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Old song that was back in 80's about UFO's

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Comment by Starsue on April 11, 2010 at 8:15pm
I finally got the lyrics down. Even though this was done back in the early 80's, the words to the song really hit home for me. Yes I grew up with this song. I even owned the record. I just loved the music and the words. I was always into UFO's at a young age so when this song came out I was delighted!
Here are the lyrics:

They came into our lives
They came to unite us
Made the world a planet in the sky
They left a trace behind
But no where to be found
A quick approach and soon they disappear
They came here to see what you're all about
They came here to understand
To feel the pulse of everyone around
Years have come and years ago the mystery still survives
We're still waiting
We're still waiting for you
Ah ah in the sky
We're still waiting
Let us know just who you are
Ah ah in the sky

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