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Google Earth's Geometric Patterns

Google Earth has the geometric patterns again. Tonight there are pentagon at the poles. Last night it was a triangle at the south pole and…

Started by simpleman

18 Jan 6, 2009
Reply by Betty

Dolores Cannon..:) Please watch this its mind blowing.. And please tell me what u think??

Started by Kim Andre

7 Jan 4, 2009
Reply by erv

This era on Earth is unique, what is happening is unprecedented in the universe.

Part of Mathews 21st Nov. Channelings. 13. Now then, some “down-to-Earth” issues. First, the expressed concerns about the individuals Obama…

Started by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥

5 Dec 21, 2008
Reply by Dana


I JUST FOUND THIS ON A BLOG, I have been checking around on different websites and I have found the Pimp Turtle and the…

Started by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥

8 Dec 9, 2008
Reply by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥

Antarctic ice shelves breaking up fast !!!!!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Two Antarctic ice shelves have broken up more quickly than anyone predicted, indicating that the effects of global…

Started by ..... (RaInBoW wArRiOr) ......

2 Dec 9, 2008
Reply by Um No


Last Sunday the Global Meditation was about Obama, now at 9th about West Coast Earthquakes in USA. I think EARTH is more then the USA. I wi…

Started by erv

4 Dec 9, 2008
Reply by Brad Johnson

Our Spirit Guides from the Animal and Insect Kingdom! - I think I have one & do you have one aswell?

For the past few months I have had butterflies coming to me. They even ended up in my office about seven or eight times in the past couple…

Started by Ravi Raju

12 Dec 3, 2008
Reply by erv

Did you know that Plants have Consciousness?????? - I give you Experimental Proof of this FACT!!

I can assure you that once you go through the following video it will change your outlook to Life and Nature FOREVER !!!!!! so please be wa…

Started by Ravi Raju

12 Dec 2, 2008
Reply by Nina

The Hidden Messages in Water

Hey guys If you haven't already heard of him I recommend you check out the work of Masaru Emoto. Here is a link to get you started: http:…

Started by Nina

13 Dec 2, 2008
Reply by Kerrie (Zoolithe)♥

NO Acorns This's like the Earth is trying to tell us something....

Started by arash

4 Dec 1, 2008
Reply by Rebecca Shannon Ling


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