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Let Your Life Be In The Flow Of God's Love...And... 3 Incredibly Life-Transforming Words - Acceptance, Alignment, & Allowing ... And...The Triple Energy Is Aligning You With Your Highest Divine Self!

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All Of You,

Steven Hutchinson

Let Your Life Be In The Flow Of Divine Love By Ann Albers

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Before every exhale, you must inhale . Before every inhale there is an exhale. When you give you receive. When you receive you give. When you spend it is because you have saved or you will save to pay for your purchase.

In all things within the vast and magnificent Presence of the Divine, there must be circulation. Energy must flow to you, through you, and from you in order for you – and the universe – to be healthy.

When energy is stuck - you feel fatigued or unpleasant. When spiritual energy is flowing you feel boundless and joyful. You have access to an unending and constant source of energy at all times. You need not feel tired. You need not feel pain. However, so many of you have simply not been taught how to keep your energy in flow.

There is a human tendency to stuff your feelings for example. Your body tries to hold the energy, like a battery, as best it can. However it gets "overcharged" with stuffed emotions, and begins to attract more of that energy from the outside world.

Pretty soon, like a person with "static cling," you have all sorts of energies stuck to you. As soon as you find a healthy outlet for those feelings, the energy is in motion once again and anything that was "clinging" to you is easily washed away in the flow.

There is also a belief that "it is better to give than receive." In truth you cannot separate the two. When you give - you receive joy, satisfaction, pleasure in seeing the receiver receive.

When you receive, if done graciously, you gift the giver with your own joy and appreciation. If you give but refuse to receive, you can easily become bitter, broke, and exhausted. If you receive but refuse to give of your love you will be very lonely indeed for you will never feel the love of God emanating from within you.

Giving and receiving does not have to be "even" in the material sense. It simply has to feel good in the energetic sense.

You will know when you are out of flow by your fatigue, pain, or upset.

You will know when you are in flow again by your feelings of relief, contentment, and joy. Even your body will relax when you feel the flow of grace running through its channels unobstructed once again. Your heart will be joyous!

So, dear ones, in this season of giving, by all means, share your love. But don't forget to receive as well. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love and the love of God. Receive your gifts graciously. Give of your gratitude and appreciation.

Above all give the gift of your Presence. Your true, honest, and authentic self given to the world without shame or guilt – in any given moment – is the greatest gift you can give.

A rose is made to bloom and yet the thorns are a gift of its Presence as well. All of you is a gift dear ones. Give yourselves to the world honestly, and in return you will have no obstructions to receiving our love.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message From Ann Albers .....

Hi Everyone,

I do a lot of deep breathing. I catch myself all the time rushing around, holding my breath and I make myself stop, breathe deeply, and exhale. It reminds me to be present and enjoy the moment. It reminds me that "now" is where and when I am alive. When I forget this simple practice and allow my "spiritual circulation" to get off balance, my body quickly reminds me.

For the last several week I've had a nerve in my neck that easily pinches and I wake up with numb hands and arms if I roll the wrong way in my sleep or if I move my head the wrong way when I'm awake. I know how to correct it. However, I simply haven't taken the time.

I've been going strong without much down time since mid-September. While I love my fall hikes, this imbalance in my life was reflected in an imbalance in my body.

Thankfully over the Thanksgiving holiday I had time to "refill" the proverbial well. After the wonderful meal and time with friends, I spent a few days in blissful solitude. I sat and read all the magazine articles I'd set aside to read. I filed recipes and noted the healthy ones I wanted to try. I watched Hallmark Christmas movies, and sipped hot cider under my cozy blankets.

Best of all, I sat in silence with God and felt the energy starting to work through the tight spots in my body. I gazed for myself several times, did some easy exercises and of course, both my spiritual and physical circulation have returned. I'm excited about the holidays now and ready to give once again!

It is easy to get a little off balance this time of year in spite of all the joyful activities... or maybe because of them. In any case, here are some pointers to help your spiritual circulation flow smoothly.

1. Stay Present with Your Own Feelings

Stop every now and then. Breathe deeply and exhale. Breathe into the tight spots. Feel all your feelings. If you have stuffed emotions, this deep breathing will help release them from your body and soul, increasing both your physical and emotional circulation.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you as you breathe. Your body is like a child. It tells you what it needs if you listen to it. It even tells you what emotions need attention when you breathe into it. Allow yourself to feel and you will know when you need rest or activity. The mind can lie. The body never does.

2. Take time to receive from God and the angels every day

I am reminding myself to do this every morning and every night before bed. Just a few minutes of sitting in reception of God's grace can change your life, body, health, and everything else. Sit. Breathe. Receive. "I Am receiving God's Love & Grace with my every breath."

Unobstructed, flowing energy equal a flowing life which means flowing finances, flowing love, and flowing grace...

3. Give and Receive Graciously

When you give, do so from the heart. Remain present as you share a kind word with someone. Look them in the eye. Give the gift of your presence in each moment.

When you receive a gift of compliment gift the receiver with your appreciation. Write a thank you note. Don't brush off the compliment or the gift. Take it in with your whole heart.

In any exchange, we are giving and receiving Divine Love. As the angels once said humorously, "You don't want to clog up God's arteries!"

Have a blessed week in a blissful flow...
Love you all!

PS - I'm doing free Gazes online tomorrow if you need a burst of energy for the holidays! Info is below.

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3 Incredibly Life-Transforming Words - Acceptance, Alignment, & Allowing - By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to grow into new levels of Alignment with our Highest Soul's Reality.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


Accept what is and allow change to occur around you
without attachment

Message from Shanta Gabriel .....

I have noticed that when I am in judgment about "what is" and resisting my present reality, it causes extreme stress in my physical and emotional bodies.

It is the awareness of my stress level that finally pushes me to remember that my state will not change for the better until I release the clutches of that part of me trying to control things. I can then focus my attention on what I really intend to experience in my life and trust the Universe will provide whatever is in the forefront of my attention.

Sometimes this process seems easier than at other times...

I remember receiving this message and especially the difficulties I experienced with the concept, "accept what is."

How could I even consider accepting the horrendous and traumatic occurrences that are happening in the world? How could I accept what appeared in my life as the loss of all that I considered valuable?

It is a challenging concept, especially in this era of instant world-wide information with more awareness about what is transpiring not only in the lives of others, but in the life of the Earth and its sustainability.

Yet what I have learned is that nothing can change unless I accept "what is." I have to be very clear about what it is that I am experiencing so I can ask for something different. Often I need to recognize the recurring patterns so I can clear something from my past history. I am really aware that when I accept what is in my present time, I can focus on what I need because the contrast is so great between what I am experiencing and what I want to have in my life.

We come into the world as beings who want to experience and learn from the life we have chosen. We expressly volunteered to come into this time and place so we could help bring the changes the Earth needs to thrive in the higher dimensional life that is awakening now. This includes being in Alignment with our Soul's lessons and the empowered teachings we need to bring our own lives into a higher order.

The next key word is Allowing. We are becoming really alert to this word and its importance for living the happy life we want to live. There are so many things we do that get in our own way as we journey through life.

The practice of Allowing demonstrates trust that we live in a benevolent universe and have a powerful built-in support system. It encourages us to step back from forward movement into our inner center of balance so we can receive all the love and support we need. Even though it feels insignificant, this activity is an amazing action step and is a requirement for greater Well-being.

Since 2012 there are certain words that have increased in frequency. We can literally create a field of Divine Light within and around ourselves when we focus on these words and allow their frequency to work within our beings. I have been inspired to use three incredibly life-transforming words that all start with the letter A. They are Acceptance, Alignment and Allowing.

Alignment with Source energy is the beginning point for every change you want to make in your life and for the creation of health and happiness. For almost every question I bring up, Alignment, Acceptance and Allowing have been the answer. When I take those steps within my life, I experience a new level of ease and effortless momentum.

So when you look at all the changes you would like to make in your life, remember to apply the A's to simplify that manifestation. Acceptance, Allowing and above all, vertical Alignment with your Source energy, are the keys. Truth is really simple, but it does take conscious awareness to apply. That is another reason it is called a Spiritual Practice.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for giving me the awareness and strength I need to Accept situations in the world that do not feel right or good to me. Please work in and through my life to help bring me into Alignment with the Source of All Life and my Soul's highest reality. From this place of Alignment, please assist me to be inspired to ask for what I need and Allow change to occur in accordance with my highest intentions.

I have Faith that there is a Divine Plan working in all situations and people in the world. As I have the willingness to trust in the Divine, I am able to relax and Allow life to unfold in surprising and benevolent ways.

May all beings be blessed with Alignment to the Source of All Light and live in Harmony with the highest good for all Life on Earth. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

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The Gabriel Messages Book #43

Accept what is and allow change to occur around you
without attachment.


Message From AA Gabriel .....

Dear One,
When we suggest for you to accept what is, we mean to be lovingly aware of all situations occurring in and around you — both personally and globally. This means to accept the appearance of what is occurring, without judgment. There is a greater truth underlying all things, no matter how it appears. When you accept a situation as it is, it allows you to release any attachment to having it be different. It is this attachment that can cause you pain.
Just as a child grows and blossoms when in an atmosphere of acceptance and love, so does our world become more expansive and creative when we bring to it this energy of acceptance. When we try to force a child to do what we want, when we have great attachment to his or her behavior conforming to our idea of what is appropriate, the child's energy is restricted. There is no freedom to express the expansiveness of individual creativity. 
This also happens to the adult. When there is too much judgment about behaviors and actions in the world, there can be no free-flowing expression of the creativity and love inherent within each person. This does not mean to be tolerant of behavior that is destructive. It means to be aware of the way things appear, to remember the greater truth, to ask for the qualities we would prefer to have manifest, and then to release our attachment. This allows God and the Angels to begin to work in and through all things.
When you release a person or a situation to Spirit, you allow them to be in the Divine Flow taking them to their highest good. Know that even though you have prayed for the greater good, you do not know precisely what this will look like.

This is where faith comes in. No matter how something appears, if you have prayed, that prayer is being answered. It does not assist things for you to be attached to the outcome. Know that Infinite Intelligence is working, creating change in the direction of balance and harmony. If there is more that you can do, trust that you will be guided to know this through your intuition.
Acceptance and Allowance are two of the greatest powers available to you. These two energies free you to live in the expansiveness that is your divine birthright.

When you are in Alignment with the Divine working in your being, you have an expanded perspective about life, there is greater freedom to express the dynamic, creative qualities inherent within you. There is greater love, for yourself and for all others.

You also will feel connected to your Higher Self, which brings about great joy. It is as the Master Jesus said, "Know the truth, and the truth will set you free."
Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today:

Accept what is and allow change to occur around you
without attachment.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
December 2, 2018
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The Triple Energy Is Bringing You Into Alignment With Your Highest Divine Self!

By Blossom Goodchild

Federation Of Light Channeling On Dec 2, 2018

Good morning. Here we are again then! I have had many inquiries from folk wanting to understand more about the Tripled Energy that is coming in now. I have to say since the 11.11 date a few weeks ago … I feel the Energy has changed considerably. Is EVERYTHING tripled? 

 For instance, someone wanted to know if the supplements they are taking are now tripled in effect? Does the tripled Energy include everything we think, say, do, take in our bodies and listen to? And when receiving Energy work or a Healing, is this tripled also? I am sure you get the idea.

Welcome to Each One and thank you for your questioning on this subject. We are happy to offer more understanding in the ways of its workings.

Firstly, we would suggest to consider one’s FEELINGS. To ‘listen’ to them and subject oneself to the emotion of them. Can you say they are deepened in quality? Whether they be of Joy or otherwise?

One must consider exactly what this ‘Tripling’ means in essence. It is that of Higher Purer Energy … flowing into/becoming part of … your Planet’s atmospherics. Yet, the degree in which it has recently entered is far stronger than the usual ‘pouring forth’, would we say.

The Vibration of this Energy will take ‘time’ to integrate with the Vibration that is already present. Lifting the one that IS … into the Higher level of that which is coming through.

One asks about the effect a supplement may have if it is tripled? Consider that it is everything that is raising itself three notches up … then the equilibrium of ‘what is’ will be the same.  Yet, of a stronger quality. So, one would not, therefore, ‘knock back’ on such things, because the strength of their intake will match the strength of the level that the body has risen to. (Tripled to).

We will say that one’s Awareness will be noticeably Heightened in days to come. One’s Awareness of surroundings. One’s Awareness of understanding. One’s Awareness of Self and purpose will also be more pronounced.

These ‘Blendings’ shall allow a more ‘floating’ approach to all that one is undertaking.

Can you elaborate on that please?

In that, the Energy flowing through is of a more Graceful level. The density in which you have resided within for so long is lifting to a Lighter ‘play’. It has been doing so for quite a while and yet, there is an intensity within these Energies for things to ‘Get a move on’ and ‘Lighten the load’ in order for progression to run smoothly, with as little disruption as possible.

As these Higher Energies are pouring in, one … if allowing of Soul to do so … will benefit greatly in ways of Peace within. There shall come an acceptance of ‘All is as should be’ as the Energies bond with the Soul and each recognises the other.

It shall FEEL like a settling of the Soul. A FEELING of acknowledgment within that ‘One is on track’. One’s state of mind shall be more accepting of WHAT IS … for it is recognising the journey that one agreed to undertake.

So that much that is presented on the ‘outer’ appearance, via media etc. will no longer upset the apple cart, so to speak. For the sturdiness of the KNOWING of TRUE SELF that is resting gently within the heart is reaching a point where it cannot be ‘ruffled’ by such findings.

Everything will make sense on a deeper level and therefore, the surface level will be understood for exactly what it is … Surface.

The DEPTH in which your Soul is collaborating with THE WHOLE is becoming so solid that although there may not be words to express the inner KNOWING of TRUTH … that has no words … it can still be felt on a much stronger level.




Automatically you strengthen the connection with THE ONE.

With this Tripled Energy now entering … it has the design to connect you with the Higher Levels of Being. Your Being. Your Higher levels of Being.  You are able to FEEL your future in a way you have not been able to until now.

Receiving this Energy into/unto your Planet is a HUGE marker that things are indeed, CHANGING … and CHANGING FOR THE BETTER. Even though, as we say, the outer appearance of such may seem otherwise.

Yet, all this that is presenting as ‘upheaval’, as we have said in the past … is part of the Divine Plan.

There is indeed, much turmoil to be gone through and the ‘Topsy Turvy’ world that we have spoken of, is soon to turn upside down.

Sorry to butt in here, yet, can you confirm you don’t mean literally, as in a Pole shift. As many people read between ‘your’ lines and may interpret that as such.

No. We do not mean on the geographical sense of upheaval. We would term it much more so, in the sense of Truths being uncovered that will ‘blow the mind’. Many think you know quite a bit of this. Yet, with respect … you do not.

Yet, Dearest Souls, please understand that THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. You are being made Aware of this NOW … so that when it takes place … it will not be like a bolt from the blue!

You will be able to recognise these ‘Tellings’ for what they are. The Topsy Turvyness that has to take place in order for your world to move forward.

Such uncovering’s MUST come out of their shell and be KNOWN.

You will be astounded and bewildered and yet, … you will also BE PREPARED.

These Higher Energies are lifting your Beings into a Higher placement of Self. Therefore, you will recognise all that is going on and accept WHY it is taking place. You may find it difficult to actually ACCEPT what is revealed to you. Yet, over time … you shall.

Throughout all this, when the lid blows … your understanding of Self  … all the progression you have made with your ‘Self’ … all this, that you have been working on within ‘Self’ … shall all fall into place. Like a magnet drawing the correct pieces into place to form the picture.

All your meditations … all your Trusting … all your seeking … all your answers … will find themselves.

These times ahead are the pivotal climax that BRINGS YOU INTO ALIGNMENT WITH WHO YOU ARE.

These times ahead that you have been waiting for … will allow the fullness of you to ‘show up’ and ‘report for duty’.

When so many are falling apart with confusion and disbelief … it is YOU … YOU … Dearest Ones, who chose to awake beforehand … that shall lead others over THE BRIDGE.

You will not need to go seeking out those in need. Believe us, when we say … they will find you.

Each One will be guided in their own ways … regarding how to move forward.

You will KNOW your position … your station.

Many will join forces as they find their ‘Matching Codes’.

Some consider this time ahead to be the downfall of the Planet. We consider it to be the opposite.




FEEL OUR WORDS DEAREST SOULS. Take a deep breath and FEEL the TRUTH of our words stir in your Heart place.


It is to be an exhilarating time .Yet, we stress the importance of diligence within keeping within the Knowledge that THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE … THE STRENGTH OF WHO YOU ARE … IS WHY YOU ARE HERE AT THIS TIME.







Many thanks to you … I AM holding on to my hat in anticipation of what is to come. Ever closer, I feel … Ever closer. In Gratitude. In Loving service … I AM.

Video - "The Healing Chambers Of The Archangels Are Here For You Now !"

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