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Do You Choose Fear, Or Infinite Possibilities...? By Ann Albers ... And ... Let Yourself Be A Beacon Of God's Light By Shanta Gabriel ... And ...Grief, Presence and Coconut Water

Do You Choose Fear, Or Infinite Possibilities...? By Ann Albers & The Angels

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In your world, and in your lives, there are an infinite number of possible futures. Some are more probable than othersYou can change everything. With each choice, thought, and action, you either stay on the same path or change course, for your choices, thoughts and actions define your vibration, and your vibration defines your future. 

For example, say you start out in a car heading from east to west. You plan to travel across the country. You have mapped your route and memorized it. Suppose we see storms on the route you’ve chosen. In that case, we gently begin to guide you towards a different route.

Suddenly you feel like taking a detour, making a different turn, or stopping along the way. If you listen to these feelings, you avoid the storm. If you ignore your own heart and forge ahead on your original path, you may just run into the storm. We’d be there with you of course. You’d be safe and get through it, however it would have been a lot easier to listen to your heart and avoid it altogether.

So now, for example, we see certain countries on your earth wanting to bomb one another. We see the potential for war, and it is a highly possible future. However, take heart! We don’t support war! We support peace. We don’t support hatred. We support love. And the more of you that resolve to stop warring within yourselves and with one another, the more the vibration of peace will prevail on your planet earth. Peace is an entirely possible future. Will you make it happen? You can.

Many of you have noticed that you are rapidly purging old fears. This comes up first in the form of feeling them. Perhaps you are facing challenges, physical issues, emotional issues that threaten your sense of well being and security. The illusions that have held you bound this life and others are revealing themselves in the form of fears.

However, these fears aren’t real. God is with you. These fears are just trying, in an awkward, un-evolved, and an unloving way to protect you from perceived harm. In reality fears hurt you more than the actual life challenges.

So when your fears come up dear ones, look them in the eye. Thank them for trying to protect you but then tell them simply, “God is my protection. You just didn’t know that. God is my source. God is my supply. God is the health and well being that lives within me and God is my peace. You can leave now.” Then focus on anything good, anything you love, anything you have to be grateful for.

It is with the force of your focus and your willpower that you can turn your sights away from the illusions fear wants to paint for you and towards the truth of God’s love that lives in you, through you, and around you. 

It is with the force of your will and focus that you can decide you will no longer allow your head to be at war with your heart, that you will no longer indulge in attacking or criticizing self or others, and if you catch yourself doing it, you’ll give yourself a hug, and say simply, “That’s OK, we just made a mistake, let's send some love to ourselves of the other. Lets live in truth. Let us be the peace, not the bombs.”

Dear ones you are far more powerful than you can possibly imagine. The strength and power of God lives within you. When you use your focus and free will to affirm those truths over and over and over again, to focus on a loving reality over and over and over again, you will rewired your brains, and then they will be open to receiving the glorious and miraculous force of love that wants you to live in absolute joy.

We believe in your peace. We believe in your well being. We believe in your joy, your abundance, your passion for life. If you are not feeling those things yet, take heart… we are guiding you along a slightly different path – one you will enjoy ever so much more.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Gently Integrating Our I Am Presence" By Patricia Cota-Robles


Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

From what I see in my in-box and in my own life, earth is a challenging place these days. That said, God still lives within it all. Possibilities still exist. It just takes a strong willpower to focus more on what we want than what we don’t.

I’m still rebuilding & backing up files on my old computer after it crashed three weeks ago. It didn't look like a blessing at first, until I changed my focus. I needed to clean up the hard drive. I needed to get my backups organized. I needed to understand how to research and prepare for a new computer that will last me another decade or so. I needed to prepare to reorganize over 40TB of information. What a blessing to do this NOW, during the summer, when I was healing and had a lighter schedule, than later in the year when things are insanely busy. What a blessing! I create my future digital transitions being easy and graceful.

Simultaneously, I was dealing with fears that came up around a tooth/gum/jaw infection were quite stunning. They weren’t thoughts in my mind. They were shaking, quivering, chills emerging from the depths of my body memory, from other lifetimes. 

I faced them one by one. “Thank you for trying to protect me, but I’m fine now. You have to go into the light now.” I got to the point where I was so strong minded that when the fear tremors started up, I went right along with it, shaking them off like a dog shaking water off its back, and then re-imagining the tremors by dancing, singing, and focusing on being excited that I was creating a miracle healing.

I’m healing so quickly now. it is miraculous. I'm doing mantras, meditations, and visualizations and see perfect gums in my inner world. They are beginning to appear in my physical reality too! 

We are energy. Switch the frequency, switch the material illusions of reality into a better possible future. I’m onto this one... finally. The energy is going to be very strong after all this inner work! The possibility exists for us to create that heaven here on earth. I have had it before. I am creating it again. I do not wish to wait until I die.

So yes, life can be scary, hard, hurtful, and uncertain on the outside, but with our own free will, focus, and conviction to create a future we love, we can change everything on a dime.

Here are a few pointers to help you look more at the possibilities than at the “reality” in front of you when times are tough….

1. Get Present

Fear is a projection of past misunderstandings into the future. It is not real. If something fearful were happening right now you’d be handling it. God would guide you. Instead 99% of our fears are memories trying to warn us not to repeat unpleasant circumstances again. Sounds logical, right? But in reality it is a vibrational problem because fear blocks our ability to BE in the present and hear our guidance. 

So when you are afraid, stop. Look around you. Take note of, and appreciate everything and everyone beautiful and good around you. I sat there shaking one day, till I got present and started appreciating my home, the flower in the yard, the hummingbird, my amazing family and friends, my overall good health, God… suddenly this infection seemed SO small compared to the magnitude of good in the universe.

God could wave a pinky finger and heal it if I got myself out of the way I realized. Suddenly, overwhelmed with gratitude and feeling loved by the cosmos, I got strong minded. Things started healing more rapidly.

When you’re present, you can handle what is in front of you. Drop into your heart. Breathe. Simply ask, “What do I do next?” Trust the first inkling. The heart doesn’t lie.

2. Think of as many possible futures as you can...
Don’t get “spinning ball” syndrome!

Fear fixates us on the worst possible future. "I could die. I could suffer. Someone else could die or suffer.” Fear obsesses like the spinning ball on a rogue app that you can’t quit because it’s stuck! In reality there are countless possible futures Sit down and make a list of as many as you can think of.

Years ago, I once asked the angels how a friendship would proceed. They replied, ever truthful, “That depends what you two create! You could become best friends. You could become lovers. You could take a hike and get eaten by bears. You could kill each other. You could spend some time together then drift. You could create together….” They went on and on with both plausible and absurd possibilities until I truly saw that the universe was infinite!

So when I had my infection I started up with the exercise…”It could take over my mouth and rot me away like I did in a dungeon centuries ago.” Scratch that one. I knew I wasn’t creating that! “It could be such a little thing that I’d laugh over all this insanity later. It could be my opportunity to get closer to God, creating more miracles for myself and others, and the best thing that ever happened. (I liked that one!) It could be something stupid I’d forget. It could require massive surgery (scratch that one), and on I went. I decided I liked the one about getting closer to God and creating more miracles!

Write down as many possible futures as you can - both plausible and ridiculous.

3. Pick the Best Possible Future... not matter how Crazy it Seems.  Then Go for it

Out of your list of possible futures, pick the best one. Start to picture it, feel it, imagine it, and create it. Think of it when you’re waking up and falling asleep because then your brain is highly suggestive. Get pictures that represent your dreams. Make a vision board if you or collect them on your computer.

I looked at a picture of healthy rooted teeth every day and guess what showed up when my dentist x-rayed mine! Instead of obsessively letting fear put you in “spinning ball” syndrome, be obsessive in thinking about the wild and wonderful future you want to create.

All things are indeed possible with God. The question is not, “What will God grant us,” but rather, “What will we, through our focus and free will, grant ourselves?”

Go for it. The world needs your peace. The world needs your joy. Your mind is yours to reclaim from the myriad of false programs that surround us.

So while many are in fear here on the planet, we have options, possibilities as yet undreamt, and we can, through our focus and free will steer ourselves towards a wonderful future!

Love you all!

Video - "Soul Offering of Peace" -


Let Yourself Be A Beacon Of God's Light By Shanta Gabriel

Your Prayers Are A Beacon Calling To You The Love & Wisdom

That You Seek

I have been fascinated by the idea of guiding lights since my association with Archangel Gabriel in 1990. He has continuously spoken of the importance of letting our inner light radiate into the world and has given many different processes to encourage that practice.

It's important to remember that Divine Light contains both the presence of God's Love and the power of Infinite Intelligence. Both of these empowering attributes are necessary for us to lead a life that is fulfilling from the Soul's level as well as from the purely human.

When we are in alignment with this Presence within us, Divine Wisdom and Love become more available for us. Our heart's wisdom is accessible and we find new levels of clarity and certainty to enhance our daily lives.

We have been told for many years that Love is the greatest healer there is. When we invite the Light of God to work in our lives, we begin to create a resource that we can allow to work in every area of life where healing is needed. This power of Love within God's light is so profound that it brings new high-frequency energy into our hearts, and from there into our bloodstream to enhance our health and well-being.

Many studies have been done demonstrating the efficacy of prayer. When we pray with a full heart of gratitude, it can raise our vibrational frequency and attract to us what we need. Paramahansa Yogananda said that our thoughts are prayers and we are always praying. The benevolent presence of the Universe is continuously providing what we are focused on in full, loving commitment to our happiness.

The problem is our focus of attention is often on what is lacking or what we intensely do not want to experience. This intensity of feeling creates the magnetism. Our feelings profoundly affect our ability to manifest the life we most want. To change the course of our experience, we need to place our attention on our intentions for the life we want to live.

Remembering that I am radiating energy into the field around me like a Beacon Light is important. Being an expression of Divine Light to the world requires my heart to be full of Loving Gratitude.

When my heart is full of gratitude, I can more easily see there is Beauty everywhere around me. I am so filled with this natural beauty that I feel like my heart is bursting with Love.

It thrills me to let Divine Love shower through me like a waterfall. My very cells begin to dance with Life Force. When I allow this fullness into my being, I naturally become a Beacon of Light and radiate this presence into the world.

These feelings within me are powerfully magnetic. The radiance of this pure Joy becomes a magnet for more of this ecstatic and nourishing experience ...and that makes me happy.

Divine Presence,

May every thought in my mind be a blessing to the world. Help me to raise my vibrational frequency through my prayers and love so that my every thought is a Beacon of Light to humanity. May all that I do, think, or say be in Alignment with the highest Will of God working in my life.

Thank you for your blessings of Grace and Divinity in every area of my life. May the Light that shines through me carry Divine Intelligence and Love into my life and to others in every moment. May this Light bring more awakening and peace into the heart of each person on the planet. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
August 25, 2019

Video - "Becoming The Ocean Meditation" By Steve Nobel -


Grief, Presence and Coconut Water By Briony Dalton

The Unspoken Connection Between Human Hearts

I can’t remember how long I stood there with my phone fixed to my ear after Sarah had hung up. The silent whirring of book browsing carried on in the library around me, oblivious to the abyss that was about to swallow me whole. I’d just been told a highschool friend had taken her life.

I had to escape. I needed to be somewhere safe. My legs carried me, zombie-like, to my workplace a few blocks away. A bustling cafe where I had forged deep friendships with my workmates, something I cherished being a long way from home. They would know what to do with me.

I walked in and suddenly became self-conscious. I had no idea what to say or do. They would start talking to me but I couldn’t talk. What would I say? “I’m about to fall apart, please help me!”?

I panicked and left. But the street was no better. I felt vulnerable, raw and exposed. And I could feel the fear and guilt, anguish and pain, sadness, anger, and utter heartbreak welling up inside me with nowhere to go… I needed to be somewhere, somewhere I could just be.

I went back to the cafe and sat on a seat outside, slightly out of view but still within the warm, familiar confines of my usually joy-filled home-away-from-home. And it came. The floodgates burst quickly, unleashing a swell of pain that felt like it would surely drown me. I tried to contain it for the sake of those around me. I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be noticed, and yet, I couldn’t bear to be alone.

And then he arrived. Rob, a workmate I didn’t know so well, with a big glass of coconut water in his hand. He sat next to me, handing me the ice-cold drink and I felt I should say something. But still I had no words, just tears, so many tears.

My body shook and he sat with his hand on my back, right behind my heart, and he stayed there. And I wept. And wept. And wept … I never uttered a word and he never asked for an explanation. He just let me be. And somehow, without words, our hearts did all the talking that was needed, silently acknowledging the beauty of our shared humanness.

Rob’s presence said “I see you, I hear you.”

Many years passed before I told Rob what had prompted that outpouring of grief, and what it meant to me to be held in such presence, such acceptance, without him trying to fix, assure, advise or console me. Just being witnessed as I broke apart, and slowly, very slowly, put myself back together, was powerful beyond measure. I will always remember the potency of that simple, yet profound gesture: his unconditional presence.


Some years later, the roles were reversed and I was again reminded of the incredible healing grace of this unspoken language – the language of the human heart.

A colleague had lost her brother to a somewhat common surgical procedure. It had gone fatally wrong and now, suddenly, this close family was left with a great and suffocating hole. Naturally, she took time off work.

Several weeks later as I went about setting up the cafe for opening, I turned around and there she was, walking towards me. Her cap and sunnies did little to hide the pain and brokenness. I could feel it in her spirit and my own. Suddenly, I was sobered by panic. I felt unnervingly ill-prepared …

“Hey Jess” I greeted, not too enthusiastically but careful to omit any tone of pity. I never liked pity. Sensitive, I’d hoped.

“Hey. Just here to pick up something.” Her words lacked all conviction.

Should I ignore her loss? Or would it be insensitive to ask? What would she prefer? Surely I know what to do in these situations?

“How are you?” I fumbled.

She nodded a little, forcing a corner of her mouth up in what I think she hoped would tell me all I needed to know. She started to tear up. I put my arm around her and walked her to the couch.

We sat. And she wept … “Quick! Say something!” said my mind, “Say anything – you’ve lost people you love too, you must know the right things to say! Soothe her! Tell her it will be alright!”

I opened my mouth to offer glimmers of hope, a happier future, a more peaceful place for him, a healed heart with time … but another thought entered my mind –

Nothing you can say right now will ease her pain.”

Holding space
Holding space is meeting someone exactly where they’re at.

I was immediately swept back to that moment, sitting but a few feet away; where Rob had offered me no more than his presence and an open heart. And not only was that enough, it was exactly what my broken heart had unknowingly yearned for.

I realised how uncomfortable I was with Jess, in not knowing how to ‘fix’ her. By clambering for offerings of comfort, whilst pure in intent, I would actually be telling her heavy heart, “Don’t be sad!”

But who was I to say her feelings weren’t valid? So I closed my mouth and put my hand on her back, and I sat. I sat and I listened and I watched as oceans of deep sadness and pain and anger drenched her lap. I sat and I listened and I watched as she let herself fall apart just a little bit more. I hoped that by bearing witness to her rawness, she would instead hear my heart saying, “I see you. I hear you. I feel you.”

Fifteen or so minutes later, the tears were subsiding and I felt now was a good time for the coconut water. Just as I went to get it she turned to me, grasping me with her gaze, our souls seeing our sameness, a feeling that simply can’t be expressed with words, she then pulled me in for the most fragile, warm, heartfelt embrace, and whispered ever so softly in my ear, “Thank you.”

And in that moment, that precious mirrored moment, I knew that was enough.


Both these bitter-sweet experiences had me thinking how different the world might be if holding space for ourselves and others was the norm. Imagine if we were taught this at home and in school. Just how naturally we would reside in presence and loving-kindness for all of life on Earth.

At the very least, I feel immensely grateful that I’ve learned this healing way to be with grief and I can only hope that continuing to hold space for others will leave the same kind of impression that was left on my own heart.


If you feel compelled to practise being more present with those around you, why not try it out for a week or so. This can be as simple as just listening to someone speak without distraction and without interrupting. What do you notice? How does it feel? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments below; they matter and can really make a difference in someone’s day.

Love and presence to you all,


Video - "Deep Insight Meditation: Gaining Insight & Clarity Into An Issue" By Steve Nobel


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