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The Secret of Birth by Ine Braat & Suely Hinds

"At the same moment in the world,
God takes a life and God gives a life..."
Our video: "The Secret", will show you wonderful images of
the greatest Miracle: the emergence of Life
from conception to birth.
Our video is displayed in the hospital in: Rio de Janeiro City,
where Sue works as a Doctor.
You can see the Beauty of Life in this video,
with charming images of unborn Life,
the Greatest Wonder...
We add the following poem to it,
because the beautiful displays of Life is Love...


~ The Meaning of life is within itself,
It needs no further scan,
The Secret of life is within the face
Of every boy and man,
The Beauty of life is within the gaze
Of every female eye,
The Wonder of life is within the grasp
Of every human sigh.
It's being in love, and it's giving love
In everything I do,
It's receiving love, and it's knowing love
In everything that's due,
And it's finding love, and uncov'ring love
Whenever I may pause,
It's treasuring love, and rewarding love,
With no thought for applause.
The Meaning of life is within the life
That may consecrate,
The Beauty of life is within the strife
That knows no blame or hate,
And the Love of life is the perfect plan
To perpetuate the race,
The perfected life is the chosen stand
My point in time and space.
When my life is gone and the time is come
To say my fond farewell,
I can only hope that the final sum
Of all that I can tell,
Is that I have loved, and have been loved too,
Have left no stone unturned,
That I've left this world a much kinder place,
To await my next return.

Don Pendleton ~

Welcome precious little child
So fresh from God above
Received in the Lord's Name
Held in His arms of love
May our Heavenly Father
always keep you in His care
May Angels guide you...

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Comment by Besimi on July 10, 2009 at 8:56pm
Wanderful Video Vonnie:):) ..A miracle indeed.
............thanks for sharing it.Namaste.

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