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I dont believe in channeling there 1 ou off 10 channelers are ok but must of them is complete nonsence and also why is the FOL advance as they are always will use channelers for comminication , realy i dont believe any channelers has what they said are never accurate or just make no sense but that only my opinion! i will trust 100% more zachariah sitchin wrote in this book than any channelers out there not many peoples can read the sumerian language and zachariah sitchin is facsinnating beings all the things he wrote deserve a nobel price..channeling is one beings reality but its not in my reality soo with no offence Martin .. peace everyone..

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Thats cool Martin. What many of us are learning is that not only are we free to make choices, but that a persons choice can never be a 'wrong' one.
umm I channel and just to be absolutely clear, spirits or higher beings are very wise but they can make mistakes; Especially when dealing with 3rd density. No one is above making mistakes even higher beings.
Yeah Brad i get you and know what you mean ! i just dont resonate with most of the channeling its not i dont really believe it, i just don't resonate with it its just that not just a question of proof or more accurate prediction, i dont need proof of anything on ufo, ETS, reincarnation the 4th dimensiion etc among many other things coz i know form the bottom of my heart that it excist! channeling is just not my of tea. i mediate alot for my enlightment but i just dont want to rush myself with spirituality soo i wont read or believe anything i see or hear
thats ok, i dont either until i see a big craft above my head, then i will believe.
i need to see it with my own eyes.
Im sorry but i dont believe in ascension, chakras, etc etc
to me its all bogus, but just my beliefs so no negative replies guys.

if the fol exist, then they need to shw themselves, some of the speel that comes out of these channelers mouths is just nonsense to me....
love and light, love and light, blah blah blah
I think what Martin is saying is correct there are alot of frauds out there, but there are those with the gifts to channel if anyone hasn't read the RA material i think you should do!! Just search for it on google its all free to read :)

Why do people always say that? i wont believe it until i see it with my own eyes? We can only see 3rd dimension anything above that we can't see only brief gimpses at certain times.

Can you see oxygen? or natural gas? no.....

Who it comes from is not important for me. Do I resonate with it, is what i would be asking myself.
Be discerning!

me niether man. Its not that i cant. Its what they say. What they promice what will happen. Im sorry but ive yet to see any channelers predictions come to pass. I want to beleive. I just got tired of getting my hopes up to have them crushed.
I am a channel and I respect people's opinions who do not believe as much as those that do. When I first started channeling I questioned what I was doing & even went through periods where I didn't believe what was happening to me & tried to shut it off. The thing is - everyone can channel. But your beliefs are your own and the only person that can control them is you so stand strong in your own truth. A good channel would never try to make someone believe them but will always empower the listener - that is true healing & service to others. I would also recommend Zachariah Sitchin's work as part of your research into truth.

Perhaps these videos will help
Magenta Pixie :)

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