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The Battle For Your Mind: The Planet Delusion

The Next Level: Free Your Mind And Be A Slave No More!
This video is for those with eyes to truly see that are ready to finally leave the Matrix of Deception of this world system that once enslaved their very minds. It is about the first of many delusions of Satan and his minions concerning the set up for the coming "alien" strong delusion which in turn will help set up the real NWO and one world 'cosmic' false religion of the antichrist during the Tribulation. We know this video will be hard to believe for most but reclaim then renew your mind. Do you believe fallen angels can transform into just about anything? What about orbs? Gigantic orbs even? Do the chief fallen angels in the second heaven have thrones [merkabahs/ophanim] ? Would you believe that Satanists lie? Like all the time???? DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE LYING SIGNS & WONDERS OF SATAN FOR HE DECEIVED ALMOST 1/3 OF THE MUCH WISER ANGELS OF HEAVEN INTO REBELLING AGAINST GOD!

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