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We Have 2 Years Left To Prepare - December 21/2012

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Weekly Geopolitical News
Chinese prepare camps for Satanists
in Xinxiang Province.

>>>Last week a representative of both the White and Black Dragon Societies met in Singapore with a purported senior Chinese leader to discuss the new financial system.

It was agreed the fundamental structure of the new financial system would be a 50/50 partnership between East and West.

The top leadership would remain secret but the system will be managed by a new meritocratic organization.

Further discussions on actual implementation are now dependent on the official confirming his claim to speak for China.

Despite the high level introduction, we have reason to suspect Mr. X may have been a representative of a Chinese faction that is working with Satanists although we hope to be proven wrong.

So, despite these negotiations, the global crack-down on Satanists will continue unabated and will soon start affecting their top leadership..
North Korean attack linked to dismantling of North Korean spy network in Japan.>>>>>

Last week’s North Korean artillery barrage against South Korea was a response to the arrest of
Yamaguchi gumi Yakuza syndicate number two Kiyoshi Takayama.

Takayama was a senior North Korean agent in Japan and his arrest was part of the dismantling
of the North Korean spy network in Japan.

The arrest also marks a fundamental change in the secret
Japanese government and is part of a comprehensive defeat
for the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their proxies.
The Feds have responded by trying to start a war in the Korean Peninsula.
They are also threatening to seize Japanese owned-factories in North America, starting with Toyota and Honda.
------------------------------------------Amero plan is firmly rejected by world leaders, chaos looms in January!

Once again this week, a lot is happening in the world and a lot more is about to happen including:
the nationalization of Toyota’s North American operations, a total regime change in Japan,
Russia allying itself with Nato, the ongoing release of forbidden technology and top secret negotiations involving the White Dragon Society and the Dragon family.

Above all, there are signs of major chaos starting in late January as financial power brokers try to settle accounts by a January 30th deadline in a system that is mathematically impossible to fix.

In other words, the old regime continues to crumble while the new waits in the background.


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Comment by Claude on December 7, 2010 at 11:39am
You are destined to return to the status of Physical Angels, in which capacity you are the mediators
between physicality and Heaven. You are special emissaries of Heaven in this realm,
entrusted with the divine thoughts of the Creator.

You are very special Light Beings, and the Love and grace of Heaven are yours!
Today, we continued our discussion of what is going down on your world.

These changes are now ready to manifest, and your contribution is to use your knowledge
and abilities to assist Heaven and the Galactic Federation in carrying out a full-fledged first contact with your world.
The time for celebrations is upon us! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply
and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It!
Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Comment by Claude on December 7, 2010 at 11:39am
These less-than-savory events have today reached a climax in what is now transpiring.
We watch in awe at the brazen and utterly shameless agendas of deliberate destruction pulled off
by financial corporations and governments, which then have the gall to parade their treachery
as being 'in the best interests of the people'!

It all adds up to a massive, global web of corruption whose ongoing, albeit faltering,
agenda has created the sorry mess that to a large degree makes possible what is now happening:
a clear opportunity across the board to institute a series of regime changes.

These new governments can, in the wake of the implosion of this dark global construct,
inherit the bow-wave of populist support they are going to need.

These caretaker regimes will start the process of restructuring government and returning governance
to de jure status. In so doing, the unalienable rights of humanity can become the raison d'être of government.

The welter of illegal statutes accumulated over many decades can begin to be rolled back.
The originally intended, true nature of your national republics and constitutional monarchies can then reemerge.

Each caretaker regime is determined to make it impossible for any form of illegal action on the part
of special interest groups to go unpunished, and candidates for any governmental position
need to meet stringent criteria before becoming eligible for office.

We have requested our Agarthan cousins to help you with these essential activities,
to ensure the restoration of the true intent of what your forefathers originally proposed.

The momentum toward freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity is vitally important for what is to come.
Galactic society is normally the result of a collective desire to forge an honorable tradition
based on fulfilling the true joys of an individual and maintaining the vitality of a global society.

Each member of such a society needs to feel honored, and the collective needs to make sure
that it can effectively solve any problems to the satisfaction of all.

Experiencing the efficacy of these axioms lies at the heart of what we call galactic human society.
The changes that are to happen on your world lead to the first step on the ladder toward this goal.
We have watched you in action and can sense that you long for a way for this to happen.

Our Earth allies also are aware that what is planned goes well beyond merely correcting
the multiple ills crippling your global nations.

The transformation, physical and spiritual, that grips your world is a prelude
to a wholly new reality for your planet.

The events of the past few decades can be seen as the seeds now burgeoning as your new caretaker governments
and the necessary clean sweeps, which are the precursors to the worldwide series of disclosures
of our existence above you and our own explanation of the reasons for first contact.

This process can minimize your fears and stimulate a positive interest in our presence
and the first-contact mission. In one fell swoop you are to vault decades, even centuries,
to reach a point where your xenophobia can be properly addressed, first by your governments and then by us.

Once this is laid to rest we can move on to more personal issues pertaining to your return
to full consciousness and the forming of your star-nation.

These momentous events are to take place shortly after first contact.
Your speedy return to full consciousness morphs your fears into Love and your worries into joyous longing.
You begin to see the 'big picture' of Creation.
You begin to comprehend your role in unfolding divine Creation.

You become able to fathom the infinite logic in the Creator's divine plan,
and this brings a level of joy and inner fulfillment that you presently hardly ever experience.

The events now approaching at the speed of Light are absolutely amazing!

You are destined to return to the status of Physical Angels, in whi
Comment by Claude on December 7, 2010 at 11:38am
We come again with much to say about happenings on your world.
At this time a pall has descended over the dark cabal.

Suddenly, these smug and superior Beings are beginning to realize
that their long reign over you is coming to an end.

An aura of melancholy pervades their very being, and our diplomats are finding it difficult
to carry on conversations with these individuals appointed by the cabal to work with us on the logistics
of the power transfers to the caretaker regimes.

This clearly indicates that these former world bullies are becoming more resigned to their impending fate.
Our Earth allies, on the other hand, are sensing that their hard-won victory is truly upon them.

This realization has put a bounce in their step and raised their spirits,
making their outlook and attitudes much more amenable to work with.
We are excitedly looking forward to a whole raft of astonishing changes in the way your world operates.

The first item on the agenda is, of course, the prosperity deliveries, followed swiftly by sudden regime changes,
the key catalyst being the major shake-up in the US government in Washington.

Regime change is a tricky business.
Historically, such an event has invariably been accompanied by wars, revolutions,
or a ruinous economy. Indeed, many of these conditions are skyrocketing around your world,
and you are now watching most of the globe's major economies hurtling toward a worldwide meltdown
that is to affect national currencies, national viability, and even the sustainability of national treasure.

These calamitous events are the cumulative result of outrageous malfeasance at the highest level,
and are terrifying to anyone who sees the global suicide that the world is teetering on the brink of.

Our Earth allies are wholly focused on completing the preliminaries that can avert this grim scenario,
and these requisites are ready to manifest.
We therefore expect you to be regaled with startling news at any moment.

Our liaison groups are working out what our own part in these exciting activities is to be,
and we cannot overemphasize the need for those of you who are more than ready to lend your assistance
to these festivities to get ready for your vital role in this cosmic play.

What we now need to do is look more closely at those events that are about to happen on your world.
To begin with we have been monitoring your globe's militaries,
and this includes close inspection of both their overt and covert aspects.

We are keeping their covert activities at bay while simultaneously ensuring that nuclear arsenals
remain in a strictly non-deployed state.

A number of nations have implied, and even threatened, the possibility of their use
in their confrontational rhetoric with each other.

This consistent threat compels us to contain the deployment of these weapons or to actually neutralize them.
These temporary measures demonstrate to the cabalists that we mean
what we have been trying to tell them for the past decade.

Nuclear weapons are no longer a military option, as they are far too dangerous for Gaia
and for the stability of your reality and of those that surround your world.

Furthermore, we have greatly stepped up our pressure on your cabal to stand down.
These demands are being backed up by a series of 'incidents' that have led to arrests by our Earth allies.

As these events progress, regime change becomes the inevitable result.
The present American regime is well aware of its true origins.

The post-Civil War history of America is filled with events that mired her ever deeper
in the schemes and follies of this now thoroughly illegal governance.

These less-than-savory events have today reached a climax in what is now transpiring.
We watch in awe at the brazen and utterly shameless agendas of deliberate destruction pulled off
by financial corporations and governments, which then have the gall to parade their treachery
as being 'in the best in

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