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You Want Change? Engage NOW~GodWave, Guests, Evidence, Clear Interference, Prepare Now!

What the Hell is going on, on the planet?!! Join us for real answers, awareness, expanded details & Solutions. Meet the people creating transformation in their daily lives, as well as the affects of being in your Activated, Empowered I AM Presence. Hear what life looks and feels like after learning how to powerfully Clear Your Field of other energies. Share, hear and see what's possible for you to unwind from the Suspended Animation of the last 14 years...and sooo much more...

Join this growing community of like-hearted and minded people for this LIVE interactive, experiential and transformational iTV broadcast, “Wake Up...Shift Is Happening!” During the show, engage in the LIVE IM chat. See the details @

Creator & Host, Deborah Pietsch shares more details about what to expect with the coming shifts and upheaval as she brings forth JFK’s Transmissions from Beyond the Veil and A Contingency Plan for Humanity’s Great Awakening. As well as additional awareness regarding the GodWave with details and evidence of upheaval and transformations people have experienced privately.

You will be given details about the (potential) macrocosm / GLOBAL EVENTS that are looming and why they MUST occur.

You will be meeting people that have experienced JFK’s transmissions through Deb in private group communications & Activations. There is a reason why she’s maintaining that people MUST prepare for Jack’s transmissions -- the energies are more POTENT and POWERFUL than what most people have experienced so far and most likely will create emotional and physical “situations” to occur!

This show’s guests have had various experiences as evidence of the coming events which Deb told them to “expect” months prior to them having the experience. You are being guided through a well-thought out Contingency Plan that has been strategized for your up-leveling and Ascension.

BUT YOU MUST engage with the / your inner work - or expect challenging consequences in the-not-too distant future!

Guests are: Heather Leon, Inna, Jennifer aka YoniSpumoni and Sue aka CountryGal !!

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