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A New Spiritual World By Natalie Glasson ... And ... No Matter What...Focus Within On Divine Peace, Non-Resistance, & A Higher Vibration ... And ... Abundance Prayer By Melanie Beckler

A New Spiritual World By Natalie Glasson & The Andromedans

A New Spiritual World by the Andromedans Mp3 Download

The Andromedans Message .....

What do you sense of the world around you?

What do you sense of the world within you?

 Where do your beliefs arise from and how do you formulate the life you create on the Earth?

These questions invite you to gaze deeply at everything you perceive yourself to be, as well as evaluating the world in which you are the centre of. The way you perceive your inner and outer world as well as your responsibility within your reality is the key to the way you navigate all that is the Creator.

The key to navigating All That Is The Creator is to realise that your sense of the world within and around you is constantly shifting and fluctuating as you gradually accept the expansiveness that is your nature. Acceptance is a tool which can be gifted to all areas of your reality both spiritual and physical; it is to sense the expansive nature of the Creator in all that you are and do.

Your expansive nature is the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom which are the Creator. Therefore, nothing is fixed a certain way or motionless. Everything has a flow, movement and limitless possibilities.

Can you recognise the Universe of the Creator in this way? More importantly, can you recognise yourself in this way? Can you recognise the world you exist within in this way?

It is possible that you cannot, or maybe only partially, and this is natural because of both the intensity and density of the Earth’s structure and reality. Mother Earth and the reality of the Earth invite you to move beyond all that you currently sense and into a new perception of all that is.

At this time of ascension, it is as if you are entering through a tunnel emerging into a new world. You are not leaving your current life behind or even parting with the Earth, instead it is that you are expanding your ability to sense the world around and within you, thus perceiving a new reality for yourself.

This ascension shift is strongly connected to your ability to embody the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator’s energy. To do so is to move beyond the way you currently perceive yourself and reality, even beyond your beliefs of how the world is and should be.

We the Andromedans invite you to be conscious and aware of all the belief systems and thoughts you create and affirm about how the world is and should be. This mind frame only holds you in the space of a fixed and motionless reality.

The affirmation available to you is:

‘I eternally  and consciously exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’

This statement can especially be declared when you have thoughts about how the world for you is and should be. The practice will transform the way you sense the world within and around you, thus allowing you to experience the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom of the Creator.

Be aware that your mind may need time to decipher the new world and reality emerging before your eyes both on a physical and spiritual level. If you become confused or despondent know that time is needed for your mind to adjust and accept the expansive energy of the Creator you are now requesting to embody, experience and live as on the Earth.

Returning your focus to reconnect with the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator will affirm greater clarity and peace within your being during this transition.

Video - "A New Spiritual World By The Andromedans Via Natalie Glasson"

Repeating the affirmation, ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator,’ during meditation and then allowing your self to sense the opening of your being and the flow of the Creator’s energy through you will assist greatly.

Invite yourself each time to contemplate what you see, sense or acknowledge as you experience the flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. Be aware that each time you meditate to connect with the energy your experience may be different. The more you can become accustomed to the energy of flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator, the easier it will be for you to embody, recognise and create from within this divine reality.

Imagine what you could create from the divine flow, movement and limitless possibility energy of the Creator. What reality would you live? What type of person would you be? What would your experience of the Earth be like?

It is important to take time to truly contemplate your integration and creation with these qualities of the Creator. Contemplation will help you to realise that at times, even with the affirmation, you may still be creating an energy and experience that is fixed a certain way or motionless.

In order to enter through the tunnel and create a new spiritual world for yourself and others on the Earth and the inner planes, there is a need to focus on the energy of the Creator in the present moment, realising that this energy is constantly shifting and fluctuating.

Therefore, accept an idea or insight as your own, as your reality and experience. Then let it flow, be limitless and filled with motion so it may develop into something greater and more expansive than you can currently perceive.

Let it be filled with the qualities of the Creator of limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom. Let the creation be guided by the Creator, as beautiful, powerful, blissful and infinite as the Creator wishes! In truth you are surrendering that which you sense from the flow of the Creator and allowing it to pour with abundance into your being and reality.

There is still a need to focus upon that which you wish for and desire in your reality, this is essential. However, notice when you become engrossed on a fixed circumstance, experience or creation. If after a while there is no movement or flow, the there is a need to realise you are limiting or even rejecting the limitless possibilities, opportunities, creations and wisdom.

If this is your reality, then there is a need to again consciously connect as much as possible with flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator. ‘I eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator.’ It is not only connecting, it is to exist within these sacred qualities of the Creator.

Once you begin to grasp and experience that which we, the Andromedans, speak of - you will begin to view the world within and around you anew. This will mean that situations and circumstances across the world which seem immovable will begin to transform.

Humanity will no longer acknowledge themselves and their realities as being fixed, a certain way or motionless, thus a new spiritual world will appear for all to experience.

When we speak of a new spiritual world, we are referring to a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth.

Imagine this for a moment, it is an extremely exciting idea and concept; a world that is based upon the spiritual nature of each and every being present upon the Earth. We invite you to meditate upon this idea and acknowledge that which you perceive, then connect with yourself as an existing eternally in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator, what appears for you then?

To eternally exist in the flow, movement and limitless possibilities of the Creator is to empower yourself, the world and the ascension process of all. This is a powerful experience and transition of ascension to experience now.

If you wish to understand or experience more of what we have shared with you today, please call upon us the Andromedans and we will lovingly surround you, sharing all that is appropriate.

In constant support and love,

The Andromedans

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No Matter What...Focus Within On Divine Peace, Non-Resistance, & A Higher Vibration By Caroline Oceana

A Special Message to Lightworkers – August 8, 2019

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! Today our writer [channeler] poses a question that expresses what many are feeling:

COR: My friends, I work daily to keep my outlook bright, not only for my own sake, but for the sake of Earth’s well-being.

Yet I see in the news unthinkable behaviors being taken by our government: hundreds of immigrants “rounded up” at once to be deported, while their children, some of whom are still babies and toddlers, are left to fend for themselves, homeless and hungry, and crying for their parents.

There is still rampant abuse of nonwhites, particularly African-Americans, by police forces across the US. 

And thousands of children are still held in detention without proper food, hygiene or medical care, abused and isolated while contractor companies reap millions each day from these facilities.

I am at a loss, even on this empowering day of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate, when we should all be celebrating the Joy of this powerful portal, and its potential to usher us into a level of increased fulfillment, higher purpose, inner Peace and Abundance.

Can you assist those of us who are working to rise above our despair over what is happening in the US and other countries? 

Any words of assistance will be greatly appreciated!

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, dear ones! We speak to all, particularly those who carry this question today.

For on this portal day you have come forward to shed the horrors and trauma of the third dimension, though it may feel to you that you are only experiencing increased levels of it.

Similar to birth pangs, the most painful moments can come just before the birth, and you are all, in this amazing time birthing, experiencing that which has waited eons to appear.

We do not diminutize what you are feeling!

It is wrenching and unsettling, to say the least, to see what is being done in a country that has proclaimed itself a democracy for nearly 250 years, but whose actions have denied that status over and over again.

And so what you witness is not so much the upending of democratic ideals as the upending of the far darker regimes that have threatened to end this planet’s well-being for many thousands of years.

This is not as it appears—again, we caution you to not invest in appearances as if they were the final word in any matter, nor the full description of what is occurring.

Be aware, as you watch the news or peruse social media, that extremely dense actions are being taken and information on those actions are being released with the specific goal of lowering your vibration (particularly Light Bringer vibrations) as fully as possible.

This is a very old game.

One slave is taken from the crowd and beaten or killed, and the others react with fear and realize they must obey, or the same will occur for them.

Yet we would say, Are you watching what is occurring from your current position as a co-Creator, or from your old position in the victim paradigm?

Can you, for the sake of those being abused and vilified, if not for your own sake, decide now that you will not do as you’re “told”—will not fall into victim mentality either on others’ behalf or your own?

Can you decide now that your own determination to stand free of trained reactions and energetic entrainment means you will not be shaken from the stance your higher self holds, at all times?

And that is, No appearance is ever completely true, or unchangeable.

Hear your higher self: No outer situation describes all that is occurring, and I will not acquiesce and lose my strength, neutrality, or respect for the paths of others, by judging and calling something bad, when I AM now moving out of duality, for all time.

More than that—you are taking the Earth with you, as you do so.

Does this mean you must squelch your compassion, and ignore your human responses, the leap of your heart as you see innocent people being mistreated?

No, for that is not who you are.

We would say, Can you ask your mind and emotions to take their sights off of what lies before them for a moment, and move to a higher level, where their limited perceptions are not so much in charge?

Can you sit quietly with your Spirit team of guides, Angelic guardians and higher self, and require from them the Wisdom needed to fulfill your path at this difficult, demanding moment in Earth’s history?

Can you pull both yourself and these innocent ones out of the victim (or savior) paradigm or programming, and affirm their soul’s power, and the power of the New Earth, before you decide that all is lost?

No, the powers-that-were have not led you to this moment. 

You have led you to this moment.

Video - "Galactic Light Warrior Meditation" By Steve Nobel


It is the particular form of growth you required of your Earth experience and Earth self, and of your own soul, before you incarnated this time around.

We assure you, you have in other lifetimes seen innocent people—people who were working, and willing to be a positive, law-abiding member of the community—rounded up and locked up for their ethnicity or nation of origin.

You have in other lives seen children torn from their parents for reasons the prevailing powers-that-were considered necessary.

You have in other lives seen illegal arrests and mistreatment of prisoners.

You have despaired at the sight of all of this, and far more.

And yet—you returned to this troubled if beautiful place called Earth.

Why was that? 

A moment of insanity? The “deluded idea” that you could do something to help?

No, though you may have concluded that by now.

You came so that your inner Light, including that same Love and compassion that drives you now, could come forward to raise the frequency of not only one country and one group of people, but all countries, and all people.

So yes—now we will do as you have felt we would do, which is to ask that when you have cried or yelled out your rage or grief, that you do what the old power structure is assuming you have no more strength to do. 

And that is to move to a place of Peace, of nonresistance, of openness. Of higher vibration.

We work with the energies of the star Sirius as you read these words, to enhance the energies of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate to assist in your passage through a powerful portal which, though it occurs yearly, holds far greater potential to assist Earth life now than it has in eons.

And we work with each of your higher selves, if you are open to such, to require them to shed more higher Light and the perspective of the higher realms on what you currently are experiencing, not only on behalf of your world, but regarding the circumstances of your own personal lives as well.

And we speak to your hearts, to those unconscious places deep within you that cry out for the calm interconnection, higher perspective, and unconditional Love of the higher dimensions—the place to which you truly belong.

Let us say what you already know: Earth life in its current form will never make sense to you.

So we ask that you release the “need” for it to make sense, to be kind, to follow the logic of Love and all higher forms of heart-based expression.

We ask that you give your higher self, spirit guides, and Angelic guardians the whole of what you see, including your reactions to such, and that if you feel led to speak openly about it, and/or to write your representatives about it, that is fine.

Yet just your own inner resolve to concentrate on higher Light, renewal, Freedom and sovereignty for all beings, and the calm and just resolutions that only a higher Love can bring—that itself will help to open the door, within this great portal you are now in, to end these unhappy events.

We wish we could say otherwise, for the sake of your Earth experience, but it is so that you are, as a human, best motivated to move into a higher vibration when the one you are in becomes intolerable.

And so, accept the challenge, Light Warriors!

Do not shrink from that mission you came to fulfill. 

Release all thought and feeling of victimhood, when you are ready, and hold all who suffer now in the same higher Light that we hold all of you (and them) in.

You are not overcome by the darkness—it fears you now more than ever! Why do you think the onslaught is so great at this time?

It is because they know how powerful you are, and what you have come here to do.

And so, cast all small self-image aside.

Stand up! Know and fully realize Who you are.

We assist you constantly in this.

We are with you, standing by your side. 

Dear ones, believe us: In this and all paths, you are never alone.

Video - "Judy Satori's UltraLight Rose Frequency Meditation"


Abundance Prayer By Melanie Beckler

Do This Daily To Attract The Abundance You Deserve .....

Melanie .....

Remember that whatever is coming up for you now, is doing so to be addressed! 

When you face the things causing tension or discomfort in your life head on with awareness...

There's always some hidden blessing or silver lining that awaits! 

So greet what arises with love, compassion and awareness... 

And then look for the miracles and underlying blessings in moment as the powerful energy of the 8-8 Lions Gate and the halfway point between Solstice and Equinox continues now over the next couple of days.

Return your awareness to center... From here you can choose to optimistically focus on the expansive possibilities for your life. 

And if you have been feeling a bit off track and like you've been thrown off balance recently, now is the perfect time to breathe, relax, focus inward and allow the energy of the present moment to gently guide you back into alignment with your True Self as you now divinely realign with your highest course. 

If you’re ready to become more abundant in every single aspect in your life, I have a powerful abundance prayer to share with you today.

You can use this short abundance prayer to tap into the higher divine guidance and support that is available to you in every moment to guide and support you in opening to the divine flow of abundance in your life.

Abundance is a flow of energy, much like water or even inspiration… And when you're in the flow of abundance, you naturally align with the opportunities and possibilities for abundance to come into your life.

With Love & Bright Blessings,


Video - "Abundance Prayer - Do This Daily So You Can Attract The Abundance You Deserve" By Melanie Beckler -

The Abundance Prayer

This prayer is simple, but becomes more powerful when you back it with clarity, presence, and focused awareness.

Here’s how to begin:

Shift your awareness within, breathe and let go.

Take a moment to clear your mind, clear your thoughts and find the space between your thoughts. Tune into the stillness, and calm within, and then mentally, clearly in your mind or aloud, say:

Beloved, Divine Source of All That Is. The One.
Beloved Christos, Solar Logos, Light.
Beloved Guardian Angels, Holy Spirit.

Thank you for so many blessings in my life. Thank you for this opportunity to be alive here and now.

Beloved Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel.

Beloved Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed light.

Beloved guides and angels of my personal guidance team.

Thank you for connecting with me now. Thank you for supporting and assisting me in tapping into the flow of divine abundance in my life.

Help me to let go of fear, doubt, insecurity, and any blockages that are keeping me out of alignment, out of sync with my highest divine path and truth with my highest divine trajectory and the highest divine timeline for my abundance, radiant joy, and most vibrant truth.

I ask that you connect with me in this moment, now.

Help me to open my mind and heart and willingness to see and know and move in the direction of my highest path and highest truth.

Help me to let go of all the perspectives and beliefs and insecurities blocking me from aligning with what is in my core, with the truth of my highest divine light, that when I shine my truth embody, when I'm of service in the world in alignment with the highest interest of all, in alignment with my highest divine light and truth, I am naturally in the flow of abundance…

Attracting to me the right people, the right relationships and situations and opportunities and blessings to be of service, to give value in the world and to open up to receive abundance.

Help me to bring my giving and receiving in balance. Help me to align with the highest possibilities and the divine blessings available to me in my life.

Help me to release and clear out whatever is blocking me off from the infinite flow of abundance and help me to see and perceive and feel the abundance already present in my life.

Help me to see and feel the blessings I already have.

Help me to cultivate gratitude and divine life force energy inside, so that I shine with more light and truth and naturally resonate and attract the blessings, the abundant opportunities, the highest possibilities available to me in my life now.

I ask that you assist me in clearing out and releasing any past life vows of poverty, any ancestral patterns of lack and fear.

Help me to turn the page on the old to fully embrace the opportunity and infinite possibility available now to shine, to thrive, to abundantly live, to joyfully and radiantly shine my highest light.

Thank you for your clear guidance. Thank you for stepping forward to guide, assist, and support me directly now in aligning with my highest divine timeline and with the abundant possibilities, opportunities, and blessings of abundance in my life.

I ask you today to bring me some confirmation that my prayer for abundance has been received and heard.

Bring me a sign of your presence and guidance and help me to stay centered and clear so that I may know the miracle of you, of Source, of Christ of Spirit in my life.

I thank you, I love you. And so it is.

Miracles are Waiting to Unfold…

This abundance prayer is a tool to uplift you, your life, your energy and your state of mind.


To change your point of attraction, remove the blockages to the flow of abundance in your life, and to tune into the Divine support and guidance that really is available to you…


Ready and willing to assist you in getting into alignment with the flow of abundance in your life.

And then, be sure you stay open. Remember to stay present, stay clear and centered and look for the guidance of spirit.

Looking for the doors of opportunity opening to you.

Stay open, stay positive, lean in with gratitude to what you already have, and look for the new possibilities, new opportunities coming online, coming in line with you in the present moment to bring you into alignment with your highest timeline, opening to the flow of abundance in your life.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

Video - "Sending & Receiving Divine Blessings of Love from The Heart Grid of Light By Melanie Beckler" -



The reality that you experience is not the part that needs changing. It is you. You are the ones who must change if you want to see something outside of you reflecting that.

And therefore, conscious creation of your self and your experience of reality is the path of ease. It is the path that you you must be on if you are going to shift.

Everything around you is going to reflect the shift in consciousness that takes place with you as the individual.

The way that you experience something is easy to shift. You just have to look at it from another angle, from another perspective. You just have to see it as perfect and as serving you.

Wish you a beautiful weekend with love and light to all my Divine Friends. Tercy

Video - "Heart of The Earth" By Mei-Ian Maurits -


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