are exceptional and so brilliant, and doing so is just a matter of allowing. You do not need to create your greatness, because it IS.

Although you will take action to bring about the forms in which your greatness is expressed in this world, that is not the same as creating the value of your being or the greatness itself, it simply is who you already, truly are. 

For most of you when you think about the adventures of expressing the greatness that is who you truly are, you think about this kind of thing, and feel like, in order to be great, you first gotta make yourselves better. Most of you don't really think of yourselves as great, already.

There's this idea that you might become great, but first you gotta make yourselves better. First, you gotta work on yourself. First, you have to fix yourself or learn more or improve yourself or try harder, all kinds of ideas that, somehow, that who you are right here, right now inherently is lacking, is not enough to be called great, which is not true.

So today, we speak to you of your capacity, and we want to point out to you how you can allow your own greatness, the naturalness of your own greatness to flow.

All of creation is flowing through you, shaped and informed by the uniqueness of the energy structure that you think of as your soul self. That energy structure that is you, has specific inclinations ... What you might think of as functions, and you don't have to figure these out.

Many people go through life thinking before they can be all they can be they must determine, figure out their purpose. Most people want to know their purpose. Many people want someone to tell them who they are.

We want to invite you to consider you don't have to spell this out. You don't have to determine it before you express it, it's the only way you do express when you are in accord with the fullness of your being. It just happens. 

You don't have to have some written down definition of your purpose in order for you to express the greatness that is you. It's very simple to express the greatness that is you, and the fun way to do that is to honor your desire.

Your desire is Creation seeking expression through you. When you allow your desires, you allow the specific functions and possibilities, of who you truly are to express. Perhaps the way you could think of contributing in your world and fulfilling your purpose, expressing your greatness, is to flow. You allow it to express and flow into this realm, when you honor your desire. 

When you embrace what you want and go with it, you allow yourself to be fulfilled, and you allow others in life to be blessed by a fuller knowing of All-That-Is, which happens through the specific fulfillment of you.

You are inherently great. Great! Not sort of good, great! 

You are great, and you are worthy of this greatness, and each and every one of you is really sensational. Exceptional. I can be natural, you can feel easily capable of what you will clearly feel as really great things if you let yourself know yourself this way.

In fact, most of you have done many truly great things already, yet most of you spend more time making real the things that diminish you, and looking at what you haven't done rather then focusing on all the generous ways of being you are expressing and sharing.

Most humans are focused upon and looking at the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and amplifying all that.

Sustaining that. Making those gaps more real than the things that feel good, the things that flow easily and naturally. Today, we're going to invite you to drop that.

What if you just stopped doing that?

What if you just give up this need to diminish yourself? What if you decide, "I'm gonna no longer put myself down. I'm gonna no longer look at myself as less than.

What if I were to consider and start to look for evidence that I am enough?" 

We want you to realize, the things that show up in life that you think are the evidence that you're not enough, or not yet worthy, or not yet good enough... they are not the evidence that you're not enough. They are the manifestations of your belief that you're not enough. 

So if you were to start looking for all the ways that you are really fabulous, the demonstrations or the evidence that you are fabulous will open up and increase, because you make real and important what is real and important in your life by investing your energy in it.

If you want to notice more of your own greatness, pay more attention to you and what you are doing well and you might also consider casting a wide net over what ways you are being, that might be worthy of your attention, appreciation and celebration.

What if, right now, you decide to take us at our word and discover your greatness? Start to look at, "Where am I doing brilliantly?

Where am I so natural, so effortless? Where do I feel so easy? 

When am I following my desire and letting myself flow?" That's an even easier way to discover yourself. "What if I allow myself to focus on embracing my desires, and know that in fulfilling my desires, I allow my greatness to shine?"

That's the easiest way to do it. That way, you don't have to think about it – or as you're inclined, overthink it! You don't have to name it. You don't have to have labels. You don't have to write down a mission statement.

You can just know, "When I am feeling ease, and when I am in the flow, and when I am present and feeling good, I am clearly being who I truly am, and who I truly am is just brilliant and Ican trust in that." What about that?

If you embrace what calls to you and let that flow, and let yourself be in a state of expectancy about it, allowing it to come about, enjoying the pleasure that realizing what you want and what you prefer gives to you, when you believe you can have it, you will be great. You will be great. You will be great in ways that only you can be great, and you can make this happen more fully, and

be more aware of it, once you refuse to continue investing in limiting thoughts about you.

What if you gave up the need to limit or diminish how magnificent you are? What if you gave up the idea that if you're really successful, it somehow makes other people feel less? What if you gave up the idea that you have to earn it? What if you gave up the idea that having what you want requires hard work and suffering? What if you refuse to invest your thinking in those kind of thoughts?


What if you started thinking, "Having what I want is easy and natural, and it's when I push too hard and struggle and suffer that I actually make it hard for w hat I want to come to me?" What if you thought that? 

What if you gave up the idea that anything is too good for you? And we mean, for the you that you naturally, already, intrinsically easily are. What if you started to think, "I'm worthy and deserving of everything I desire," what might that feel like if you made that thought solid in your awareness - made that thought feel like fact.

Well then, life would shift, and fast.

If you were to make real the knowing that you are worthy and deserving of everything you desire. If you made real with your attention the idea that everything you desire is your version of the best life has to offer, and realize - you are constantly getting clear about it, if you allowed yourself to relax into the knowing that, “Based on me and who I am, what I think the best things life has to offer will show up as my desires.”

If you were to allow yourself to practice feeling good about those things, and practice feeling good when you think those thoughts, and enjoying the pleasure of what you prefer, and believing that you can have what you prefer, and that you deserve it, and that it's flowing to you because it's a match for you, you would feel your emotions shift. You would feel pleased with you and pleased with life.

You would feel a sense of life getting lighter. You would feel uplifted. You would feel elation, and of course, you can know in that feeling that you're reshaping life as you know it. Your feeling are always indicating the degree of alignment you are in with all you've become.

Creation is constantly responding to that which you make real by investing your attention in it. 
What you invest your attention in shows up, no matter what it is!

No matter if it's something you like or something you dislike, no matter if it's something that's a distortion or a limited view of who you are, or it's the real clear understanding. Whether you invest your attention in it now or later, whatever you invest your attention in, you're making more of in the world and in your experience of the world, so why not make more of, think more about your intrinsic  greatness, and the greatness of others?

Why not start to think of everyone as divine and capable ... and capable of learning how to do this? Why not be a  demonstration of this by investing in the thoughts that empower you to flow and shine? 

What if you allowed yourself to think of your life as something you are facilitating? That you are here as a vehicle for all of Creation to express here as you? 

What if you paid attention and cared so much about how you feel, knowing what your feelings mean, and caring so much about them that you really learned how to let all of Creation express clearly through you? Without evaluating it, without thinking, "I need to work harder or be better." Just focus  on how you feel, know that when you're feeling good, you're allowing it to flow.

Don't you see how good this could be, how fulfilling it might become? And trust us when we say how great you really  are and how great your experience of being you could be! You could live life in an exquisite state of fulfillment, pleased with you and enjoying all of it and everyone else. In this aligned state you become unconditional.

When you focus on your flow and empower it, by letting yourself be who you are, you become unconditionally expansive, expressive, abundant and free! And you vibe that to everyone you meet. Imagine that.

You have the capacity to contribute so much more to this beautiful planet, by being you! Being happy, allowing more, and thinking highly of you is how you let it happen. It's not hard work. It's not trying harder. It's not making yourself better. It's simple empowering your alignment, letting yourself flow. 

So what if you started right here, right now to honor yourself, knowing that greatness is natural and easy, and that you are entirely deserving of that experience?

And furthermore, in that viewpoint, thinking those things, practicing those thoughts until they feel normal and natural and real and easy and fun to you, feeling the deep sense of naturalness in your own greatness, in your own exceptional beauty, in your own uniqueness … When you're in that viewpoint, you are completely in sync with all you've become, and this, beloved ones,

is also how we see you. 

We are complete.

Video: "Radiant 5D Abundance Transmission" By Steve Nobel -

 Poem of Compassion

 The following Community Compassion Poem was written by citizens
of the Springfield, Greene County community, during the
“Building Common Ground: Charter for Compassion, A Civility Project Event”
at the Springfield Greene County Library, Park Central Branch, on March 2, 2012.

Everyone involved was asked to write a line, sentence, a few words based on their experience, thoughts and feelings after hearing the Charter for Compassion,
Tenets of Civility, and poetry based on them.

What follows are their words collected together as one community compassion poem.
(Or listen here: 2012 Community Compassion Poem)


We are all one
and share the same soul

Our hearts are unlocked
like our doors used to be

In appreciation
of a moment or person
magic happens

Compassion is not passing by
compassion is moving forward
with passion
with a heart softened
remembering that we can
slow down at anytime
to touch, feel, connect
and truly know
each other
just by moving forward
with heart softened

share it
you can spare it

A hug
will heal a lot

Blind, absolute tolerance
a brand new start
no blame
from a brand new view
no games
let the colors bleed
or stay fast
but let them mean
not to the whole
only the owner

After that
we’ll all dance

Joy of a child
shows bravery
of the world

Don’t just walk
in someone’s shoes
walk in their feet…
blisters and all
Stumbling, tripping, rambling
through life until I found
something that mattered
It wasn’t something
that I could touch, taste or smell
but it was more solid somehow
What a community can give-
intangible, but more real
than anything I’d ever known
and the benefits, better
than being alone
isolation didn’t appeal anymore

When wondering
what should be done
to another
don’t just shoot from the hip
and do what you’d have them do
but simply ASK
what they want from you

Can I care for those
who share my space and world?
Of course, I can
We can all be a chorus of compassion.
Sing people, SING!

Feeling compassion
for the sagging ashen flesh
of the late-night-please
send-fifteen cents-kitten eyed girl
and the roll of flesh of the EBT card
fried-chicken-white bread-pall mall stench man 
struggling against millions
of years of evolution

Compassion is caring and sharing
It doesn’t matter who you are
or where you come from
It’s about each contributing
what he or she can bring
so that we can all be one

Community: come on,
let’s get some unity
“Be excellent to each other
and party on Dude!!!”

Compassion for the broken people, 
the pariahs of the community 
can be rewarding

Our charter of compassion
may be no Magna Carta
but Jack Kerouac
wasn’t no Siddhartha

My heart hums…
hearing… listening…
to butterfly wings
flap away the confusion
of being a caterpillar…
embracing life and living
with respect
for all creation

You are unique

truly caring and understanding
everyone in every form

Help me to respect
value, and treat all
as I would wish to be treated

sharing, experiencing

Sharing heartfelt heartbeats
while embracing poetic song
finger snaps encouraging community

Intense, full finding a way
to release the truth
a sigh of feeling complete

Community like a great sycamore
is deeply connected
individually we soar at tips of branches
each dancing to own rhythm 
yet harmonically as one
At any height we sing
with fear knowing
we are held securely by others
and while we bend with each storm
we will not break
for together our back is strong
and our feet are firmly planted

When you feel like
the worst has come to pass
remember all the sorrows of others
then tell yourself…
wait and hope
A place where you check your ego
at the door and walk in

A unique consideration and compassionate
understanding of one and the relationship
to group that allows God’s light
to shine on that, one, and all

Resist greed
denounce hate speech
stand up to ignorance
share your love
fight injustice


The 10 Tenets of Civility

Be Attentive:
Live with awareness toward others and your surroundings.

Acknowledge Others:
Greet people, ideas and values with respect.

Be Inclusive:
Recognize and welcome all people every day.

Seek to understand by concentrating on what people say.

Respect Other Views:
Respond to different opinions with a fair and open mind.

Speak Out With Courage:
Express yourself with honor and conviction.

Act With Compassion:
Treat others with kindness and honesty.

Give and Accept Constructive Feedback:
Consider criticism thoughtfully and factually.

Treat Your Environment with Respect:
Show regard for nature, resources and shared spaces.

Be Accountable:
Acknowledge mistakes and take responsibility for your actions.


Self-Realisation Blueprint by Natalie Glasson

From The Fairy Kingdom 

20th October 2017

If there is no download button, right click and save.

The energy coming forth to greet you now is the united consciousness of the Fairy Kingdom.

We bring to you our joy, the innocence of the Creator, the essence of creation, the magical love and the Creator essence. We delight in being in your presence and wish to be of service to you in a unique and awakening way. Let our energy vibrate around your being, and you will notice the quick and high frequency we hold, which is married with the essence of the Goddess Mother Earth. We appear often as multi-coloured light, sometimes small and sometimes large.

The Fairy Kingdom acts as a bridge of light between the high vibrations of the inner planes and the beautiful truth of Mother Earth. We embody both of these sacred energies. Thus, we are able to support an embodiment and balancing within your being of the inner planes and beauty of all that Mother Earth represents.

We wish to ground you deeply into the magic of Mother Earth and elevate your vibration, expanding your awareness into the truth of the Creator.

A unity and oneness of the entire Universe of the Creator will emerge from within your being. It has always been present, and now it blossoms into your realisation and conscious mind for you to express and experience in your life.

In order to achieve a balancing of energies within your being, we, the Fairy Kingdom will work with you expressing our healing, guidance, wisdom and love to create an inner release of all that limits your Self-Realisation. We wish for you to exist as a self-realised being upon the Earth.

What Does It Mean to Be a Self- Realised Being?

We, the Fairy Kingdom, believe that when you recognise the oneness and unity of the Creator within your thoughts, emotions, body, actions and the way in which you exist within the physical reality, you are a self-realised being. We believe that mastery and ascension are simply other labels for Self- Realisation.

Love, peace, kindness, enlightenment and expansion are the qualities embodied when you recognise the unity and oneness of the Creator within your being. Following a pathway that encourages you to embody any one of these qualities will lead you to experience unity and oneness with the Creator and all that is the Creator. Essentially all the qualities which are used to describe the Creator lead you to an experience of your true self and the universe of the Creator.

Self-Realisation is an awareness and recognition of the beauty of the Creator within your being. With recognition comes expression and being of service, experiencing the Creator fully within your reality as well as supporting those who are ready to achieve the same. It is also about familiarising yourself with the oneness and unity of the Creator within your being, recognising the many forms and expressions this energy takes within your being, and how it guides you and inspires you.

Your self-realised aspect and awareness already exists within your being as a fully formed part of yourself. It is a Blueprint which is created by your soul and protected by your soul. This Blueprint is akin to an energy and consciousness source, it is a vibrant expression and embodiment of your truth and the truth of the Creator.

Your Self-Realisation Blueprint is unique to you and influences the pathways you take upon the Earth when fully activated and embodied. When you focus on accessing, merging with and understanding your Self Realisation Blueprint - your life will become smoother and easier to navigate, being divinely guided.

Video: "Self-Realization Blueprint By Fairy Kingdom Through Natalie Glasson"

Why Isn’t the Self Realisation Blueprint Already Activated?

Your Self Realisation Blueprint is already present and activated within your being, it emanates into your entire being from your soul, however it may not be embodied within the cells of your physical body, your emotions and thoughts.

A reason that you may not already be experiencing your full Self-Realisation is that limiting energies, thoughts and feelings are distracting you from seeing the truth of the Creator within your being.

The process of accessing and experiencing your Self-Realisation Blueprint is actually a journey of realising yourself; the essence of the Creator within you.

It is akin to clearing layers of dust to reveal the gold that was always hidden beneath. If you are not prepared to clear away the dust or limiting energies you are holding onto, then you will not even be aware of the presence of the gold beneath.

When we the Fairy Kingdom speak of activating your Self Realisation Blueprint we wish to jump start your awareness and focus your attention to recognise the unity of the Creator that has been ever present.

Your ascension process is a development of revealing the Creator within you. You will have noticed as you heal, release old baggage, forgive, access memories from your present life and past lifetimes that you become clearer about who you are, lighter and brighter; you transform. This is the Self-Realisation process, it describes the journey and the outcome.

Accessing Your Self Realisation Blueprint

First imagine or contemplate what your Self-Realisation Blueprint would look like. Would it be represented by a colour, symbol or a vision of yourself as enlightened? We, the Fairy Kingdom, invite you to create an image in your mind or a feeling that represents to you your Self-Realisation Blueprint.

Then imagine that the image or feeling that you have created to represent your Self-Realisation Blueprint is within your being. You may place the Blueprint in your heart, above your head in your soul star chakra or in area of your being or body that feels appropriate.

Say out loud, ‘I lovingly call forth the Fairy Kingdom to surround me and shower me in your light, love, consciousness and blessings. I allow your energy to flow deeply & freely into my entire being. I receive your divine intervention and assistance with an open heart. Please integrate & align all aspects of my being with my Self-Realisation Blueprint. Please especially align my mind, emotions and physical body with my Self-Realisation Blueprint.’

Take as long as you feel is appropriate to experience this process.

‘Fairy Kingdom, please support me in experiencing the energy, divine inspiration and love of my Self -Realisation Blueprint. Help me fully access the essence of my Self-Realisation Blueprint, which is the unity and oneness of the Creator.

Help me to experience the unity and oneness of the Creator within my being on a deeper level than ever before, feeling these sacred qualities creating beautiful shifts and transformations of awakening within my being. Fairy Kingdom, please work with me to aid the manifestation of my intention now. Thank you.’

Self-Realisation Blueprint by Fairy Kingdom

Stay in the energies for as long as you feel is appropriate.

Embodiment and Balancing of the Inner Planes and Mother Earth Within Your Being

Say out loud, ‘I invite the Fairy Kingdom to surround my being, I open myself to receive the Fairy Kingdom. I ask that the Fairy Kingdom’s consciousness is synthesised with my being so I experience an imprint of the Fairy Kingdom consciousness.

The purpose of this synthesis is to imprint the balance of the inner planes and Mother Earth into my being. Thus, my own energies will be healed, activated and aligned in harmony, peace and balance with the inner planes and Mother Earth. Fairy Kingdom, support me in embodying the essence and truth of the inner planes and Mother Earth. Let this create a beautiful shift within my being drawing my attention to the oneness of the Creator within me. Fairy Kingdom please achieve all that is necessary now. Thank you.’

With shimmering blessings and love,

The Fairy Kingdom

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