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DNA Activation - April 11 By Joanna ... Dare To Embrace The Power Of The 'I Am That I Am' ! ... And ... Let Us Sing Our Divine Sensual Symphony Of Beauty By Amu Raea

DNA Activation - April 11 By Joanna & Ashura, & Tanabor ❤

Hello all dear Love Lights ❤

Welcome to our fourth DNA activation focus for 2018, as part of an ongoing DNA Activation sequence on the 11th day of each month throughout 2018 (2+0+1+8=11). With April, we have the ‘4 pillars aligned through the 4th month’ ~ 11-4-11 ~ so we’ll share a meditation here that combines the vibration of 3-strand DNA with the Rose Cross, or Double Infinity symbol of the 4-petal vibration, which brings stability, equilibrium and consistency of flow to the higher light frequencies we are embodying, through to the ‘cell and strand’ level, as part of the personal and planetary Ascension journey. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the concept ‘3-strand DNA’ we suggest reading this post at Heart Star: New Earth DNA Activations to help attune with the core shift from ‘dualized’ to ‘trinitized’ life expression, which is multi-levelled, through to the embodied layer of humanity and all living beings on Earth. We’re focusing with three beautiful symbols of trinity vibration-in-creation, the yin-yang-yuan, triskele and triquetra….in this colour range of white through aqua through teal blue, because this specific colour vibration resonates with the water element in our bodies (and everywhere) with the gently given message to open and receive.


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Dare To Embrace The Power Of The 'I Am That I Am' ! By Grace Solaris
The ascended masters and angelics repeatedly tell us to not diminish ourself but to own who we are, to be the angels that in truth we are. They are no different to us (they are higher aspects of you serving in other dimensions) and when we truly embrace and embody our angelic essence we become ONE.
This however can not take place until ego is out of the way. To actualize ascension we need to embrace our angelic essence avatar blueprint. Denying our divine ancestral blueprint is dimming our light and denying who we truly are. Love is who and what you are when the story of the I falls away. Making ourself small and unworthy is holding ourself in the illusion of separation from God.

The only means to whole-ness is embracing and accepting yourself in all shades, in all aspects... from the lowest to the highest frequency, and as love is freely shared, grace takes place, all is healed and "turns" into love. It is an alchemical process that takes place thru acceptance and love and thru surrendering.
Ego however comes in many disguises.... it will tell you, you are not worthy and this again may trigger you, when you encounter those that embody their master essence. When you are triggered by others owning their mastery, standing in and embodying their master essence, feel into this aspect of you to which you have withheld love and let love flow freely..... the feelings of not being good enough often stems from childhood experiences ... other´s own lack of self love projected on you or society´s rules of judging everyone who "stick their head up" and claim their magnificence as sovereign beings of light. Don´t you shine too bright.... shining bright is perceived as a threat by what is lacking light.
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Love is all inclusive, love is all-there-is. Be gracious, be merciful with yourself, surrender to all shades of self and don´t be afraid to share your light and shine bright. That is what you are here for. It is a gift of love to all, even if it is not perceived as such in that moment by some, love will have its way.
Shining your light will not be in vain. Dare to embrace the power of the I Am that I Am, which is nothing less than pure god/dess consciousness, the source of all-that-is. It is your birthright and reason for being here. ~ Grace Solaris
Video: "Judy Satori's Full Moon Transmission 5 - Advancement of Cellular Change"

 Let Us Sing Our Divine Sensual Symphony Of Beauty By Amu Raea

A Promise that Humanity made to itself

There will come a day in Humanity's history, when the mental a cubical structures of its society will have outdated their use and become irrelevant. There will come a time, when Humanity's Existence will be based purely and solely, on Beauty, Creativity, the enjoyment of Arts, Theatrics, Music, Poetry, Architecture, Gardening... and everything that makes Humanity a Radiant and Magnificent Civilization.

When this time comes, everything that has been a witness to Humanity's Beauty will flourish around the globe, forever expanding onto itself, continuing to flourish more and more of this Beauty; the Era of a Flourishing Design for the Human Living Environment. When this time comes, what has been considered to be the ugly things of this world will no longer be a matter of focus. When this time comes, Earth will only be seen as a Harmonious Garden of Beauty... because Humans will know that there are much more Beautiful Things, than what they had considered as ugly.

When this time comes, the Sensual Passion of Human Artistry will have saved mankind from its mental prison and encasement. When this time comes, Earth no longer will be seen as a grey lifeless place. Everything will come to life, everything will come to its Full Color... Humanity will 'Real-Eyes' they can live a Sensual Life, see Beauty in Every Single Thing, and get goosebumps every second of every moment, appreciating the amazingly Artistic and Beautiful Nature of Everything.

Until then, let's enjoy this Beauty to its fullest. Let us dance within the Eternal Graceful Flow of the Time-Space River. Let us sing Humanity's Sensual Symphony of Beauty, into the Ears of the Cosmos.

There lies Beauty where the human eye does not dare peak; « There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, a rapture on the lonely shore, by the deep sea, and music in its roar... from all I may be, or have been before. To mingle with the Universe, and feel; What I can ne'er express, yet cannot all conceal. » (George Gordon Byron [1788 - 1824])

The Monthly Realization ~

And then, you realize that there are no words that could ever be written, which could explain to you the reality of Enlightenment, or even the reality of Owning your Beingness in a realm of Ease, Grace and Simplicity. This can't ever be learned, figured out, nor perceived through the linear human eyes. But it is something that can be felt, sensed, and experienced.

It isn't the linear, mental and intellectual understanding that is important, but the Essence. A Sensation that Transcends the need for thoughts, words, definitions or structures. A Momentum of Passion, which is forceless, and relaxed. Wings, that gently and gracefully propel you through and towards anything, without the need for force, power nor energy.

It can be no other than yours, if you choose to Know it, if you choose to own this Quantum Alchemy of Pure Simplicity.

Video: "The Sekhmet Transmission: Reclaiming Multidimensional Healing Gifts" By Steve Noble

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