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Worlds's 1st wireless Flight of A Tesla Coil powered helicopter(no batteries)
small scale helicopters are powered by various means. from solar power, lasers, microwaves, induction power from a resonant tuned loop coil, and the most impressive of all, a "flying saucer" like helicopter powered entirely by a Tesla coil, no wires necessary. none of these helicopters have internal power sources,(no batteries) they are all powered remotely from outside sources.

a dream from 100 years ago, by the greatest scientist you've probably never even heard of, Nikola Tesla. if his ideas and technology were embraced at the time we would be technologically at least 100 years ahead of our current technology. 100 years later were still trying to catch up with Tesla.

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Comment by Besimi on May 9, 2012 at 9:08pm

WOW ! Loved all this tech.
...thnx Trudy :). You precious <3.

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