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Everything BECOMES YOU IN THAT MOMENT OF VIEWING. You are everything, you Know?
So then you Suffer the Attack of Your Villainy and You Feel What it Feels Like. You Become the Child That You Have Beaten,
and You Feel Its Helpless Pain. You Become that which is Termed the Abuser and the Full Onslaught of Tempted Intoxificating Fury,
Upon that which is Innocent and Cannot Strike Back.
You Feel What it is to be Slandered Upon and Your Good and Gracious Name Abused and Dishonoured.
You Will Feel that because You Are God.

We are not separate in this hour. We are whole in this Hour. We are Driven to the Understanding that more than any other time,
it is in this passing that we Realize that we are the Whole Web of life. We Feel the Abandonment that We Abandon with.
We Feel the Untruth that we are Upon Someone Else. We Feel the Blame Placed upon us Unduly by Us.
We Feel that which is Termed the Heartbreak of Unrequited Love, and we are the one who bore the Chains of that Blame.
We are Honoured and Dishonored. We are Amused and Bemused. We see how we Prostituted our Values.

We Become the Body in its Agony and in its Abuse. We become the Abuser and the Abused.
And this is Judgement and we Feel it Full-Width. We Revel in the Dream and in the Inspiration that we had at five,
and we despair in the losing of that Dream at Twenty-Three. We become the Dream and then We Fade as the Dream.
We Become the Inspiration That we Marveled at and then we Become The Boredom of InAction.
We see the Instigation of New Ideas and Concepts that we Came Up with and We are Then the Idea Itself,
the Thought-Form, and we see it as an Unnutured, Unloved Egg that Never Hatches.
And we see the Idea that never came into Fruition, and the Pain of its Uninclusiveness into our Environment.
We see it all Because we are All God.

The Subjective Element in all of this is very Important, because the Core of SELF is Subjective Because It Is Everything,
so the SELF Becomes More Enriched and More Defined in this View.
We see how Many times we Needed to Beg Someone's Pardon, and we See All the Times We Didn't Ask it for Ourselves.
WE see all the Times that we Could have Loved, but in our Selfish,
Renegade Selves Meted None Out, and we See the Vacous Place,
to Where Love Lives Not and we are Driven in Emptiness and Despair. WE SEE IT ALL.

And in this Expose we Find Wholeness Even in the Suffering, that Rarefied Moment. And How do I Describe Suffering Without A Body?
Well, Emotion, though it is Generated by Electrical Stimuli From the Brain,

It Is An Energy Field. And it is with that Energy Field that we Stand and we are Then Immersed Within All of this Energy. We Cannot UNDO IT..
It is Done. The Die has Been Cast.
Now this is not a Bad Thing, but It Is Necessary Thing For The Ignorant - And you all Are -
Because what we do with Such a Vision is that We Then Become Encumbered.
We Become Encumbered by the Difficulties in which WE SEE.
An Encumbrance is a Wonderful Term Because what it really Says is all of these things that we Did, we Did To Ourselves.
And it is Through This Revelation that WE Must Unencumber and Give To The SELF LOVE, Which GOD is. GOD IS GIVING; REMEMBER?

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