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Veterans for Peace discuss Bradley Manning with McCord

This is a real hero who came forward to show the world that what we the people need to stop .We are not there in the middleeast to hunt terrorist down who they claim are threats to our security at home we will go down in the history books as a society that did nothing to stop a massive murder campaign for terrorist the very thing Americans hate we have allowed our dictators in the WHITEHOUSE use our military to do. This is our fault for allowing our elected officials to go outside of the constitution which would have made these nazis accountable for there actions .When its all said and done Einsteiins Quote Will Bring The Sad Truth to our lives once agin ;;;;THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO LIVE NOT BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE EVIL.BECAUSE THE PEOPLE DONT STAND UP AND DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT .That tells me that the people who allow these criminals are not at all deserving of self govering government for liberty is not whats important but being enslaved to just a handful of control fraks are who dictate every part of our lives .Every body knows that the USA founders freemasons so they were biggest trial and first ever where the people of there nation had a Self Governing government with the laws of the constitution establishing strict laws that limited the power of the Federal Government ,the laws were in place to protect your rights to own property and most of all give you rights to defend yourself and say and do as you wanted so long as you did not hurt noone else which is laws protecting your liberty and jusice for all who lived within the constitution

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