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Clarity With Your Divine Self By Jamye Price ... And ... Sacred Sexual Healing Activations By Anrita Melchizedek ... And ... The Transformation Within By Natalie Glasson

Clarity With Your Divine Self By Jamye Price

Blessed Beings, Life is ever moving and ever changing. In your moment of stillness, or deep connection, that is where your divine clarity is heard. It does not yell, it is often a profound silence.

Underneath words or without words, it matters not; for the subtle realm hears your stillness.

The future is a response to the present moment and it awaits your desire and clarity of knowing to realign itself for you.

The subtle realm hears your clarity with the totality of understanding your full resonance. As you honor your authentic thoughts and emotions you are aligning with the subtle laws of time and space.

Clarity of Time

Quite often as humans are interacting with time they experience it as a burden that cannot be shifted and begin to experience some unconscious resistance.

They observe the past and what had been lost.

They observe the future and fear the unknown.

They resist the present because to fully be in it brings thoughts and emotions that may not feel comfortable

But as you honor the conditions of this reality, you begin to find your footing. You find interactions that create a strength of Knowing within the self. This is your clarity. Not all the answers of the future, but the power of the present moment embodied within.


As you shift your inner experience, you can then authentically observe the past and experience a new perspective. Allow yourself to feel and experience a new perspective of that which has passed in the physical realm.

It was a catalyst that fostered strength, understanding and compassion. It created a strong desire for change.


The strength within the core of the self understands what it is to be in the eye of the storm and to allow the self to observe the future and the unknown. While the details of the future are unknown, the Knowing that all is well maintains your stability, even through change.

You become the eye of the storm, that stable calm as life spins around you. This is an important understanding for you now, as life spins ever faster.


To recognize and affirm that all is well in the present creates a future aligned with your peace that passes all understanding. You are ever changing as you create a strength of knowing within your self that all is well.

Soothe the mind into understanding that all is well. Details will follow. As you learn to find your peace within the unknown (the subtle realm), you learn the skills of following the clues of life and directing from there.

This is a refining of information. It is subtle realm communication.

Clarity of Space

Your knowing that you exist within the physical realm and the subtle realm creates a shift. There is a transformation and a release as you allow yourself the authentic flow of emotion and thought.

You move through the thoughts and emotions, you are not bound by them. You become a master of your interaction with the flow of Life. The difference is your conscious interaction with it.

When your core is strong with the knowing of your sacredness, empowerment and that all is well—life flows more easily. It responds to you, and you find yourself aligning with Life in sacred and special ways.

You begin to see the magic that you are, that which Love is. You begin to see that the “magic” in life is not an illusion, it is real and natural. But it is a choice.


Life is wanting you to thrive, to allow Life through you. As you direct your choice and allow Life to respond, you are flowing with Life and Life is flowing with you more easily. The full give and receive of life is manifesting through you.

New solution and new experience is being born through you.

You do not need to figure it all out. Become resonant with the peace that passes all understanding and all understanding will pass through you.

Understanding and Peace by Jamye Price


Your freedom is an internal experience. Your inner realm is your sovereign domain. How you maintain your inner realm, affects your creativity and your interaction with life.

When you are free within, you are able to create and interact more easily.

How do you find your inner freedom? Allow forgiveness. Allow new perception. Allow transformation to occur so that all experiences become new strengths, new wisdom, new understanding of the self. This heals the past into an empowered present.

Allow excitement, play and creativity to flow. Transform worry or the fear of the unknown into a strength of understanding that Life is wanting to respond to you. This creates a future that is resonant with your empowered present.

Embody the fullness of the present moment.

The present moment contains the past and the future connecting through the core that you are. Embody your present moment fully. That is how you access that peace, stillness and the ability to observe with the detachment that All is Well.

Clarity Within

Begin to perceive the beauty in Life, even the challenges. By beginning to perceive the beauty that you are, you see that your core strength maintains a powerful alignment. Life responds powerfully to this flow.

Be unconditionally loving with yourself. Be unconditionally loving with your past. Be unconditionally loving with your future. Be unconditionally loving with your present moment, even as authentic thoughts and feelings flow.

The positive emotions are supporting you. The negative emotions are strengthening you.

As you perceive all is well, observe the beauty in life, and love yourself unconditionally; you are transforming the negative into a connection with Love that no longer separates the two.

Negative is not Opposition by Jamye Price

The negative then becomes merely an opposite, not an opposition. Duality no longer holds sway over you. You have become the eye of the storm—the strength that maintains its balance, even as life spins around it.

As you create your clarity within, you allow the harmony of the spiral of Life to flow strongly to you, through you, and to create with you.

We love you. We receive the beauty that you are. You are magnetic and magnificent. This interaction with you changes all of Life. Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah.

Video - "Expand God's Love Within Your Heart By Melanie Beckler"


Sacred Sexual Healing Activations By Anrita Melchizedek

In this wonderful Sacred Sexual Healing Activation transmission, Tamra shares how making Love is so much better than sex. Through our misuse of love and sexuality, many have lost touch with the higher consciousness of our Divine Blueprint. As we partake in the sacred alchemy of purification and in the process of human love and feelings, we move deeper into intimacy, and connection with ourselves and in partnership, vibrating our sacred sexual energy out into the world.

To deepen into intimacy in relationships, we need to deepen into intimacy within ourselves first, appreciated our sacred sexuality as well as our sexual organs and body parts. When we are still finding "who we truly are" in our magnificence and Light, we may "pretend" sexually in relationships with others; faking orgasms or "not feeling good enough", or for men, "not being big enough".

As we clear false beliefs of "not being good enough" as well as the need for validation and approval of others, we release frigidity, lack of intimacy, sexual abuse, impotence and many other sexual related areas of discomforts to open deeply to the essence of Divinity within. This in turn ignites a flow of sacred sexual healing energy though the body, as we enter into the inner alchemical marriage of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits.

Before we can truly love another we must first experience the love of our Self and the sacredness of who WE TRULY ARE. As we release guilt and shame, the sacred sexual energy of orgasm ignites into the unity grids and rose grids of Unity and Love, bringing us all deeper into the experience of intimacy and Love. When we make Love, we are creating Love within the world and bathing Mother Earth and all her Life in the collective signature of the cosmic orgasm of Divine Love as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.

Through these Sacred Sexual Healing Activations, Anrita takes us deeper in to self-love and self-appreciation, sovereignty and freedom and the knowing that we are completely unique and immeasurable in our magnificence and light.

As we accept, appreciate and celebrate ourselves in each Now moment without judgment, we experience a deeper sense of the natural flow of our sacred sexual energy from the perineum center to the crown chakra, from the earth star chakra to the soul star chakra and the cosmic portals beyond this. The quivering passion of intimacy with self activates through the fire of the Shakti-Shiva kundalini and the renewed balance and integration of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits.

As we continue to release, accept and/or embrace all that no longer needs to be experienced as we walk the path of Divine Love we enter into the Heart of Intimacy. Touched by the Golden Rose Light codes of Christos-Sophia and Overlighted by Magdalene and Jeshua, from within this nakedness, vulnerability and love of Self we experience the natural sacred sexual energy of our soul's physical Temple of Light ~ tantric intimacy.

As the kundalini and tantric channels activate, we deepen into the initial slow dance of ecstasy and passion through our sacred sexual energies. We move through each one of the chakras in particular breathing techniques, adding our vaginal and/or anal muscle contractions and rhythmic body movements. We experience the electric heat and tingling of Divine Love, intimacy and sacred sexuality throughout our body and energy field as the tongue gently moves to the back of the throat.

As we embrace ourselves within the Golden Rose Petal of Intimacy we release old blockages and judgments from within the chakras. We travel karmic timelines and bring in the energy of the Golden Rose in Unity and Love, forgiveness and compassion.

In this dance of ecstasy and joy we embrace our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. We merge with our Divine Feminine Spirit opening to receive a deeper level of self-love, intuition, vulnerability, compassion, gentleness, beauty, flexibility and grace. Through our Divine Masculine Spirit we open to receive a deeper level of trust, reliability, respect, wisdom, stillness, protection, empowerment and action.

Additionally we anchor and activate the Cosmic Codes of Divine Relationships and Re-Union of Hearts within our Soul clusters as this slow dance of passion gathers in tempo and energy. We are ready now to open to Love, to make Love, to experience Intimacy and to know that All Is Love. And so it is. And so it shall be


Video - "Sacred Sexual Healing Activations - The Sacred Vagina & Magical Penis By Anrita & Tamara -


The Transformation Within By Natalie Glasson & Ascended Master Melchizedek

Welcome, I am Lord Melchizedek.  I identify myself as one being and yet I am a whole comprised of many. I am the Melchizedek consciousness and source. However you choose to recognise me, I AM present to illuminate you and remind you of your deepest connection; your relationship with the Creator experienced through your current manifestation.

Will you allow yourself to see within me the truth of the Creator? Will you allow yourself to see within your being the truth of the Creator? The Creator is ready and available to be seen, sensed and experienced fully.

There is simply a need to create your intention, shift your mind to align with your intention and open yourself fully to receive. In opening yourself fully you release and let go of all which is limiting and blocking you, in order to receive all that has always been present.

This simple practice below can be applied to all areas of your reality, to situations, problems, creations and healing:

  • Create an intention.
  • Ask that your entire mind and mental body is aligned with your created intention. Also ask that your mind, mental body and the intention is enthused with light to raise the vibration of your being thus allowing your intention to manifest as the purest and greatest possibility for you.
  • Focus upon receiving the light, love, and truth of the Creator into all aspects of your being. As you do so you imagine, sense or acknowledge yourself opening, expanding and relaxing, allowing the divine flow of the Creator to surge through you.

This simple and yet powerful practice allows you to create transformation within your being and reality. After experiencing this practice a few times, you will begin to recognise the powerful shifts created within your being, and understand how synchronised everything is within and around you.

You realize that blockages, stagnation, and feeling that things are impossible or cannot manifest is simply something you may have aligned with in the past. Realising the power of aligning to that which you wish to experience and/ or embody, sets you free, supporting a powerful transformation within and the reality you create for yourself.

Video - "Ascension News - Soul's Purpose & The Hero Journey" By Steve Nobel


The Shifts Taking Place Within

This is a time of complete transformation. By this, I, Lord Melchizedek, mean you are transforming to recognise the completeness of your being. The fact is that you are already whole, connected to the Creator and embody all you need.

But there are numerous levels of recognising the completeness of your being, and each brings you closer to the presence of the Creator within you. The 2020 Light Blaze amplifying all that is the Creator in and around you makes this the time for recognising your closeness with the Creator. It is important to make the most of this amplification taking place now. To do so is to focus your attention within you and to ask yourself:

What transformations are taking place within me now?

To ask such a question is to align yourself to any and all transformations taking place within your being. While also taking a moment and some space to recognise there are transformations taking place which are major and mind-blowing if you only allow yourself to recognise them.

It is possible that you have most recently found your attention being drawn outwards into the physical world, as this often happens when a lot is happening within you. It is almost like a coping mechanism.

However, there is a need for you to be a witness to the shifts and transformations taking place within you, even if you do not understand them fully. Each moment you focus within with the purpose of recognising the transformations taking place, you open yourself to be inspired and to recognise your inner magnificence.

Thus, you allow your entire being and beyond to transform into an embodiment and remembrance of the Creator. Such an experience would be empowering, encouraging you to continue to search within, watching both the turmoil and radiance taking place.

The shifts taking place within each person will be different and diverse, even though the goal of remembrance and unification with the Creator is the same. Each time you turn your attention within your being, you may receive different, varied and new understandings.

Predetermining the transformations taking place within you or creating expectations of what should occur will only distract you for recognising the truth ready and available to blossom. In many ways, there is a need to open your perspective beyond anything you are currently willing to acknowledge and accept.

Thus, you move beyond your current state of being in order to embody the completeness of the Creator, which requires great courage and dedication. It is far too easy to retain your current perspective and outlook while trying to seek within you the truth of the Creator. Only what you know will be revealed to you, thus your inner transformation will be insignificant compared to the breakthrough available to you in any given moment.

What transformations are taking place within me now?

Only you have the power to answer this question with the truth and integrity it requires. Only you can communicate with and receive the Creator for yourself and your reality in this lifetime. It is time to trust in the process unfolding within you.

Even if you do not understand it. It is time to trust in your ability to recognise, know and embody the wholeness and completeness of the Creator now and in every moment of your reality. In doing so, you will remind yourself of your unbreakable bond and inspirational communication abilities with the Creator, which have always been present and yet can now be fully embodied by you.

It is now time to step fully into your pathway of truth and to engage with it wholly. Your pathway of truth is most likely not what you expected for yourself and life, yet it will be deeply engaging and exhilarating. Let yourself hold and embody the transformations occurring within you, if only for a moment, as the flow of the Creator is immensely powerful.

The Inner Planes Transformations

It is appropriate to say that the same transformations and shifts occurring within your being are also taking place in the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. You are the vehicle which houses the Universe of the Creator.

Everything you discover within you is taking place for all on the Earth and beyond. There is no separation, there is only unity and oneness. The shifts you experience within you are happening within the Creator.

Therefore, you are the witness of the transformations occurring within the Universe of the Creator and the core of the Creator. You also have the opportunity to embody these transformations and experience them as your own.

Can you recognise how synchronised you are with all that is the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes? This in many ways is your quest of discovery and embodiment.

When you feel as if you would like some additional inspiration, you can call upon my energies, Lord Melchizedek. Ask me to connect your awareness into a shift and transformation taking place within the Universe of the Creator.

You may wish to specify that wherever I, Lord Melchizedek, feel guided to direct your attention, that this will serve and bring enlightenment to your current reality. As you enter into meditation with my energy surrounding you, I will guide your attention to the inner planes, making you aware of a transformation taking place.

Simply allow yourself to be a witness to this transformation. Thus, you will notice the same within your being and its impact upon your entire being.

As a closing question, I invite you to ask into the presence of the Creator within you, what is a transformation after all?

With devoted love,

Lord Melchizedek

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If you would like to know more about the Dimensions and the Rays of Light. Natalie has written a Channeled Book called: "The Twelve Rays of Light"
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Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for All of You, Steven Hutchinson​

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