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  • Reb Bends A Spoon

    Reb Bends A Spoon

    I bend a spoon at a restaurant in front of my friends. Zoom to 40s for the action. Learn how here:… Tags: bend, spoons RL Aug 8, 2009 76 views

  • The Wondrous World of Chi

    The Wondrous World of Chi

    Demonstrations of Chi Power by Lama Dondrup Dorje during the 2006 Pathgate Summer Retreat. See more… Tags: qigong, dorje RL Mar 21, 2009 92 views

  • Move Objects with Qi

    Move Objects with Qi

    An 84 year old traditional medicine practitioner demonstrates his qigong powers. And breaks a glass… Tags: telekinesis, qigong RL Feb 28, 2009 106 views

  • Tibetan Lung Chant

    Tibetan Lung Chant

    as i was going home today, i heard this chant at a buddhist event going on beside my train station.… Tags: chant, lung RL Feb 6, 2009 41 views

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