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Barak Obama - • '' I empower you; do not be afraid any longer for your bare existence! '' ...personal interview



With Love, Predrag

06/11/10 17:55 PM

This interview was conducted with Barak Obama wearing only his Human and Personal shoes [with the rest of his clothes, of course], without any reference to his present post as President of United States.

These are only his personal views and thoughts. This will be treated as "fully imaginary" interview until President Barak Obama makes it public.

Interviewers will remain private, until the full video recording is released.

Q: Barak Obama, welcome to our humble environment. I know that you will fully enjoy it, as it is quite different than the ones you get use to.
If you willing, maybe in your third part of this conversation, you will release where this is taking place? Can we start now?

BARAK OBAMA: I have to thank you for this so long awaited opportunity, as I feel free and not pressured to watch every word I speak, every mimic I do, every look I associate with the questions I receive.
I feel that judgment of other fellow humans at this point is not important.

The only thing I want for today it to be heard.
Nothing else and nothing more.
Simply, hear me.

Q: Barak, how do you feel about up coming First Contact with Intergalactic Federation of Light, Command of more than 200 Extra Terrestrial species?

BARAK OBAMA: This is so direct and very unavoidable. I cannot use my prepared answer: "Depending on are these Aliens Democrats or Republicans?"

You do not even ask me or pretend:
• Do they exist at all? Or Are They in contact with us?
Your question, or better statement, is very courageous one …

Q: Dear Barak, you promised us and to yourself that in this conversation you will represent only your own feelings, thoughts and opinions, not of Official Government Policies, so please feel free to continue. I am sorry for interruption.

BARAK OBAMA: So, lets start again, as this is quite nice to have open hands and thoughts and feelings.
• I actually cannot wait to be part of this Historic event.
• I am, as more and more of you every day, becoming fully aware that our Human spices are not alone and that we never been alone.
• I have, since my 17th birthday constant mental reminder that becoming a President of US will be just first small step, in what was put in front of me.
• Or better, this is what I had chosen ions ago in my agreement with our Creator.

Q: Wow, Barak, this is more that we could expected for all the interview! What is the cause or intent of this personal heartfull disclosure?

• I have no more fears. For my own life or my family’s.
• I have full awareness that conflict and confrontation is not the way to resolve anything.
• That Humanity has to know the truth about Extraterrestrials, now. Not tomorrow or within next months, but now. Today. This hour. Now!
• That this First Contact, when administered by non-governmental, non-political and non-military forces [I will call them Human Ambassadors or Ambassadors of Humanity], makes it so perfect and untouchable by any “authority” [governmental, political, industrial, financial].
• That, this Human Ambassador’s does not have responsibility to anyone but only to its own innerself, its own higherself, to Mother Earth and to Creator itself.
• That, the fear, so ingrained in us all, politicians, industrialists, bankers, militant leaders … , that we will “loose” all of the “assets”, “monetary values”, “powers of positions” if we do not follow this path of limitless greed, possessiveness, hate, dichotomy and duality.
• That, we were never asked, WHY it has to be this way?
• Why only handful of selected [and by whom?] has more than plenty, and %97 of Humanity is treated as slaves of money, and trapped within surviving through fear and despair?
• Why we never considered that real value in our Humanity is our free choice, and not our “bank account” or “title” or “position of power”?
• Why we were, and still are so oblivious to actions based on appreciation, understanding, compassion, humility, forgiveness, valor and love?
• Why we were so greedy and very ignorant toward our Mother Earth with so excessive drills, mining and pollutions?
• Why we were so greedy not to disclose new clean technologies given to us century ago, and promised, since 1950’s, where only thing we had to do was to remove nuclear programs on earth and in space?
• Why we never admitted openly, that our fear as “rulers’” of this earth was full spiritual awakening, where we as “ruling group” loosing a grip on all the awakened souls?
• Why we did not want to admit that only love and compassion will remove us immediately from fake “powers” that we thought we had?
• We had nothing. Nothing to be proud of ourselves as leaders.
• WhyI am extremely happy that so many spiritually awakened beings are among us, and feel that their conciseness of ONE will make a huge shift in complete human conciseness and existence, individually and as a unified being.

Q: Wow, wow. I am speechless. … Amazing. Is this all?
• Do you have anything even more exceptional to share and recommend to your people of America’s and the World?

BARAK OBAMA: Yes, yes I want to share my desires and knowing:
• Take your life in your own hands!
• Do not allow us, “ruling politicians, bankers, industrialists, militants” to shape your life, thoughts, behavior and feelings!
• I empower you; do not be afraid any longer for your bare existence!
• As all governments of the world, over 200 of us, are in midst of doing following, very, very soon:
o Global total debt forgiveness to each individual human;
o Global hard currency introduction backed up with real gold reserves:
o Equal money to all individual citizens of the world, given in advance twice a year;
o No more forced labor of any kind, only by free choice, no more required work for any soul on earth;
o No more interests, penalties or banks; [Banks or similar: only during transition period]
o No more government taxes, only tax refunds for all previous century old illegal taxations on individual humans;
o No more Corporations as entities, no more corporate ownerships, no more monopolies in any sector of life on this new and beautiful Planet Earth;
o No more private ownerships, corporate ownerships, government ownerships; only global Human spiritual ownership in full life integration with Mother Earth;
o No more illegal prosecutions or imprisonment;
o Full legal prosecution of all illegal and inhumane actions from governments, banking institutions, military institutions, industrial entities done in the past;
o Full legal prosecution of massive cover-up of extraterrestrial existence and refusal of their help for century,
• their sharing of technology that will cease any forced labor,
• their gift of free and clean energy sources,
• their gift of free and so amazing traveling technology,
• their gift of construction of living quarters technology,
• their gift of mater generator for food supplies,
• their help in spiritual development of 2 strain DNA human to 12 strain DNA superhuman;
o These are only intermediate actions that will be implemented.
o Ah, Yes: there is more, much more:
o To really help Gulf of Mexico situation you can do following:
• First you have to know that we have already technology for cleaning and restoration of nature fully available;
• You as private citizen of this Earth, only have to find it on line, and ask for it, freely and directly;
• You only have to ask it and it is given to you;
• Do not expect that oil companies have to do this cleanup, even if they purposely created this situation;
• Start looking for completely green energy, that already exists, even it was suppressed and “controlled” by same oil conglomerates, as it does not belong to them, it does belong to you, all of you, all of us;
• Do not wait on your governments to come up with these decisions and actions, as they are heavily entrenched with almost extinguished monetary controlling system that we had for over 100 of years;
• To have free choice to do only what you enjoy;
• To be where you really want to be;
• To help others in the days that are coming, without asking anything in return;
• To perform service for others, and have a load of joy doing it.
• To help us clean Mother Earth’s environmental and emotional situations which were produced by unlimited greed and power hunger; and again not asking to be remunerated for this action;
• To send ony Love to Gulf of Mexico as living entity, with each though, letter, email, video or song; Just loving thought is enough from each of us once a day, and Mother Earth will make a difference so grand that oil compnanies will be so unnecessary: Instantly;
• Do not think about who to blame, who should be cleaning this, who should pay for this: Simply ignore all these negative thoughts and find answers within your own heart;
• Do not be afraid for what ever is upon us as Humanity, as we will, by free choice, give our Love to Mother Earth, to others and to ourselves; NO MATTER WHAT!
• To know that we have Unlimited Love from our Brothers and Sisters from Intergalactic Federation of Light and from Inner Earth beings who are following us and helping us in this so unique process of Awakening of Humanity as ONE;

Q: Dear Barak, we are so happy that you had so much courage to talk about the life it should be, and the life it will be very soon.
You openness as public figure is very rewarding to us all involved, knowing that soul like you, had so much patience being in the position of President of one of most forward and open countries, and that you spent al your adult life knowing that this day will come, and it will benefit us all. We thank you.

BARAK OBAMA: This is only a beginning of our conversations, as I will address to all of you again from my official position of “power”, but for now I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my personal thoughts with small group of very open souls, like all of you.

Please pass this to all that you care for, and to all that you “despise”, and to all that you think that do not like you. This will make your heart grow, it will make your love show on your face, and it will be integral part of your DIRECT help to Humanity to become ONE.

When I am going to be asked, if this conversation really happened, I will use all my political and rhetorical skills to gently diffuse such question.

But believe me, when right timing comes, you will be hearing same words from White House, United Nations, European Union and European Exopolitic Conference in Barcelona.

Believe me.
I am so grateful that this opportunity is presented to me on personal level.

I am so grateful this was organized by very transparent group of beings, so transparent that they are almost invisible for human eye to see, and for the human mind to feel, for what we were as Humanity, until now.

These groups of beings incarnated in most beautiful times on Planet Earth to give us courage, and help and Love. Unconditional Love.
These groups of beings were among us for centuries, silently clearing our thoughts of all doubts, all fears and all angers accumulated through all the centuries we reincarnating here on Earth.

So we can experience with our limited five senses this 3D life.
So they can prepare us toward full Awakening and Spiritual Transformation and finally Ascension to 5th Dimension of existence in coming years.

I love you all and to let you know one more time, I am so grateful that I am in position of US President in this amazing time.

With these words, I am sending nothing but Love to my family and parents, my fellows Humans, all souls on other side, to Mother Earth and to InterGalactic Federation of Light, our Brothers and Sisters from above and below

LOVE to all of you who act as ONE. HERE and NOW.

Q: [Speechless]
[End of part ONE of THREE – recorded on 11.06.2010: 17:55, Earth Time]
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This is a big whooaaa to me,indeed. !!!.
I was dreamming for something like this ,to hear from Obama. (but not so soon,cause of the dark hats he is surrounded with)
I know for so long time Galactics been telling this to us,about Obama.
...:):):) It's comming faster than expected than.That ''soon'' of them to meet us openly,looks like is starting to get very close :):):).
...Stay on your light people,and keep sharing the love.Namaste.
Dear Besimi,
Wouldn't it be great?
It's the perfect scenario. TOO perfect unfortunately...
Grain of salt guys. Grain of salt. Its real easy for us with open minds to believe what we want to hear. Please don't let this message be full of false promises, It is right about one thing though. We need to unite as one.
As much as i hope this to be true, I will believe it when I see the video.
I guess time will tell if it's "too good to be true" or not! It sure would be nice, though!
With all this to obsorb and all that has been done to obsorb. .And trying to be hopeful in this manifesting would be like winning a galactic lottery which would be possible .

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