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UFOTV: Life On MARS-New Scientific Evidence

LIFE ON MARS: New Scientific Evidence.
MIND-Blowing! An Awesome New Look! Scientists anounce the discovery of startling artificial Megalithic structures found among recently released NASA / JPL photos taken by the Mars Global Surveyor and that these artificial structures are stunning proof that Mars was once inhabited by an inteligent civilization. Includes a spectacular collection of new photographs presented by Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former Chief Astronimer for the United States Naval Observatory. See remarkable monuments, "T" shaped craters, gigantic glass tube systems, ancient forest remains and grand edifices that will leave you speechless. Now on DVD, Catalog #U648. Visit us online:

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Comment by LightShipMan on December 2, 2008 at 9:27am
Have seen this one before Maitaki,Very important vid.That 2nd face is Unbelievable.thanks for uploading it for everyone else.LSM.
Comment by torz on December 2, 2008 at 4:26am
OH WOW, Excellent, it's all coming out now, my god what a fantasticly exciting time we choose to live in, no wonder we wanted to be here......

My excitement levels are bursting through the roof!!!!!!!!!!

Yipadee Do Dar, Yipadee Day, My, oh my what a wonderfull day!!!!!!!

Opps sorry got carried away for a while there.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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