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Love Is Not An Emotion - Love Is The Essence of You ! - By Jeremy Fraj ... And ... Energies Are Pushing Us To Go Beyond ... And ... Access Expanded Capacities Through Your Eternal Consciousness

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Love Is Not An Emotion - Love Is The Essence of You ! - By Jeremy Fraj

Love is not an emotion. It's not something that is given to you or taken from you... Love is simply what you all ARE. It is our spiritual essence.????

So long as Love is considered an emotion... a thing that you give and you take from others and from your self... it will always burn you in the end. It will always leave you wanting for more (or less?)...


Because Love is purely a state of being. It is the simple art of being whole... balanced... in tune to one's inner nature. It is a vibrational frequency within that creates resonance. It is cosmic and infinite and without limit.

The more we forget this, the more 'pain' we feel when it comes to Love because our lens of perception are blurred by the ego/thinking mind which seeks only to pursue (or not pursue) love... and since Love is some thing that cannot be GAINED/LOSS... it will always burn you.


Because when we attach our selves to an imaginary, individual concept of love, we actually are creating separation. We are setting conditions, expectations, and limitations on some thing that is otherwise Infinite, Unconditional, and Bound-less... love hurts because we ALLOW it to hurt... love blinds because we ALLOW ourselves to be blinded by our own thoughts.


LET GO. Let it all go... Every thing... all that you thought you knew... all your beliefs... your past experiences... any thing that takes you away from the Here & Now. When we are empty of all concepts, when we stop thinking so much... we enter the everlasting reality of the Present moment. FEEL it... It is a gift... Your Breath... Your Existence... Quit searching, quit seeking, quit asking, quit needing...

LOVE IS WHAT YOU ARE!!! Fear is what you learned along the way... remove these illusions and enter the state of PURE being... pure innocence... pure wonder... pure awareness. This is your natural state.

It is beyond emotion, beyond words, beyond ideas... it is ABSOLUTE and UNIVERSAL and SACRED. It is the BURNING FIRE of your SOUL... the most powerful force on Earth. So, before you go and burn your self again, REMEMBER WHAT YOU TRULY ARE... become the Fire of Love, not a victim of it. :)

Jeremy Fraj#ohsoulsimple<3<3

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