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This represents unconditional love –
love that is pure, unfaltering,
unwavering, not subjected to any external conditions.

It is not the same love that is commonly portrayed in mass media,
which is rooted in lust, desire, pride, control, addiction, attraction, jealousy and possessiveness.

While the media often establishes love and hates as opposite poles,
hate for control/possessiveness),
and not actual love.

Reverence is the main emotion in the level of (unconditional) love.

At this level, duality becomes an illusion;
the feeling is one of entirety that rises above separation.

Unconditional love is inclusive of everyone and expands beyond self.

While reason deals with specific data, love deals with entirety,
thus giving rise to the capacity for instanteous understanding.

This aspect is often linked with intuition. The process one undergoes is revelation.

The life-view is benign, there is no separation, fear or negativity.
Hawkins mentions only 0.4% of the population (1 in every 250 people)
ever reaches this level.

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