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Amplify Your Love & Live From Your Heart By

Susanne Kempkin

Love is the essence of life, the essence of happiness and joy. A healthy and balanced heart chakra allows love to flow through you, and everyone knows that love is the thing that adds a sparkle to your life, that brings a shine to any daily routine and that adds the extra gloss on your outlook in life. I believe in love. Love is the key to a happy life. Love is the key to healing. Love gives you purpose. Love empowers you. Love is All That Is.

Sometimes it can be a little tricky to find and open up the part of yourself that allows you to love unconditionally. It sounds so easy and yet it is anything but.

I like to think that from the moment we are born we are loved unconditionally and that we in turn keep our natural ability to give love unconditionally. Unfortunately we live in a world where unconditional love is not guaranteed as a birth right.

But it's never too late to choose love. Regardless of where life has taken you and how far down the road you are, you can always find your way back to love.

We all deserve to be loved and the easiest way to be loved is to give genuine love. Once you start to give love, love will find its way back to you. It’s a universal law.

If you are an open-hearted and loving person, you will attract like minded people. What goes out, must come back. That in itself is a great reason to heal your heart.

The more love and positivity you can bring to your life and into the world, the more love and positivity you will receive.

So I say "bring on the healing". I want to have an open-heart. I want to be loving and kind. I want to be a compassionate and understanding person. I want to be able to forgive easily. I want happy and healthy relationships. I want to love and be loved. When the desire is there, act. Don't postpone or leave it to another day. Choose love. I do - every day!

Open your heart with this deeply relaxing meditation experience that includes powerful positive affirmations against a backdrop of soothing meditation music with theta frequencies.


Video - "Amplify the Love in Your Heart - A Heart Chakra Meditation with Susanne Kempken"


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