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Comment by Besimi on February 7, 2021 at 10:44pm
TARA: Vinayak, I got this hit when you were asking the question, that these beings are also responding to Mother Earth herself, calling for a mend of her wounded heart. And I think it converges in South Africa with humanity, too. Because South Africa is the heart of the people of color at the base of their kundalini.
RAMA: That’s one of the original landing places of many of the Galactic folks when they first started seeding this planet.
VINAYAK: Is that specifically Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa?
RAMA: That’s one of the places, yes.
RANDY: Archeologists have taken views from airplanes and satellites and figured out that that original civilization that landed in Africa has been building buildings and pathways all the way to North America.
Some of the videos posted of the plasma beings—some are plasma beings, and some are simply water on the lens of the camera. So you have to have a sharp eye to determine what is what. You’ll know by the energy it puts out! RAMA: Yes! VINAYAK: I’d like to suggest that we all put South Africa into the Circle of Support, and include them in our prayers and our consciousness, and let’s truly heal what is going on with Mother Earth as well as people of color on this planet, since we are that, and we are One. RANDY: Also the island of Indonesia in that, because two volcanoes went off this afternoon. And right now in New York City, they are protesting in front of Wall Street, because they’re tired of Wall Street manipulating everything. I’ve just seen the video, and it’s wild! I pass the talking stick! CAROLINE: Thank you so much, everyone. Tara, if you could read the rest of the Update without us further elongating things, we’d love to hear that!
Comment by Besimi on February 7, 2021 at 10:41pm
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The plasma webs!!!!!
Going On Worldwide.
....from TARA & RAMA,ASHTAR forums
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Therefore there are fires, floods, and events going on where the planet feels what we feel. The anger, the hatred—that’s not in balance. And it has to do with this false Matrix. How that’s being changed, is the energies coming in from the Great Central Sun, and Helios and Vesta, our Sun, all these beings I speak about who are called the Great Silent Watchers, the Elohi—they have been here from the beginning. They are beginning to come forward and let themselves be known.
This is a big deal because herstory and history have been convoluted and twisted, because of the power structures on this planet, where they don’t want us to know that there are beings on this planet that are 15 to 25 feet tall. 50 feet tall, 100 feet tall. There are Angels and devas that are miles high that take care of this planet. I see them as plain as this screen I am looking at and my beloved here. They talk to us. They interact with us. All they are saying, is “We come in Peace. Please respond.” As Dr Greer says, if we are going to continue to play with this false matrix of war, and these ideologies, we will be stopped! You will see it!
VINAYAK: Rama, I’m wondering if you could talk a bit about the plasma webs. Why it’s being seen, how it’s occurring, and anything you can share about these plasma webs showing up, I think it’s in Africa.
RAMA: I really haven’t talked to anyone about them, what I sense and what I can see in the images, is that they are beings that work interdimensionally, and they deal with the five elements that make up this realm and how we interact with it. And I believe they’re showing up now to let us know, “Help is here!”
VINAYAK: When you say “beings,” are you saying they have consciousness?
RAMA: Yes. Consciousness doesn’t necessarily mean to have a body.
VINAYAK: Right. So the visibility of them—do you think we can expect to see more of them, in more places than South Africa? RAMA: Yes! VINAYAK: Beautiful! And wonderful to know that we’re getting visual representation of the Love and the help that is here for us to bring about this Transformation and the shift into Who we are as Love.
Comment by Besimi on February 7, 2021 at 9:44pm
Comment by Besimi on February 7, 2021 at 2:36pm

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